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Contract Review Toolkit


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An automated business process for Law Firms or Internal Legal Departments to assess contracts between corporate clients or Business units and 3rd parties.

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Contract Review Toolkit

  1. 1. Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) An automated business process for Law Firms or Internal Legal Departments to assess contracts between corporate clients or Business units and 3rd parties. Project Legal Management Risk office Contract management review Risk register Projects September 2009
  2. 2. Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) Introduction Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) is a web based solution that enables Law Firms with Corporate Clients or Internal Legal Departments serving their Business units to: 1. Automatic project alerts - Automatically receive project alerts from Project Managers or Project management office about new projects 2. Risk survey – the risk survey is completed by the Project Manager and has a risk rating calculated automatically calculated based information provided for the project. 3. Contract review alerts – an automatic alert is sent to the Legal Department or Law Firm indicating details of the project, objectives, 3rd parties involved and project deadlines. The Lawyers can then draft an adequate contract or amend the standard contract to fit the project objective. The activities can include: a. Contract drafting b. Contract amendment c. Risk identification & mitigation d. Risk registration on the risk register 4. Project approval - once the contracts have been sorted out, the Lawyers will be able to approve the project for launch. The project is then stored in the project register with the option to review at a certain date. Project registration/ Risk survey amendment Contract Approval & review & launch amendment Risk mitigation 2 –
  3. 3. Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) CRT process The CRT allows the Project management office to initiate projects along with the project documentation to allow the Legal & compliance teams to properly assess the requirements and details of the project. The Compliance team will be able to map policies and procedures of the organisation to the project, both functional and non functional requirements are captured. Legal Department or Law Firm will have all the information in order to review the contracts, amend the contract, and assess the 3rd party in a bid to fix the terms and conditions for the contract. Risks associated with the project can be identified at this stage and mitigated, transferred or accepted. Risk management – risks identified can be stored in the risk register until a risk treatment plan is implemented. Risk managers will be able to manage the risks identified and report in the various risk treatment plans. Project Compliance Management office team (launch projects assigned resources) (Policies & procedures) CRT Risk Management Legal (Risk register & reporting) (Contract review amendment & 3rd party review) 3 –
  4. 4. Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) CRT structure The CRT is designed to allow various entities in an organisation related to the Project lifecycle to contribute to it evolution from concept to launch. The following accounts are available: 1. Project management office 2. Lawyers 3. Compliance officers 4. Risk Management team Project management office • Project initiation | project information | 3rd party • Initiate projects for the organisation with the intended 3rd parties Risk survey • Risk assessment | Automatic risk calculation • A risk survey calculates the risks rating of the project based on information provided Legal • Assess & Amend contract | refine T & Cs to fit project objectives • Internal Legal Department or external Law firms are automatically alerted upon new project registration Compliance • 3rd party review and assessment | 3rd party Audits • A periodic review of 3rd parties and a compliance rating against policies 4 –
  5. 5. Contract Review Toolkit (CRT) Getting started CRT is web based intranet solution, written in APSX, the solution can be deployed on your internal network for your clients or business units. Alternatively, we can also host the solution on our server. Cost overview - Software purchase o Can be vary depending on scale of implementation - Licences o Enterprise solution o Mid range solution o SME solution - Initial assessment o 2 week man hours - Project implementation o 2 * 3 man months Initial assessment – this is a 2 week paid audit of your organisation and your current practice. The aim is to understand your requirements and the objectives using CRT. This creates the High Level Design (HLD) characterising the structure that will be designed for t Project implementation lifecycle – The feed from the initial assessment HLD is utilised in designing the solution. This takes approximately 3 months and would require 2 of our resources working with your organisation to deliver the solution. For more information please email – 5 –