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Week 3 task 3


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Week 3 task 3

  1. 1. CLASSDIGITOOLS - 2012 – LISTENING MATHI chose: 3+12Class level:High Intermediate teenagers or adultsLesson Goals: To practise listening to a short interview made to Jimmy Wales and to a presentation made by him. To be able to create a short interview Revision of how they can ask questions politely To record their own interviewSteps: 1. What do you know about Jimmy Wales? Let’s brainstorm a few ideas. If unfamiliar with him, I’d give them time to sail the net to get some info about him 2. Watch an interview they made to Jimmy at a show called TIME 10 Questions with a true /false exercise 3. Second watch: read the ten questions (worksheet supplied by teacher) and be prepared to summarise his points. 4. Follow up: discussion: Do you agree with his idea about post editing work as opposed to censorship? Could you think of an example where it censorship would be adequate? 5. HW: watch his TED presentation at l and prepare a short summary on any of the topics that Jimmy describes in his presentation, which particularly called your attention or surprised you.And last but not least …. Wikipedia has launched a contest, and the prize is really big. The winner will be invited to share aweek with Jimmy to get to know how he manages Wikipedia. All expenses will be coveredincluding an extra bonus for shopping at a great digital store! Jimmy wants to start publishing short recordings presenting interviews to interesting people inyour country. So choose your interviewee and write the most interesting interview you can!Suggestions for recording your spot:
  2. 2. last thing …. Keep in mind that the interview should be recorded and no videos or picturesare to be presented!I think the final prize is worth the effort, don´t you think so?