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inDefend business data security with productivity


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This short presentation will help you understand how to secure your business critical data without losing productivity

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inDefend business data security with productivity

  1. 1. Why and how should youprotect your business criticalData ?By Data Resolve Technologies inDefend Business Data Security and monitoring of computers against data theft
  2. 2. What is business confidential data ?• Any document of which most of them are in digital format including:- – Your customer data in spreadsheets – Business Plans – Contract agreement and partnership documents – Sales and marketing documents – Employee information – Financial documents, projections, budgets etc – IPR including software designs, source codes, semantics, algorithm etc – potentially patentable and business making ideas – Business strategy
  3. 3. Your business data is exposed like never before• Usually business confidential data stays un-protected in the business network which can be easily accessed by employees in absence of security policies• Business data can be easily sent outside the business network using un monitored media like – emails via SMTP clients or web based email services – file uploads via web Browsers, FTP and Chat – USB drives, SD-Cards, Smart Phones, CD-DVD access – Internet applications including Browsers, IM Clients, VoIP allow easy sharing and copying of data• Latest malwares, Trojans & spyware can steal data and are not detected on the system even by any latest tool• Unmonitored mobile laptop contains critical business information and data• Internet data cards are used to bypass your business firewall everyday without being noticed on the gateway• Your lost pen drive may become a massive source of data loss and breach
  4. 4. How to secure your business data without losing productivity?• Build and implement policies to monitor and control – Emails, Email Attachments – File Uploads on web – USB Storage Devices and CD-DVD activities – Files Copied on USB Storage Devices – Any application which connects to internet• Only allow encrypted pen drives and other removable storage devices in the network• Make sure any laptop going outside the network is secured for any kind of data breach attempts• Always have BIOS passwords enabled on desktops and laptops• Employee mobile devices like tablets and cell-phone should only be allowed to copy any business data as per the data security guideline of the company• Make regular checks on data security policies and build period endpoint security reports
  5. 5. How we can help ?• By controlling and monitoring – Outgoing email attachments and File Uploads – USB and CD-DVD activities – Browsing activities – File transfer over IM/Messaging Clients like Skype – Data copied on personal devices• By shadow logging of crucial & suspicious data transfer – Shadow Log Email, Email Attachments and File Uploads• By blocking internet data cards and allowing selectively• By enforcing policies on laptops and desktops both inside and outside your network• By enforcing the use of only encrypted storage devices• By blocking employees to copy information on their personal devices• Intelligent analytics and reporting• And by allowing you to build comprehensive security policies at par the international standard
  6. 6. Offline Policies and Monitoring• Protection is active even if the computer is taken offline from the network• In case of roaming laptops, policies are stored locally and always active• Network Policies are automatically applied if a laptop connects to unknown Wi- Fi/LAN Network or uses a USB dongle for Internet• USB Storage Devices and CD/DVDs are always monitored and controlled• Device and Internet Usage Statistics are recorded locally and synchronized once the computer connects back to the organization’s network
  7. 7. Benefits of having inDefend as your data security suite Bring more business by ensuring secure customer data – extremely important for overseas clients through our secure seal on your website and documents Complete control and reporting of email, web and USB device usage of employees against data breach Track and control usage of personal emails against data breach Increase productivity of employees by restricting access to un-productive websites like social networking, gaming and chat sites. Keep track of job searches, internal freelancing, espionage and un-authorized information sharing by employees Minimize chances of malware and spyware spreading inside the network though un authorized applications Increase availability of internet bandwidth by blocking unwanted chats, voice messengers, video streaming, LAN gaming and other malicious applications Prevent compromise of sensitive data through accidental loss of USB Drives Selectively allow internet data cards and employee owned devices Maintain an international security standard on use of your business data
  8. 8. Why should you choose inDefend ?• Award winning product – Accolade of Excellence by Zee Business• Built on a scalable architecture, easy to deploy in both small and large networks with multiple locations• Media coverage at multiple sources including Times of India, Zee TV etc• Growing customer base in KPO, BPO, Real Estate, Software and Manufacturing firms• Easy engagement model with free & lite versions for small companies
  9. 9. How to start ?• Install the free version of our product which can be directly downloaded from• View online demo of the application at – Free version http://lite.indefend .com – Commercial version• Contact us for an online demo or meeting• Email us at or call us at +91 84201 94203
  10. 10. How inDefend works ? Users User try to access the data using various removal media devices Access to transfer, sharing or copy of information is Critical data being sent checked against policies to outside using an application allow or deny and emails inDefend ProtectionActivities logged to the serverand an email alert is sent tothe administrator in case of Criticalany malicious activity Business Data
  11. 11. Deployment Diagram for multi city offices
  12. 12. Next Step ?You can contact us by phone or email to help us schedule a trial installationand/or detailed product walkthrough for you.• Email:• Phone: +91-84201-94203• Website:
  13. 13. About Data ResolveData Resolve Technologies founded in the year 2008 offers endpoint security products forblocking and monitoring the use of internet, portable media devices, email, VoIP, chat protect your data and privacy from unauthorized access, share and copyPromoters of the company are experts in their own specific fields of information securityand the company is advised by some of the well known names in the industry including Mr.Kaustav Ghosh, Mr. Steffen Naumann and Mr. Jens Geitmann.More details about the company, products, customers, promoters, management, advisorsetc. can be found at www.dataresolve.comContact UsIf you would like to speak to us on phone or want to set up a meeting we are available onthe following:-Data Resolve Technologies Private Ltd Phone: +91-33-4061-1242/12413rd Floor, J2, Jain Link Building, Email: sales@dataresolve.comBlock EP & GP, Sector – VSalt Lake City, Kolkata,