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도시의 마음, 그 발현 - Emergent Mind of City


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2013 한국데이터사이언스 창립기념 심포지움 발표 - 서울여자대학교 김정한박사

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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도시의 마음, 그 발현 - Emergent Mind of City

  1. 1. 도시의 마음, 그 발현 Emergent Mind of City The “Emergent Mind of City (EMC)” project is directed by Jeong Han Kim and collaborated with scientists (Hong-Gee Kim and Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Lab. at Seoul National University) and artists (Hyun Jean Lee, Jung-Do Kim). Kim, Jeong Han
  2. 2. 기획 의도 Origin of Ideas 도시, 마음, 발현 Keywords: City, Mind, Emergence This project has been inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s “City of Water, Design of City as an organism.” Looking at the disastrous scenes of the citizens suffering from epidemics in the unsanitary European cities at his time, Leonardo envisioned an organic city that embodies the concept of hygiene. The drawings, bequeathed to future generations, incorporate his ideas in such concrete structures as watercourses (canals), waterways, water supply facilities, sewerages, and an automatic, self-cleaning stable.
  3. 3. Leonardo da Vinci’s “City of Water, Design of City as an organism”
  4. 4. • A city is an evolving creature. • The whole of data emerging daily in the city, it is an opaque, tantalizing, floating chaos. • We look at the contemporary city in a data-flow, instead of water-flow, perspective. • City as human mind-body.
  5. 5. The psychological concept of ‘fringe’ by William James • A ‘fringe’ is “the halo of felt relations” and “the feeling of right or wrong”. • The fringe is a bridge that connects emotions and cognitive representations. • “Tip of the tongue” or “feeling of knowing” states. • Emptiness in the blank space of oriental paintings. • The thing-in-itself (Das Ding an sich) • the fringe is the in-between state of consciousness and unconsciousness, or subjectivity and objectivity.
  6. 6. Micro Bio Information Structure (Neuron) + Macro Social Information Structure (SNS, Big Data) _____________________________________________________ Virtual Mind Neuron of the Cities
  7. 7. inspirations
  8. 8. Yi Hwang (1501–1570) is one of the most prominent Korean Confucian scholars of the Joseon Dynasty. Yi Hwang is often referred to by his pen name Toegye ("Retreating Creek"). "Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning" 성학십도 (聖學十圖) Seonghaksipdo
  9. 9. Virtual Mind Neuron
  10. 10. Virtual Mind Neuron
  11. 11. Virtual Mind Neuron
  12. 12. STEP 1. News Network (Google + Naver News API) : Users input words which they are interested in and then the News Networks are changed in semantic ways.
  13. 13. STEP 2. Emotion Network (Twitter API) : Users select a News word in the News Networks and then Emotion Networks are created.
  14. 14. STEP 3. Image Directory (Youtube API) Users select an Emotion word in the Emotion Networks and then Image Directories are searched.
  15. 15. Emergent Mind of City = Collective Mind Visualization of Cities based on News-, Emotion- and Image- Networks
  16. 16. 인-왕-산 Why do I need to visualize Virtual Mind Neurons? Because I love to show Qualia Landscapes.
  17. 17. What is 'Qualia'? Qualia means individual instances of subjective, conscious experience "What's it like to be?" Qualia = 'Raw Feel'
  18. 18. 감각질 풍경 Qualia Landscape 감각질(Qualia): 감각질은 ‘고통’, ‘빨강’의 주관적 성질처럼 감각의 날 느낌raw feel을 의미한다. 감각질의 문제는 1인칭과 3인칭 설명을 조화시켜야 하는 것 으로써 과학에서 해결되지 않았으나 가장 중요한 문제이다. , “Qualia Landscape” is an individual artistic project by myself, Jeong Han Kim. It is one of the most important conceptual backgrounds of EMC. What is ‘Qualia’? Qualia mean individual instances of subjective, conscious experience. It seems like ‘raw feel’ and "What's it like to be?". I'm focusing on the issue for 'the Coexistence of the First Person("I") with the Third Person("They") Point of View'. Even if people stand in the same physical landscapes, they may have different qualia. In conclusion, EMC (Emergent Mind of City) project is for visualizing 'Qualia Landscapes', which emerge collective emotions due to every user's subjective perspectives.
  19. 19. Summary • In EMC and Qualia Landscapes, all of these artistic trials are for exploring ways to bridge between mind and body, consciousness and unconsciousness, subjective and objective, individuals and society, reality and virtuality, materials and spirituals, cosmos and chaos, finite and infinite, digital and analog, simplicity and complexity, the first person ("I") point of view and the third person ("They") point of view, and so on. • These efforts look like impossible challenges and I am also hard to say that EMC project and Qualia Landscapes solve this problem. But my projects might be valuable in the aspects of the issue for ‘empathy’ and ‘sympathy’ in-between social communities and in-between academic disciplines.
  20. 20. Thank you for listening. ^_^