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Who is my customer, how does he behave? Where is he? Is my customer really who he says he is? Correct customer knowledge and up-to-date data that are of good quality is essential to companies. Especially when the economic outlook is not very positive.

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  • Rudy Moenaert - What Do I Know About My Customers - Human Inference

    1. 1. Visionary Marketing and an Integrated Customer View Prof. dr. Rudy Moenaert TiasNimbas & Vision2B
    2. 2. Science-based Practical Robust Concise
    3. 3. © Moenaert , Robben & Gouw Marketing = Building Sustainable Business Market Making Market Farming Market Hunting
    4. 4. Is about acquiring the right customers. Is about retaining the right customers, and create up- and cross-selling. Is about developing the customer value proposition and determining the hunting grounds for your organization. Market Making Market Hunting Market Farming
    5. 5. C ustomers’ O utlook on D ifferentiating A dvantage (The CODA-model) <ul><li>Product/Service The core functional product or service your company offers </li></ul><ul><li>Customer Process The company/customer- interaction process, as perceived by the customer, by means of which your company identifies, builds and maintains relationships with its customers and delivers its offering </li></ul><ul><li>Price The financial and non-financial costs your customers make in order to own or consume your products/services </li></ul><ul><li>Image The beliefs, images, ideas or impressions the market holds about your company and/or the products you offer </li></ul>© Moenaert, Robben & Gouw Customer Process Price Image Product/ Service
    6. 6. Needs Benefits Offered Source: “Visionary Marketing” by: Moenaert, Robben & Gouw Symbolic Functional Experiential Environmental Safety Styling & Design Functional performance Compatibility User convenience Serviceability Pre-transaction processes Transaction processes Switching cost Brand image Corporate Reputation Reliability & Consistency Acquisition cost Disposal cost Operating cost Professionalism Post-transaction processes Availability in the channels Empathy User community Bundling & Complementarities Product Service Price Image Customer Process Product image Customer Needs
    7. 7. It requires hard work to be average. It requires smart work to be distinctive.
    8. 8. Customer Lifetime Value Customer Lifetime Value Base Potential Growth Potential Networking Potential Learning Potential cash flow from products and services that form the core of the relationship cash flow from cross-selling, uptrading, a higher ‘share-of- wallet’ etc. cash flow from new relationships through customer’s word-of-mouth, referrals, etc. cash flow from knowledge created through interaction within the relationship Base Business Extended Business Leveraged Business
    9. 9. “ Between 65% and 85% of customers who defect say they were satisfied with their former supplier” Reichheld
    10. 10. Non- competitive Zone Highly Competitive Zone Loyalty Satisfaction
    11. 12. “ Marketers cannot afford to be democratic. They must invest their efforts and budgets where they will produce the most return. The most valuable customers deserve special treatment to build and retain their loyalty. The risk of not giving it to them is great. If a marketer treats high-profit consumers like everyone else, they will treat the marketer’s brand like any other” (Hallberg in All customers are not created equal”)
    12. 13. Pre- Consumption Activities Consumption of Core Offering Post-Consumption Activities Make decision for Himalaya trek Information search on trekking organizations Making a reservation with a trekking organisation Journey to Nepal Trekking, eating and lodging in Himalaya region Journey home Experience pictures and videos Stories to family and friends Visit to Kathmandu Evaluation of alternatives Get together with trekking team Plan next trek Administrative formalities (visa, insurance, currency,...) Buying (additional) trekking equipment Get-together with trekking team
    13. 14. RBV (Resource-Based View) Competitive advantage and resources are two sides of the same coin
    14. 15. Efficient & Customized Convenience 24/7 Competitive Prices Image : The proactive, trustworthy Phonebank Awareness (45 %) Press campaigns Quality awards Word-of- mouth recommendations Successful track record Customer Satisfaction (delight) Leeds Workforce (empathy; language) Staff Recruitment & Training Teams Rotation Employee satisfaction Cross- Selling Limited Staff ACD : Automatic Call Distribution Midland Technology Base (ATM) Healthy Customer Base (50 % Acceptance) Leeds location BRs handle 85% of inquiries Hot desking Centralized office MIND ICT Supervisors
    15. 16. Business Innovation Realizing extraordinary objectives with ordinary people
    16. 17. Launched player-card program (Total Gold) in 1997 Discovered that 26 % of gamblers generate 82 % of revenues Those high-value customers do not match stereotypes High value customers are triggered by gambling offers Very happy customers increase gambling spending by 10 %/year Unhappy customers decrease gambling spending by 10 %/year Differentiate service for Gold, Platinum and Diamond cardholders Integrated transactional data from all 26 sites Developed and patented technology to do it Linked employee rewards to customer satisfaction
    17. 18. “ To really deliver on the brand promise, we've got to be able to capture the hearts and the minds of people. We focus on four things: greeting customers warmly, calling them by name every time, thanking them for the business and asking them if there is anything we can do to help them. And we measure that; currently we're up over the 90 percent level&quot; Judith Hatley vice-president, Marketing & Customer Management
    18. 19. Internal Marketing Making promises possible! External Marketing Making promises! Interactive Marketing Delivering the promises!
    19. 20. Customer Segment Volume of purchases Contribution to profitability Lifestyle and values Website inlog address Banner reactions Profile of purchased products Lifetime value Clickstream Mailings to customer Recency of purchases Location of purchases Share of customer Customer satisfaction Warranty terms Exit of website Customer size Length of website visit Customer demographics and classification Identifier and Address Customer contact personnel Frequency of purchases Terms of payment Mailing response Payment history Service level agreements Legal status of customer
    20. 22. Finance/resource allocation Control Procurement/vendor selection Channel design Order fulfillment Logistics Channel relationship management Pricing Selecting target markets Operations/manufacturing Technology development ICT-implementation Managing brand equity Human resource management Service delivery Strategic planning Selling and communications Customer relationship management Market sensing and intelligence Strategic partnering and alliances New product/service development 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 2007 2003 1999
    21. 23. Making a profit is not an option . Making a profit is a duty .
    22. 24. Vision & Strategy © Moenaert, Robben & Gouw Learning and Growth Internal Business Processes Financial Results Customer Response Value @ Your Company Value @ Your Customer Running your Business Changing your Business
    23. 25. My name is Rudy Moenaert (1961) and I am a professor of strategic marketing at TiasNimbas Business School (University of Tilburg - TU Eindhoven) and a part-time professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business University. My research interests focus on strategic marketing (‘business roadmapping’) and the management and marketing of technological innovation in B2B settings. I consider my business to be the business of fun . As a scholar, teacher and consultant in the field of strategic marketing, I try to develop science-based knowledge that is relevant to the business community. I have won the TiasNimbas best teacher award twice, and have published in journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management , Management Science , R&D Management , IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management , and the Journal of Management Studies . Together with Henry Robben, I have published ‘Visionaire Marketing’ (Lannoo, 2003, 2006). Henry Robben, Peter Gouw and myself have now published 'Visionary marketing. Building sustainable business’ (LannooCampus, 2008). In addition to research, I enjoy family life, diverse sports, fine cuisine, good wine, and motor biking. Please visit or for resources on business roadmapping or advice on and supervision of business roadmapping projects.