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DataverseNL: Dataverse as a Federated Service in the Netherlands by Ben Companjen


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The DataverseNL is a cooperative effort of several universities and research institutes in the Netherlands that, in 2013/2014, transformed into 'Dataverse-as-a-Service'. DANS provides back-office services to the partner institutes, who provide front-office services to end users. We outline some of the processes and collaborations among back and front offices in place in the DataverseNL.

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DataverseNL: Dataverse as a Federated Service in the Netherlands by Ben Companjen

  1. 1. DANS is an institute of KNAW and NWO           Data Archiving and Networked Services   Data Archiving and Networked Services DataverseNL Dataverse as a federated service in the Netherlands Ben Companjen Information systems engineer / information manager 2015-06-11
  2. 2. Data Archiving and Networked Services
  3. 3. King Willem-Alexander Representing the Netherlands at the White House
  4. 4. DJ Willem-Alexander Representing the Netherlands bringing the House
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  6. 6. Archiving services
  7. 7. Front Office Back Office Model
  8. 8. DataverseNL §  Started as a project of the Utrecht University as Dutch Dataverse Network §  As of May 2014 a service of DANS §  Participating institutions provide front offices, DANS provides back office §  Front offices Committee: FOBO admin alignment §  Advisory Board: RDM policy alignment
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Short-term local RDM service §  SLAs in place, incl. daily backup §  Preservation is not the main goal §  No checks on preferred formats §  No checks on metadata §  Future plan: SWORD interface with Trusted Digital Repositories (TDR) of DANS and 3TU, …, for long-term preservation §  Institution determines if and at what time data will be transferred to a TDR
  11. 11. Federated login
  12. 12. Cost model DataverseNL §  Fixed part o  Administration by DANS o  Hardware (servers) §  Variable part o  Storage §  On average (2014): annual contribution of €3950 per Participating institution
  13. 13. Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) Anna van Saksenlaan 51 | 2593 HW The Hague | The Netherlands P.O. Box 93067 | 2509 AB The Hague | The Netherlands +31 70 349 4450 | | KVK 54667089 | DANS is an institute of KNAW en NWO Thank you for your attention! @bencomp on Twitter/GitHub #dataverse on Freenode IRC