Blue Bite Media Kit (April 2010)


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Blue Bite Media Kit

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Blue Bite Media Kit (April 2010)

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  2. 2. Blue Bite Overview Brand Promotion Delivering content to a mobile phone is a powerful method to personally engage with and influence individuals • Advertisers will have the ability to provide various digital content to the consumer • Some examples include: – Videos: Movie and video game trailers, music videos, interviews – Games: Mobile games (partial free play, purchase full game) – Images: Character wallpapers, photos – Ringtones: Soundtracks, tailored character/actor/actress “Voice-Tones” – Applications: Mobile Apps – Coupons: Discounts and offers for consumer product purchases – Calendar Appointments: Reminders of future events / product launches 2
  3. 3. Blue Bite Overview Why Blue Bite?  Most experienced and established Proximity Marketing company in the United States - Hundreds of successful campaigns across multiple markets - Large scale events (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NASCAR, Sporting Events, Concerts) - Simultaneous multi-city campaigns (RMG Networks) - Multi-event campaigns (Def Leppard US Tour: 40+ dates)  Largest Proximity Marketing reach in the US - Numerous relationships with top OOH Companies • DOOH (RMG Networks, Panel Media Group & Others) • OOH (InWindow Outdoor, Ace Marketing, Van Wagner, Titan, JCDecaux & Others) - Hundreds of thousands of downloads possible each month on current network - Over 1,000,000 interactions to date  Industry best technology and service - 2009 Mobile Excellence Award Winner for Best Mobile Advertising Platform (December 2009) 3
  4. 4. Blue Bite Overview Mobile Space is Crowded: Why Proximity Marketing? Feature : Proximity Mobile Marketing SMS WAP Applications  Push multimedia content to mobile devices  Rich media content delivery (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, etc.)  Always free to consumers  Does not require external application  Automatically deliver and change content based on location and time  Does not require user information (privacy)  Wireless carrier-free interaction  Ability to micro-target location (<50ft.) US Local Mobile Advertising Spending, 2% $4 MM by Format, 2009 & 2014** 2009 2014 31% $806 MM Search Display 42% $92 MM 421 MM $122 MM Search Display $1,421 MM Search Display SMS/MMS SMS/MMS $359 MM 55% SMS/MMS 55% 56% Proximity Proximity Proximity 14% 4 ** Source: eMarketer, December 2009
  5. 5. Blue Bite Overview How It Works Consumer enters venue and spots Call-To-Action - Consumer’s mobile device prompted with an “opt in/out” message (e.g. “Would you like to receive video from James Bond via Bluetooth”) - Consumer selects “YES” and receives free content directly to mobile device Call-To-Action Download a FREE clip to your mobile phone Turn on Bluetooth visibility or connect to “Bond 007 WiFi” To receive exclusive FREE James Consumer enters venue and spots Call-To-Action - Consumer connects to branded WiFi network (e.g. Bond content turn ON your “Bond 007 WiFi”) Bluetooth Visibility or set - Consumer opens browser, connects to any webpage and rich media content is viewed and/or Bluetooth to Discoverable; or downloaded to mobile device connect to “Bond 007 WiFi” 5
  6. 6. Blue Bite Overview Timeless Advertising – The Journey of a Digital File 6
  7. 7. Blue Bite Overview Ability to Reach the Most Customers  Our technology is compatible with over 1,600 mobile phones from all major manufacturers ensuring the largest customer reach  We support popular models such as the Apple iPhone™, Blackberry Bold™, Google G1™, and Palm Pre™  Our technology also allows for connection through Wi-Fi for advanced handsets 7
  8. 8. Blue Bite Overview Blue Bite Advantages Feature Blue Bite Competition  Compatibility with over 1,600 mobile phones  Digital media is formatted for each mobile phone type  Bluetooth and WiFi in all units  Proprietary campaign creation software to target specific audience  Availability of 4 different models including touchscreen model  Significant production capacity  Ability to supplement traditional-out-of-home and digital-out-of-home with proximity marketing 8
  9. 9. Blue Bite Overview Current Network Overview Current Reach Overview Metrics  Concentration in top 5 DMAs  11MM+ monthly signage  850+ coffeehouses and impressions upscale delis  135K+ monthly mobile  Relevant, real time dynamic downloads content from The New York  14 minute average dwell time Times – Top Stories, Best  300+ Blue Bite equipped Sellers, Business, Travel, locations Technology, Fashion, etc.  125 landmark bars, clubs and  9MM+ monthly signage lounges in New York City impressions  Reach urban trend setters 21-  30K+ monthly mobile 39 year-olds downloads  Branding in upscale  110+ Blue Bite equipped environments locations  Content: Fashion TV  Street-level OOH billboards  10K+ mobile downloads on  Prime storefront locations average per campaign/month  Work directly with landlords  Highly captivating & targeted in 18 of the top US markets  All locations Blue Bite  Over 1,000 unique equipped installations to date 9
  10. 10. Blue Bite Overview Selected Campaigns Gossip Girl (NYC) Gossip Girl (NYC) Life Is Wild (NYC) September 2007 October 2007 November 2007 Life Is Wild (LA) 31 Days of Oscar (NYC) 31 Days of Oscar (NYC) December 2007 February 2008 February 2008 Flat Rate Moving (NYC) Robin Hood (LA) Robin Hood (NYC) 10 March 2008 April 2008 April 2008
  11. 11. Blue Bite Overview Selected Campaigns (contd.) Canada Tourism (NYC) Canada Tourism (NYC) Canada Tourism (NYC) May 2008 May 2008 May 2008 Bourne Conspiracy (NYC) Bourne Conspiracy (NYC) Bourne Conspiracy (Chicago) June 2008 June 2008 June 2008 LONESTAR (Atlanta, GA) CokeZero 400 (Daytona, FL) Def Leppard (Detroit) July 2008 July 2008 August 2008 11
  12. 12. Blue Bite Overview Selected Campaigns (contd.) Fashion Week (NYC) NHRA Nationals (Dallas) NHL Face Off Rocks (Detroit) September 2008 September 2008 October 2008 Madison Square Garden (NYC) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NYC) IMAX Experience – Watchmen (NYC) November 2008 November 2008 December 2008 ABC’s Dancing With the Stars (LA) LiveNation – Fall Out Boy (LA) Nickelback (Kansas City) March 2009 March 2009 April 2009 12
  13. 13. Blue Bite Overview Selected Campaigns (contd.) Electronic Arts – Sims 3 (LA) Macy’s Flower Show (NYC) History Channel – Life After People (LA) April 2009 April 2009 April 2009 Canada Tourism (NYC) FOX – Glee (LA) Alienware - Dell Gaming (LA) May 2009 May 2009 June 2009 Def Leppard (U.S. Tour) CW Vampire Diaries (NYC, LA) Hallmark (NYC, LA) June - September 2009 September 2009 October 2009 13
  14. 14. Blue Bite Overview Selected Campaigns (contd.) Cirque du Soleil – KOOZA (Santa Monica) Cirque du Soleil – OVO (San Francisco) Macy’s Santaland (NYC) October – December 2009 November 2009 – January 2010 December 2009 Cirque du Soleil/Van Wagner (Las Vegas) Dunkin Donuts (NYC) NADA (Orlando, FL) December 2009 – February 2010 January 2010 February 2010 Crocs (Vancouver, Canada) Consumer Reports (NYC) February 2010 April 2010 14
  15. 15. Blue Bite Overview Blue Bite DOOH Partner Case Studies RMG Networks / Today RMG Networks / Today TV Show Teaser Music Band Ringtone Description Description Campaign to Campaign to promote promote release upcoming TV of new Album series debut by and upcoming leveraging RMG tour by leveraging network to RMG DOOH deliver exclusive network to Avg / Avg / video trailer of deliver ringtone Total Venue Total Venue the show for music band Downloads 8,555 220 Downloads 10,630 273  Launch Date: Rejections 1,670 43 Rejections 2,246 58  Launch Date: 2009 2009 Detections 29,594 759 Detections 34,109 875  DMA’s: Downloads  DMA’s: 678 17 Downloads NYC / LA Per Day 679 17 NYC / LA Per Day Detections Detections  Length: 2,346 60 2,177 56 Per Day Per Day  Length: 13 Days 16 Days Opt-in 28.9% Opt-in 31.2%  Total Venues: Positive Positive  Total Venues: 39 83.7% 82.6% Engagement Engagement 39 Rejection Rejection 5.6% 6.6% Rate Rate Campaign Campaign Impressions ~260K ~7K ~320K ~8K 15 Impressions
  16. 16. Blue Bite Overview Blue Bite Event Case Studies Nickelback Concert Def Leppard Concert Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI Description Description Promotional campaign for Sprint and Nickelback to To increase fan engagement and provide attendees enhance the fan experience by delivering relevant free multimedia content during a Def Leppard multimedia content to attendees concert in Detroit, Michigan Strategy Strategy Implement Bluetooth & WiFi access points within 6 Bluetooth & WiFi access points were placed in 10 key locations, delivering digital videos, coupons, strategic locations along with 2 roaming units and and sound clips. The rich content included special delivered videos, free T-shirt coupons, and one offers for merchandise and behind-the-scenes grand prize backstage pass to meet the band after footage of the band the show Result Result Extremely successful campaign , interacting with Huge success for Def Leppard, interacting with over over 27% of the audience. More than 3,700 1,600 people (18% of audience) with a 50% overall downloads – acceptance rate of 48% and a positive opt-in rate and positive engagement rate of 93% engagement rate of 81% 16
  17. 17. Blue Bite Overview Blue Bite Out-of-Home Case Studies Canada Tourism Commission (CTC) BBC America’s “Robin Hood” NYC – University Pl, Columbus Ave, 57th St Hollywood, CA & New York, NY Description Description To enhance CTC’s current out-of-home media To launch and promote the new and successful BBC initiative by implementing proximity marketing America series “Robin Hood” with a multi format within 3 billboards. Each location delivered unique out-of-home campaign content to increase web traffic to Strategy Strategy To promote the “Robin Hood” premiere with time Implement Bluetooth & WiFi access points within 3 and TV channel by transmitting a 15 second locations, delivering a digital video to supplement promotional video spot from 2 outdoor billboards the street level billboards for 4 weeks. The videos for 4 weeks – located within the major markets of promoted tourist attractions within Ottawa, LA and NYC Toronto, and Niagara Falls Result Result Huge success for BBC America, with over 6,100 Extremely successful campaign with over 9,600 downloads and a 39.7% acceptance rate with a downloads with an overall acceptance rate of 40.3% positive engagement rate of 87.3% and a positive engagement rate of 88.2% 17
  18. 18. Blue Bite Overview Major Brand Case Studies Microsoft (Xbox) Pepsi GM’s Chevrolet Warner Bros. United Kingdom United States (National) Bangalore, India United Kingdom Description Description Description Description Drive sales of consoles Deliver viral video clips for Promote the Chevrolet Warner Bros. released among the core 16-34 two months in outdoor Spark LPG in Bangalore teen-horror flick, One audience. Formed advertising locations mall targeting men Missed Call. Was a surge of campaign in Q4 2008 consisting of bus shelters between 25-32 (key teen-horror releases during Christmas holiday and pay phone kiosks demographic for compact around this time and had across six major U.S. cities car segment in India) to ensure a competitive Strategy box office market share Sent Xbox 360 trailers, Strategy Strategy wallpapers and other Partner with out of home Consumers in the mall Strategy game-specific content. media networks including could download Target audience of 15-19 Distributed content at CBS Outdoor, JC Decaux, wallpapers, car details, year olds allowing user to cinemas, bars and Clear Channel Outdoor, specifications in animated download the movie trailer shopping centers and Prime Point Media, format and details about as well as a calendar integrating Bluetooth into the dealerships selling the reminder set for the Result their street furniture vehicles release date Campaign ran for 10 weeks and achieved 1.9 Result Result Result million unique downloads During first week opt-in Campaign ran for a single Achieved 161,465 unique rates to download content weekend and achieved content downloads during were 27% across the approximately 10,500 month of March across network unique downloads for the 55 Cineworld’s content 18
  19. 19. Blue Bite Overview What the Industry is Saying Laura Marriot, Mobile Consultant ERIC HARBER, Pres. & COO, HipCricket Ms. Marriott has held leadership positions at the Mobile Mr. Harber has 20 years of industry expertise spans mobile, Marketing Association, Intrado, Cyneta Networks and Cell-Loc telecommunications, networking, ecommerce, media Inc/TimesThree. Ms. Marriott graduated from the University of and entertainment. Mr. Harber holds an MBA from Alberta. Duke and a BS in Engineering from Stanford. Can Blue Bite Can Blue Bite Observation Help? Observation Help?  Ability to measure consistently and effectively  The areas for improvement in 2010 are in across wireless carriers, technology platforms and standardized measurement for mobile campaigns advertisers is a challenge for mobile marketers  Do not let mobile sit on an island – it works best when  A best practice for mobile inclusion in multichannel part of an integrated program. View results in real- marketing efforts is to integrate mobile as a media time, then optimize element into traditional/digital campaigns  Next year invest in mobile campaigns that allow for  Embedding a call-to-action greatly improves the creation of programs that lead to on-going, mobile portion of multichannel marketing efforts opted-in relationships with consumers Kim Luegers, Dir. of Media Innovations, Draftfcb Joe Laszlo, Dir. of Research, IAB Chicago’s MC Media Mr. Laszlo began his IAB career in September, 2007, Ms. Luegers currently leads the charge in evangelizing and executing following an eight-year tenure as a research director innovative emerging solutions such as mobile, video gaming, digital at JupiterResearch. Mr. Laszlo is widely acknowledged as OOH and interactive television for Draftfcb Chicago’s MC Media. as an authority on numerous aspects of interactive media. Can Blue Bite Can Blue Bite Observation Help? Observation Help?  When planning/managing a mobile program and  The benefits of mobile marketing are increasingly campaign, validation of usage is key to earning obvious, and some marketers and agencies definitely budgets for mobile get it, but the education continues  Next year invest in mobile campaigns that allow  Mobile works best when it can extend or enhance a for a small test-and-learn program activated in the broader multichannel campaign near term  Seek out experts who know the platform and can build  Must be able to prove the consumer is actively creative and media strategies to further your overall engaging with the mobile function in question campaign goals 19 Source: Mobile Marketing in 2010: Up, Down or Flat? Experts offer strategic advice for campaign planning and management. A MobileMarketer Webinar; December 2, 2009.
  20. 20. Blue Bite Overview What is Bluetooth and WiFi? • Bluetooth is a universal communications protocol primarily  WiFi allows for compatibility with additional handsets via designed for low power consumption enabling devices to HTML web browsing communicate with each other when they are in range – WiFi is the only way to communicate with Apple’s iPhone – Devices do not have to be in line of sight (transmission (Bluetooth not capable of file transfer) range of up to 300ft) – Apple has sold an estimated 42 million iPhones to date – Popular devices include mobile phones, laptops, smart- – Newer more advanced models are integrating WiFi phones, headsets, video-game controllers (Blackberry Bold, Google G1) – Bluetooth is the most common method of wireless data transmission  WiFi has important complements to Bluetooth – Bluetooth saturation and consumer adoption grew – Interactive browsing of content exponentially as a result of hands-free driving legislation – Allows users to choose the content they want (push vs. pull) • Most feasible and cost-effective method of delivering – Fast transmission speeds media to mobile devices – Strong signal enables longer transmission range – FCC compliant – Not considered SPAM advertising  WiFi usage is familiar to consumers – Effective method of delivering numerous types of digital – Most users have a pre-existing knowledge base and media experience connecting to and utilizing WiFi networks (short learning curve) • High prevalence and rapid growth of Bluetooth and WiFi – Billionth Bluetooth device shipped in November of 2006 – According to a 2008 Millward Brown study, consumer awareness of Bluetooth and WiFi is at an all-time high – By 2010 Bluetooth and WiFi will be present in over 86% and 25% of mobile handsets in the U.S., respectively – Bluetooth SIG has predicted that 10 billion Bluetooth devices will ship by 2011 – WiFi gaining traction with mobile carriers as it reduces strain on network bandwidth 20
  21. 21. Blue Bite Overview Advantages of Bluetooth and WiFi Over Other Media “With traditional media continuously challenged to reach audiences, the out-of-home space is being re-invigorated through Bluetooth technology” “Mobile phones are the – Westwind Partners primary contact platform for today’s modern • Low cost consumer. It’s always with you and it’s always on” – Free for end-user and can offer more complete content than SMS or MMS – Same overhead whether reaching 100 or 100,000 people – Bluetooth SIG • Robust tracking – Unparalleled out-of-home advertising tracking – Ability to track number of users who have been targeted (impressions), and who have accepted / rejected the content – Proprietary analysis of shopper behavior (i.e. walking patterns, time spent at location, most utilized entrances / exits) – Will lead to strong ROIs for customer retention purposes • Rapidly growing consumer acceptance – Consistent campaign opt-in rates of 40%+ and positive engagement rates of 80%+ – Inherent value in the download itself • Flexibility and targeting – Best geo-targeting available and ability to change hierarchy / timing of advertisement transmissions – Ability to transmit any type of media (images, videos, ringtones, mp3s, coupons, applications, games and more) – Maintains user response history to prevent duplicate transmissions and retarget users with personalized campaigns – Only technology with micro-targeting capability (under 5ft) for proactive consumer engagement – Ability to create unique personalized interactions – thousands of times over • Timeless advertising – Media remains in device until proactively removed by user (multiple views) – Advertisement can be spread exponentially around the world via Bluetooth, Email, SMS, MMS (“Demographic sorting”) 21