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Amnesia Qantas Boosting Media Value


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The presentation describes Amnesia Qantas' digital media strategy.

Published in: Technology
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Amnesia Qantas Boosting Media Value

  1. 1. You are the reason we fly    @amnesiafish @realdougchapman Datalicious presentation October 4th
  2. 2. The  Brand  in  2011     A  difficult  year  for  Qantas   Australians  were  feeling  uncared  for  by  the  brand     Customers  were  expressing  dissa;sfac;on  across  social  channels   The  country’s  biggest  brand  was  met  with  a  barrage  of  cri;cism  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  3. 3. The  Brand  Campaign     Core  Crea;ve  Idea:   “You’re  the  reason  we  fly”   Created  by  Publicis  Mojo     Driven  by  a  digital  strategy  developed  by  Amnesia  Razorfish     Aim:   Erase  the  gap  between  Australia’s  airline  and  the  people  of  Australia   PuMng  the  people  back  in  the  center  of  everything  we  do   From  ‘Spirit  of  Australia’  to  ‘Spirit  of  Australians’  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  4. 4. The  Campaign  Structure     Invite  Phase   Led  by  the  “Changing  the  Plane”  TVC   Customers  were  invited  to  par;cipate  in  the  campaign  by  uploading   their  details  and  a  photo  to  appear  in  the  TVC  and  possibly  get  their   name  on  a  plane   This  was  ac;vated  through  digital   Microsite,  Mobile  App,  Outdoor  and  Social   During  the  invite  phase  customers  could  begin  to  see  their  photos  and   names  appearing  in  banner  ads  and  digital  outdoor  placements      @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  5. 5. The  Campaign  Structure     Launch  Phase   Led  by  the  “You’re  the  reason  we  fly”  TVC   A  new  sound  track  by  Daniel  Johns  promoted  on  YouTube   Backed  by  AOC  sponsorship   Leveraging  London  Olympics   Prove  Phase   Digital  campaign  driving  91  changes  made  by  Qantas  as  iden;fied  by   customers  through  social  media  and  surveys   Selected  customers  names  painted  on  two  planes      @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  6. 6. The  Brand  Campaign     Play  television  ad  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  7. 7. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  8. 8. The  Digital  Strategy   Direct  and  personal  for  every  Australian   Listening  to  and  helping  reconnect  individually  with  the  Qantas  brand   Reaching  them  one  by  one     Make  Australians  feel  that  Qantas  exists  just  for  them  –     an  airline  built  by  Australians,  for  Australians     Mul;ple  digital  touch  points  (mobile,  social,  desktop,  outdoor)   Hailed  by  Qantas’  marke;ng  chief,  Lewis  Pullen  as  “probably  the  most   mul;-­‐channel,  mul;-­‐dimensional  campaign  ever  launched  in  Australia”  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  9. 9. Crea9ve  highlights  and  the  QantasYou  mobile  applica;on:     Australians  submiMng  their  name  and  picture   featured  in  new  Qantas  television  commercial     resul;ng  in  a  25,000  strong  portrait  mosaic  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  10. 10. Crea9ve  highlights  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  11. 11. Crea9ve  highlights   Thousands  of  names  wricen  on  two  actual  Qantas  planes   91  consumer-­‐inspired  product  and  service  changes   communicated  via  outdoor  posters  and  Facebook  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  12. 12. Crea9ve  highlights  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  13. 13. Crea9ve  highlights  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  14. 14. How  to  par9cipate   Play  anima;on  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  15. 15. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  16. 16. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  17. 17. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  18. 18. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  19. 19. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  20. 20. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  21. 21. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  22. 22. World  Firsts   Par;cipa;ng  customers  were  re-­‐targeted  with  a  unique  personal   digital  banner  that  featured  their  name  and  portrait   Likewise,  interac;ve  billboards  recognized  mobiles  running  the   YOU  app,  displaying  name  and  photo  on  giant  screens  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  23. 23. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  24. 24. See  your  online  ad  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  25. 25. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  26. 26. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  27. 27. How  does  it  work?     Tradi;onal  methods  of  retarge;ng    are  at  crowd  level  only   Qantas  You  is  the  first  campaign  in  the  Australian  market  to   serve  individual  users  their  own  unique  banner   It  doesn’t  rely  on  ad-­‐serving  technology  or  external  systems  to   manage  the  content  of  the  banner   Adding  a  layer  of  publisher  retarge;ng  means  more  par;cipa;ng   web  users  can  see  their  personal  banners      @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  28. 28. High  reach  display  media  invited  users     Users  click  through  to  the  Qantas  You  microsite   to  take  part  in  Qantas’  campaign   upload  their  name  and  photo   Using  publishers’  retarge;ng  pixels  reaches  more   Rich  media  banners  source  their  data  from  the   par;cipa;ng  users  on  various  networks,  increasing  the   Qantas  You  website;   impressions  to  ac;vely  engaged  users.   cookie  with  user’s  ID  is  read  and  matched  to   user’s  name  and  photo.  Both  get  sent  back  to   the  banner,  crea;ng  a  personalised  experience.  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  29. 29. We  call  it  “Total  Recall”   “Total  Recall”  is  our  system  of  knowing  exactly  who  is   par;cipa;ng  in  our  campaigns  and  talking  to  them  directly.     It  uniquely  iden;fies  customers  across  mul;ple  touch  points   like  display  banners,  digital  outdoor  and  mobile.   This  system  gives  your  messages  higher  relevance  and   strong  cut-­‐through.  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  30. 30. Digital  YOU  Billboard   Play  video  @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  31. 31. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  32. 32. Results   A  resounding  success:   20,000  entries  in  the  first  24  hours     57,000  Qantas  customers  signed  up  in  the  first  3  weeks     355,000  unique  visitors  to   10  million  personal  banners  were  served   245,000  click-­‐throughs     We  ignited  the  Spirit  of  Australians@amnesiafish @realdougchapman @amnesiafish @realdougchapman
  33. 33. @amnesiafish @realdougchapman