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Myths of Data Science


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Myths of Data Science
Predictive Analytics and Data Science Conference May 27-28
Jarun Ngamvirojcharoen

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Myths of Data Science

  1. 1. Myths of Data Science Jarun Ngamvirojcharoen
  2. 2. Source: A Story of Blind Men and Elephant
  3. 3. Myth # 1 You need skills in Computer Science, Math/Statistics, Domain Expertise (aka Data Science Venn Diagram) to be a good Data Scientist - Unicorn
  4. 4. Source: Team Diversity and Collaborative Process as a Learning System
  5. 5. Source: Many Thinking Hats
  6. 6. Myth # 2 Data Scientist builds machine learning models to produce a compelling result
  7. 7. Deep Net Interpretation ?
  8. 8. Myth # 3 We need big data because it gives us power
  9. 9. Big Data Small Value
  10. 10. Data Strategy/ Governance Ethics Organization Culture Infrastructure Deployment Organization Process Something Beyond Data Science