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Using Pinterest In Your Business


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Using Pinterest In Your Business

  1. 1. USING PINTEREST IN YOUR BUSINESS Slideshow Series Mastering the Art of PinterestSyndicated Riches is one of the DataPlex Technologies Family of Websites
  3. 3. THE POWER OF PINTEREST• Facebook post algorithm has 3 criteria – Type of media used – How relevant is the post – How old is the post• Facebook loves media, especially photos• Photos are easily shared
  4. 4. THE POWER OF PINTEREST• Facebook uses photos to show ads or Sponsored Stories• Facebook weighs Pinterest posts the same as photos• Clicking on Pinterest post in Facebook brings reader to Pinterest board
  5. 5. THE POWER OF PINTEREST• Readers share Pinterest photos within Facebook or from Pinterest board• Twitter & Google love Pinterest photos
  6. 6. THE POWER OF PINTEREST• Google weighs Pinterest heavily• Having a Pinterest profile improves search engine rankings for your name
  7. 7. SETTING UP A PROFILE• Request an invite from Pinterest home page – This can take several days to receive• Find a Pinterest post on Facebook & direct message that friend to send an invite – Much quicker process
  8. 8. START PINNING• Sign up process is easy• Select a few people relevant to your business to follow• De-select suggest friends from other social media who don’t have the same business focus
  9. 9. START PINNING• Create 5 pinboards relevant to your niche• Don’t outwardly market anything• Photos should be: eye-catching, gorgeous, emotional, or uplifiting
  10. 10. START PINNING• Share your pins on Facebook & Twitter• Like, Re-pin & Comment on other people’s boards• These people should be relevant to your niche
  11. 11. LET PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU• Get “Follow Me on Pinterest” buttons from the Goodies page
  12. 12. LET PEOPLE CONNECT WITH YOU• Embed your pins on your website• Embed friends’ pins on your website• Use the “Add +” button to add friends’ pins to your boards• Install the “Pin It” button on site to encourage readers to pin your photos
  13. 13. PINTEREST MISTAKES• Self-promoting• Posting negative or aggressive images• Not crediting your sources• Lifting content from sites not using Pinterest
  14. 14. PINTEREST MISTAKES• Sharing copyrighted images• Losing your focus• Not using keywords in board names & categories
  15. 15. MAKE IT MOBILE• See Goodies page for using mobile app• Tell other social media followers about this iPhone app• Experts say Pinterest is better suited to mobile use than Facebook
  16. 16. MAKE IT MOBILE• Pinterest offers: – Mobile version of the site – Content aggregation – Strong mobile plan – Mobile marketing category
  17. 17. MAKE IT MOBILE
  18. 18. GREAT PINBOARD EXAMPLE• Choose pinboard title using keywords• Pin photos of ebooks or products useful to your niche• Use links for easy download
  19. 19. DRIVING READERS TO YOUR SITE• Site should deliver exactly what pin promises• Site should deliver high value• Put a “follow me on pinterest” button on your site
  20. 20. PUTTING PINTEREST TO USE• Plan a Pinterest marketing strategy• Search Pinterest to see what fellow pinners are doing• Read Pinterest guidelines for rules
  21. 21. PINTEREST SUGGESTIONS• Create themed group board for your niche• Pin client images• Create group scavenger hunt of pins• Host a Pinboard tour
  22. 22. PINTEREST SUGGESTIONS• Throw a Pinterest party• Monthly pinboard contest• Use large infographic text• Let your personality shine
  23. 23. PINTEREST SUGGESTIONS• Focus on lifestyle, not product• Include keywords in Pinboard descriptions – These suggestions courtesy of Edleman Digital’s “Digital Sharing: Infographics” pinboard
  24. 24. LINKING PINTEREST TO FACEBOOK TIMELINES1.Login to Pinterest2.Click username in right corner3.Click “edit profile” button4.Scroll to Facebook section & turn slider to “on” position5.Select friends to share pins6.Click “save profile” button
  25. 25. HOST A PINTEREST Q&A• Learn how to best use Pinterest• Contact someone to interview you (optional)• Host a webinar or teleseminar• For best success – – Pick a single theme – Invite audience to submit questions beforehand
  26. 26. CREATE A PINTEREST FAQ PAGE• Offer tips, tricks & how-to info – Might vault you in the Google rankings• Take a screenshot of your page & upload to it’s own pinboard• Invite others to add their own “Pinterest FAQ” pins
  27. 27. ENABLE EMAIL SETTINGS1. Login to Pinterest2. Click on profile photo3. Click “Change Email Settings” button4. Select options5. Specify who can see your email and/or contact you6. Enable Pinterest “news” emails
  28. 28. MORE PINTEREST TIPS1. Make full use of board descriptions – 500 characters – Use best keywords – Attract viewers’ attention2. Rearranging Pinboards – Biggest photo will become “cover” – Limit to 5 photos if you want all to be visible – Last photo will always appear in left position
  29. 29. MORE PINTEREST TIPS3. Tag pins to specific Pinterest users – Use the @ sign in front of Pinterest username4. Use hashtags – Put them in descriptions – These are different from Twitter hastags – Pinterest hashtags are similar to keyword assistance – Hashtags are clickable
  30. 30. MORE PINTEREST TIPS5. Focus on customers & clients – What are their dreams, interests, goals, values, ideals, truths, lifestyles – Make product photos relevant to your intended viewer
  31. 31. MORE PINTEREST TIPS6. Pinterest Search – Search by pins, boards or people7. Affiliate Marketing & Pinterest – You can add prices to products – You can send people to landing pages – You can NOT post affiliate links to large online retailers, such as Amazon – Pinterest inserts their own affiliate links
  32. 32. MORE PINTEREST TIPS8. Report Pinterest bugs or problems – – – hi@pinterest.com9. Don’t overcomplicate it!10. Spend 10 minutes every day growing yourfollowing
  33. 33. Slideshow Series Using Pinterest In Your Business Mastering the Art of Pinterest We hope you benefited from this presentation. Be sure to check out the other slideshows in this series. Distribution of this material is strictly forbidden. Portions copyright © 2012 by DataPlex Technologies.Syndicated Riches is one of the DataPlex Technologies Family of Websites