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Center for Open Science and the Open Science Framework: Dataverse Add-on by Sherry Lake


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The Open Science Framework (OSF:; supported and maintained by the Center for Open Science - COS: is a free, open source workflow management service and repository designed for scientists to manage and connect everything across their research process. One of the first add-on connections was Dataverse, which provides value to users through an easy connection as a repository service. This talk will introduce the Dataverse add-on connection and provide a technical view of how it was built and how it connects the OSF and Dataverse.

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Center for Open Science and the Open Science Framework: Dataverse Add-on by Sherry Lake

  1. 1. Center for Open Science and the Open Science Framework Dataverse Add-on Sherry Lake Scholarly Repository Librarian, University of Virginia Library Ambassador, Center for Open Science Dataverse Community Meeting, June 11, 2015 http://osf.io
  2. 2. INFRASTRUCTURE COMMUNITY METASCIENCE Promoting openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research
  3. 3. Infrastructure
  4. 4. Infrastructure: The Open Science Framework Free, open-source software that manages projects at all stages of the research lifecycle and connects the tools researchers use Planning                Execu-on                Repor-ng                  Archiving                Discovery   Planning                Execu-on                Repor-ng                  Archiving                Discovery  
  5. 5. The OSF Connects Services You Already Us
  6. 6. Dashboard Project Organizer
  7. 7. Project Overview Page
  8. 8. Adding Components
  9. 9. Files
  10. 10. Add Ons: Dropbox Github Dataverse Figshare AmazonS3 Google Drive Mendeley Zotero
  11. 11. APIs Written in Python API ■  SWORD API ■  File upload & delete (see waterbutler slide) ■  Native API ■  Get metadata (URL/type/name) ■  DataAccess API ■  File view & download
  12. 12. Python is the official Python package for Dataverse APIs. Center for Open Science heads the development and the library is used to integrate the Open Science Framework (OSF) with Dataverse via an add-on which itself is open source and listed on the dataverse Apps page.
  13. 13. File Streaming Waterbutler Python web application for interacting with various file storage services via a single RESTful API. ■  Asynchronous, non blocking
  14. 14. Dataverse Add-on Demo
  15. 15. Questions? Open Science Framework | Center for Open Science | Twitter: @OSFramework