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Geospatial Data Visualization: WorldMap Integration by Raman Prasad


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The Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) has started work to integrate the Dataverse and Harvard WorldMap systems. This will give Dataverse users the opportunity to map shapefiles as well as tabular files. The maps will be saved in the WorldMap system, allow users to take advantage of the WorldMap’s rich feature set as well as share the maps through Dataverse. This effort involved building APIs on both systems and connecting them via a small web application.

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Geospatial Data Visualization: WorldMap Integration by Raman Prasad

  1. 1. Dataverse  <-­‐-­‐>  WorldMap  
  2. 2. Purpose   •  Connect  Dataverse  and  the  WorldMap  (2)   •  Visualize  Geospa:al  data  stored  in  Dataverse   •  Discover  Geospa:al  data  on  Dataverse  and   WorldMap     Source:  The  Geographer  by  Johannes  Vermeer.     hEps://    
  3. 3. Overview:  Basic  Idea  
  4. 4. Overview:  Geoconnect  
  5. 5. Work  Flow:  “Map  Data”   1.  Iden5fy  Geospa:al  Data   2.  Map  Data   3.  Style  Map    
  6. 6. Early  Days   Source:  The  Far  Side  by  Gary  Larson  
  7. 7. Work  Flow:  "Map  Data"   1.  Iden5fy  Geospa:al  Data   -­‐  Dataverse:  iden:fied/detected   -­‐  Geoconnect:  file  verified  
  8. 8. Work  Flow:  "Map  Data"   2.    Map  Data   •  WorldMap  Layer  Created   •  WorldMap  Metadata  sent  to  Dataverse    
  9. 9. Work  Flow:  Metadata  on  both  systems  
  10. 10. Work  Flow:  "Map  Data"   3.    Style  Map  
  11. 11. Work  Flow:  "Map  Data”  for  Shapefiles   1.    Iden5fy  Geospa:al  Data   2.    Map  Data   3.    Style  Map  
  12. 12. Tabular  Files     (some  WorldMap  renova:on)   Source:  The  Money  Pit.  Film  with  Tom  Hanks  (1986)  
  13. 13. Tabular  files  
  14. 14. API  Lessons/Experience   -­‐  Extending  Dataverse  (and  WorldMap)  APIs   -­‐  Temporary  tokens   -­‐  Pu_ng  Metadata  Back  into  Dataverse    
  15. 15. Computer-­‐assisted  Geographer   Source:  The  Geographer  by  Johannes  Vermeer.  hEps://    
  16. 16.         thank  you