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Storage training promo v1

  2. 2. Introduction to Storage Training programIntroduction: ➢ Knowledge is the Key ➢ The information (data) and its on-demand access is important for success ➢ The IT influence growth of modern business and individuals ➢ Technology training enable power of knowledge to over come global competitionInfluence of IT in business: ➢ Business complexity needs IT applications for simplicity ➢ Different IT applications to manage exclusive work-flow for every organization ➢ These applications demands its own IT infrastructure for performance ➢ Challenges in management of these applications, infrastructure and information 2
  3. 3. Introduction to Storage Training programTypical IT Infrastructure includes: Hardware - Desktop systems, Servers, Printers, Scanners etc - One time investment, incremental as the team size grow Software – System Software (OS) & application softwares; ERP, CRM, DB, Email etc - One time License and installation, maintenance over years Networks – Data networks that connects systems (Clients) to Servers. Types of Networks: LAN – Within a geographic area WAN – Across two or more locations Ex: Intranet and Internet - Structured and defined. Incremental changes as per the growth Security – Prevents unauthorized access to networks, applications and information Network Security (Firewall, VPN, Domain Access control etc) Information security (Folder level Access control, Encryption, password mgmt - Standard IT Security policy implementation. Monitor and Audit Storage- Infrastructure that is used to store, share and protect information / data. - Classification: Primary storage (On-line storage) Ex; DAS, SAN & NAS Secondary storage (Off-line storage) Ex: data Tapes, Optical media - One time setup, continues change of data by users / applications 3
  4. 4. Introduction to Storage Training program Information (Data) Lifecycle Management overview:Access – The storage infrastructure on which applications / users access data. Ex: DAS, SAN or NASProtection – The important element. Data is the asset ! Need to protect the same. Ex: Backup, RAID, Snapshot, DR plan (replication across locations)Prevention – Protection against unauthorized access to the information Ex: Domain controller with password management, Access control on file system Encrypted data on off-site data management etcArchival – Reference data for long term access requirement. Ex: WORM Tapes, CAS etcDisposal – Secured and permanent data deletion on the media (degaussing) Environmental friendly disposal of storage media (HDD, Tapes etc) Information (data) management is the operational challenge of the day 4
  5. 5. Introduction to Storage Training programIT infrastructure Administration: - Design & setup of overall IT infrastructure - Mapping business flow to set of IT applications - Selection of appropriate IT applications - Decision on appropriate Computing and Networks infrastructure - Platform / Operating System environment choice - Appropriate storage infrastructure, the data management policy - The organizational IT Security Policy (both Network and Information security)IT infrastructure Challenges: ➢ Each IT applications demands its own resources from the infrastructure ➢ Performance, minimum down time (High Availability) and management complexities ➢ Shortened product life-cycle, EOL challenges. Migration and replacement issues ➢ On demand expansions, Merger and acquisitions, Integration challenges ➢ Reduced IT budget, increasing OPEX cost year on year. 5
  6. 6. Introduction to Storage Training program IT ADMINI PROFESSIONALS AND TRAINING COURSEThe IT Infrastructure administrator & management professional includes: - System Administrators or Server Administrators Professionals for systems, servers and OS management - Network Administrators & Information Security officers Professional team for Network and Security management - Storage & Backup Administrators Professional team for Storage and Data management needsThe relevant training course for Knowledge and expertize for these professionals are; Systems / Servers Admin – Courses such as A+, MCSC, LINUX / UNIX, VMWARE etc Networks and Security Admin – N+, CCNA, CCNP, CSIM, CEH, CFE, BS7799 etc Storage Admin – Which course to choose? Vendor specific or General??? 6
  7. 7. Introduction to Storage Training program ????Is there any vendor independent course in data storage domain for skills enhancement?Can I graduate from present System Admin / Network Admin level to Storage Admin profile?Where Can I found more information on Data Storage Technology training courses?YES. The data storage training program is available from; GT Enterprises and The Datalifecycle Company 7
  8. 8. Introduction to Storage Training programThe Datalifecycle company – storage made simple 1992 – Started in Bangalore, project offices at Hyderabad & Chennai 1992-98: Storage media (Floppy & CD) distribution 1999-2K2: Storage Products (RAID array, NAS, Tape etc 2K3-2K5: Solutions System Integrator – Storage infrastructure : Umbrella – StorVAULT 2K5-2K10: PAN INDIA install base through network of business partners 2K10-11: Services offerings in storage domain 2K11 April: Launch of Storage training programs Over a decade of experience in storage infrastructure design, implementation and supportGT Enterprises - Open Space for Open Source 1998 – Open source technology training (Linux / others) 2008: VMWARE authorized Consultant and Training partner 2011: Courses includes; VMWARE, REDHAT Virtualizaton, Nokias QT, Storage `The storage training program delivered as STOREDGE family of course offerings 8
  9. 9. Introduction to Storage Training programTraining modules that give you the competitive edge 9
  10. 10. Introduction to Storage Training program MODULES AVAILABLE NOW:A Foundation course in data storagePractical exposure to data storage building blocks LAUNCHING SHORTLY: Advanced Topics in data storage Designing data storage solutions 10
  11. 11. Introduction to Storage Training program A Foundation course in data storageFeatures: ➢ The first of its kind in India, in the domain of data storage technology training ➢ Completely vendor independent and technology focused ➢ The course objectives and structure designed by experienced domain experts ➢ Four modules: Fundamentals, SAN, NAS and Data ProtectionDeliverables ➢ Structured as two days class room instructor lead program ➢ Use of combination of presentation slide base, pre-recorded video content ➢ Very much interactive, with white board illustrations ➢ Examples of real world experience and best practice and procedures The StorLAB program further compliments the learning of StorFUNDA 11
  12. 12. Introduction to Storage Training program Practical exposure to data storage building blocksFeatures and deliverables: ➢ Practical approach of learning.. helps to settle various concepts and features ➢ Use of multi-vendor storage building blocks ➢ Structured as two days back to back program to StorFUNDA ➢ Instructor lead demonstration, configuration and monitoring ➢ Exclusive access to infrastructure for hands-on practice as per the schedule ➢ Assignments at the end of every module for immediate trainer feedback 12
  13. 13. Introduction to Storage Training programTHE TRAINER PROFILETHE TRAINEER I 1993 – Engineering Graduation from Mysore Univercity 1994 - Sales incharge - Office automation products 1998 - Pre-sales - Network Design & consultaton 2001 – till today: Storage sales, Pre-sales, Consultation, Training in Storage domainTHE TRAINEER II 2003 – Engineering Diploma, Computer Science 2004 – Systems support engineer Wipro and IBM systems certified 2007 – Support Engineer – Storage solutions 2010 – Incharge; services delivery and Storage Technology Training 13
  14. 14. Introduction to Storage Training programTHE COURSE SO FOR.. Started in APRIL 2011 Sucessfully completed about 10 batches About 40+ professionals being trained Participants profile includes professionals from ; CISCO, Wipro, Mahendra Satyam, ThomsonReuters, ETV etc IT adminstration professionals from other organizatons Pre-sales and technical support team from System Integrator companies They have come from various locations such as BLR, HYD, Mumbai Kolkatta, Cochin, Kuwait, Canada, South AfricaTraining program is now available at major cities in India includes:Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi 14
  15. 15. Introduction to Storage Training programTARGET PROFESSIONALS ➢ IT infrastructure administrators (Sys Admin, Networks Admin, Storage Admin etc) ➢ Professional consultants and architects of IT infrastructure ➢ Customer support profile (both on-site and call center) ➢ Facility Management (FM) and Outsourcing service providers ➢ After Sales Support (ASP) partners of of multi-vendor IT products ..anyone else interested in a better understanding of data storage... 15
  16. 16. Introduction to Storage Training programFor more details WISH YOU HAPPY LEARNING ! 16