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Making Money From Your Intellectual Property Rights


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This document describes how our Intellectual Property consulting services can assist you to create your Intellectual Property Rights via a portfolio regardless your area of expertise and level of education, protect them, explore the commercial opportunities and exploit for financial benefits. My service is designed to use your intellectual Property Rights to create alternative revenue streams for you.

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Making Money From Your Intellectual Property Rights

  1. 1. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsMaking money from your IntellectualProperty rights (IPR)By: Ben Oguntala. LLB Hons, LLM (LOND)Ben.oguntala@dataprotectionofficer.com07812 039 867This document describes how our Intellectual Property consulting services can assist you to createyour Intellectual Property Rights via a portfolio regardless your area of expertise and level ofeducation, protect them, explore the commercial opportunities and exploit for financial benefits. Myservice is designed to use your intellectual Property Rights to create alternative revenue streams foryou.We provide a service that is often reserved for the rich and fortunate in Britain, and applying it tograssroots enabling common Britons to create sustainable alternative revenue streams which in turnwill improve their prospect of breaking the cycle of poverty, economic underachievement andenable growth within their local economies. 1
  2. 2. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsWhat is the idea?TO CONVERT A NATURAL ASSET LIKE YOUR TALENT INTO A REVENUE STREAM Capture a natural talent Assess its potential Protect it legally Find a market for it Grant licences and create contractual agreements 2
  3. 3. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExecutive summaryIn these financial times (2011), Britons have to look at alternative means of creating revenue usingtheir natural assets. Your Intellectual Property may be worth several thousands of pounds and maybe able to generate significant revenue streams for you.Our service is designed to create revenue streams for individuals (young and old) by exploring theirnatural talents and converting those talents into Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that can beprotected and mapped to commercial opportunities that exist in the market today. It can also assistparents to create IPRs for their children as a means of providing a secure financial future for them.Our processes are as follows: 1. Talent registration – we accept talents from different sources, individuals can contact us directly, and Organisations can integrate our services into their programmes to enable referral of individuals with talent to us. 2. Initial assessment – An initial assessment is carried out prior to registering a talent, the assessment will indentify the quality of the talent as well as its propensity to acquire commercial interest. Upon successful completion of the initial assessment, a report is generated for the talent detailing the next steps as well as the costs associated. The initial assessment costs £250 the assessment is non refundable and payable prior to commencement of the assessment. 3. Intellectual property right protection – we have specialist agents that we use in registering your intellectual property rights in the UK, across Europe and internationally if you desire. The cost of protection can vary depending on the right you seek to protect and the extent to which you seek protection. 4. Commercial opportunity exploration – the aim of this module is to map your IPR to commercial opportunities available in the market. To achieve this we would have as part of your IPR protection provided you with an IPR kit that will include contracts and licences with potential clients of yours. 5. Managing your IPR – once you have created your contracts or issued licences for your IPRs, we can assist you in managing those rights to ensure that they are not abused. 3
  4. 4. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsIntroduction to Intellectual Property rightsThere are 4 broad types of Intellectual Property Rights namely: 1. Trade Marks - A symbol (logo, words, shapes, a celebrity name, jingles) used to provide a product or service with a recognisable identity to distinguish it from competing products. It protects the distinctive components which make up the marketing identity of your brand. 2. Copyright - Copyright is used to protect original creative works, published editions, sound recordings, films and broadcasts. It exists independently of the recording medium, so buying a copy does not confer the right to copy. 3. Design Registration - Design registrations are used to protect products distinguished by their novel shape or pattern. They are available for one-off items. 4. Patents - Patents are used to protect new product, process, apparatus, and uses providing the invention is not obvious in light of what has been done before, is not in the public domain, and has not been disclosed anywhere in the world at the time of the application. Patent Law is a specific area of law that we do not serve however can recommend reputable Patent Lawyers. 4
  5. 5. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsOverview of our serviceThe section describes our services, from discovering your talents, converting your talents into IPR,through to generation of revenue streams for your IPR. As you can see below, there are numerousassets you may have that can constitute your talent and our aim is to ensure you can adequatelyprotect it and find the market for it. 5
  6. 6. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsServices:Initial assessmentThere is a fee associated with the initial assessment and upon payment; a report is generated at theend of the assessment detailing the classification, protection requirements as well as methods ofgenerating licenses or contracts. The report will also include an overview of the commercialcontracts available and means of exploiting them to generate revenue streams.IPR classificationWe only handle trademark, copyright and Design IPR, we have a preferred partner we can refer youto for Patent IPR.ProtectionWe can provide you information about how your IPR can be protected as well as details of the costassociated. The Protection will include instructing an IPR Attorney to make submissions to theauthorities that will hold your protection. For example, the UK Intellectual Property Office.LicensingLicensing creates an avenue for you to exploit the commercial interests in your IPR. There arevarious forms of licensing available depending on your IPR. Details of your licensing options will bemade available in the report.Commercial opportunitiesThese are the list of commercial interests in your IPR, these may range from primary purchasers tolong term agreements to use your IPR.ContractsContracts are vital tools in enforcing your IPR, they are also important to ensure your rights remainprotected. Our Lawyers would work with you to draft effective contractual terms and conditions ofusage of your IPR. 6
  7. 7. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExamples: Stories to IPREverybody has stories of actual events or fictional stories, our aim is to assist your to transform yourstories onto a platform that will be of interest to the market interested in stories for their industryfor example TV or Radio. Once your stories are created and protected as well as the associatedlicences created 7
  8. 8. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExamples: Old age Pensioner IPRThere are several examples of how we can create IPR for the elderly members of our society, theirnatural assets include: 1. Life experiences 2. Family problem resolution experience 3. Marriage and counselling skills 4. Life survival skills 5. Cultural experience sharing 6. Professional experience sharing 7. Historical knowledgeAll the items listed above and more, form natural assets that can be copyrighted and made availablefor commercial gain. 8
  9. 9. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExamples: IPR for HousewivesThere are several natural assets that Housewives and single mothers who stay at home have, ourservice will convert these natural assets into copyright material and make them available forcommercial use. We can also assist in setting up cooperative partnership that can benefit thecommunity as a whole. 9
  10. 10. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExamples: IPR for intellectual excellence A parent can use this module to help their child or children to a more profitable financial future, theuse their intellectual excellence to build their confidence enough to face the commercial world headon. In the 21st century, it is no longer the case that a child has to wait till after university to put theirintellectual excellence into practice, the experience can be built up gradually. 10
  11. 11. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsExamples: IPR for immigrant communitiesThere are several instances of immigrant communities in the UK, who feel disconnected from oursociety, forgetting that the UK welcomes all faces and races as long as they share the goal ofcontributing to the British society.There are several skills members of the immigrant communities have that can benefit from IPRprotection and community collaboration to generate revenue streams. 11
  12. 12. Creating commercial opportunities from natural assetsGetting started Email • Express your area of interest • state what natural assets or talent you have Assessment form • Complete the assessment form • Pay the £250 Assessment report • The report will detail how you can proceed and the relevant details about the opportunities open to your IPR Protection • Your IPR is registered with the appropriate authority • Creation of licences • Creation of contractual agreement Commercial opportunities • We assist you in exploring the commercial opportunities available and once you make a decision the legal paperwork are initiated and payment exchange for your IPR 12