Envisioning a Data Driven Music Industry


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Envisioning a Data Driven Music Industry, presentation by Jeremy Silver Chairman @Semetric at Data Science London 28/05/12

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Envisioning a Data Driven Music Industry

  1. 1. May 2022 envisioning a data driven music industry Jeremy Silver Chairman, Semetric LtdWednesday, 30 May 12
  2. 2. Knowledge is power Information is liberating (Kofi Annan - seventh secretary-general of the United Nations, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize)Wednesday, 30 May 12
  3. 3. internet data oil or fumes big data big computing power open dataWednesday, 30 May 12
  4. 4. how big? 1 Petabyte 1,000 Terabytes or 250,000 DVDs 1 Exabyte 1,000 Petabytes or 250 million DVDs 1 Zettabyte 1,000 Exabytes or 250 billion DVDs 1 Yottabyte 1,000 Zettabytes or 250 trillion DVDsWednesday, 30 May 12
  5. 5. 5 million terabytes of data Google has indexed 200 terabytes 0.004% of the total sizeWednesday, 30 May 12
  6. 6. ...to an infinity of personal social content logistical transactional user-generated data and beyond...Wednesday, 30 May 12
  7. 7. Facebook holds 89 categories of your personal data last week agreed to share just 34 categoriesWednesday, 30 May 12
  8. 8. deal to the consumer free functionality for privacy loss we’ll try to avoid creepiness “Girls around me”Wednesday, 30 May 12
  9. 9. deal for business richer targeted experiences fanalytics marketing insights plus plus plusWednesday, 30 May 12
  10. 10. music’s data complex isrc iswc upc poor label copy low use of data in marketing lack of deal making transparencyWednesday, 30 May 12
  11. 11. Which was the most talked about band playing Coachella? Are they talking nice or nasty about my artist? Would my fans prefer to stream or download my music? Is filesharing helping or damaging my artist’s career? What was the price of the hottest newly signed band last week? Which cities should Black Pistol Fire go on tour to? Which musicians played with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew and what else did they play on? Who is the most expensive living songwriter today? What music was used in all of Ken Russell’s films? Who has European publishing rights to the TV Batman theme? Is Death Metal or Techno Salsa cheaper for TV ads use in Buenos Aires? What is the current Bon Jovi share price? Is Facebook or LastFM the best network to advertise Gotye on? What’s the price of a subscription to all of Beach House this year? !"#$%&"(#)*&+&,#-.*/.012#2+.3#%&2/#045+/6#(4(#&0.0"#7&*"8 9#+"&*(#/+42#2.056#4/#3"0/#0&&#0&#0&#0&&#0&&6#(.#.:#;0.3#/+"#.0"#9# ,"&08 !+.#$%&"(#7.05&2#.0#<.:1*"#=.#>&40#&0(#3+&/#"%2"#(4(#/+"#(.8Wednesday, 30 May 12
  12. 12. musicbrainz decibel lastfm rovi echonest sony gracenote musicmetric songkick Global Repertoire Database International Music Registry Digital Copyright Exchange Digital Licensing FrameworkWednesday, 30 May 12
  13. 13. Global Repertoire Database International Music Registry Digital Copyright Exchange Digital Licensing FrameworkWednesday, 30 May 12
  14. 14. GLOBAL DATA songwriters composers works recordings featured ar tists performers regional regional regional regional collecting collecting collecting collecting societies societies societies societiesWednesday, 30 May 12
  15. 15. Radio Retail artists iTunes Shazam Amazon LastFM Rhapsody Pandora Spotify creators music fans DATA songwriters composers works publishing recordings Services companies featured ar tists performers musicmetric echonest decibel songkick musicglue mobileroadie record live collecting topspin companies companies societies omnfone roviWednesday, 30 May 12
  16. 16. G F T A DATA songwriters composers artists works creators recordings music featured ar tists fans performers artist music consumer services collecting companies services societiesWednesday, 30 May 12
  17. 17. B R A N D G F T Artists DATA music artists DATA film games DATA fi Wednesday, 30 May 12
  18. 18. investment companies marketplace DATA songwriters artists composers music creators works fans recordings featured ar tists performers music prices artist collecting music consumer services societies companies servicesWednesday, 30 May 12
  19. 19. artists creators music fans DATA songwriters composers works marketplace recordings featured artists performers artist investment collecting music consumer services companies societies companies servicesWednesday, 30 May 12
  20. 20. artists creators music fans marketplace investment companies artist DATA music services songwriters companies composers works collecting recordings consumer societies featured servicesWednesday, 30 May 12
  21. 21. artists creators music marketplace fans DATA songwriters artist composers works consumer services recordings services featured artists performers music pricesWednesday, 30 May 12
  22. 22. making music metadata publicly accessible is bringing new value to the music businessWednesday, 30 May 12