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Ad Tech Media Attribution


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The presentation illustrates and describes media attribution across channels.

Published in: Technology
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Ad Tech Media Attribution

  1. 1. Channel  A)ribu.on:  Where,   What,  How  and  Why   Grace  Chu   Alex  Crompton   Leila  Seith  Hassan  
  2. 2. Duplica.on  across  channels     Paid     Bid     Search   Mgmt   $   Banner     Ad     Ads   Server   $   Email     Email   Blast   Pla8orm   $   Organic   Google   Search   Analy<cs   $  
  3. 3. Success  a)ribu.on  models     Banner     Paid     Organic   Success   Last  channel   Search   Ad   Search   $100   $100   gets  all  credit   Banner     Paid     Email     Success   First  channel   Ad   $100   Search   Blast   $100   gets  all  credit   Paid     Banner     Affiliate     Success   All  channels  get   Search   Ad   Referral   $100   $100   $100   $100   equal  credit   Print     Social     Paid     Success   All  channels  get   Ad   Media   Search   $33   $33   $33   $100   par<al  credit  
  4. 4. First  and  last  click  a)ribu.on     Chart shows percentage of channel touch points that Paid/Organic Search lead to a conversion. Neither first Emails/Shopping Engines nor last-click measurement would provide true picture
  5. 5. Indirect  display  impact    
  6. 6. Campaign  flow  and  calls  to  ac.on     =  Paid  media   Organic     PR,  WOM,   search   events,  etc   =  Viral  elements   =  Coupons,  surveys   YouTube,     Home  pages,   Paid     TV,  print,     blog,  etc   portals,  etc   search   radio,  etc   Direct  mail,     Landing  pages,   Display  ads,   email,  etc   offers,  etc   affiliates,  etc   C1   C2   CRM   Facebook   program   TwiNer,  etc   C3   POS  kiosks,   Call  center,     loyalty  cards,  etc   retail  stores,  etc  
  7. 7. Where  to  collect  the  data     Ad Server Web Analytics Banner impressions Referral visits Banner clicks Social media visits + Organic search visits Paid search clicks Paid search visits Email visits, etc Lacking banner Lacking organic visits impressions More granular & complex Less granular & complex
  8. 8. Inhibitors  to  Channel  A)ribu.on   •  Data  in  siloed  plaJorms  –  no  single  source  of   truth   •  Inadequate  Tracking   •  Communica.on  between  agencies  /  teams   •  Offline  channels  are  ignored   •  Perceived  cost  /  .me  /  skill  barriers     •  Cookie  expira.on  
  9. 9. Research  Online  Purchase  Offline     business  models  define  a.ribu0on  Product purchase/arrange channels for consumers who conducted research online High Interest Transaction Credit Personal Home Savings Account Card Loan Loan
  10. 10. Online  &  offline  complement  37%  of  online  search  are  triggered  by  TV  Ad  30%  of  online  search  are  triggered  by  Newspaper  Ads  17%  of  online  search  are  triggered  by  Radio  Ads   Source:  iProspect  “Offline  channel  influence  on  Online  Search  Behaviour  (Q.  Which  of  the  following   prompted  you  to  use  an  internet  search  engine  to  look  for  informa.on  on  a  certain  product,   service,  company  or  slogan?  Select  all  that  apply  ;  Google;  T&S  
  11. 11. CPA  differs  by  channel  over  .me   Key variables: budget, campaign efficiency, web functionality Source: FirstClick client case study, 2009
  12. 12. CPA  differs  by  products  Key variables: product, budget, campaign efficiency, web functionalitySource: FirstClick retail banking analysis, 2009
  13. 13. Framework  and  Considera.ons  1.  Business  Models   3.  Requirement   –  Lifecycle:  Acquisi.on  v.s.   –  Tracking/Analy.cs   Reten.on   –  and  Analysis   –  Consumer  sales  life  cycle   –  Op.misa.on  &   –  Value  per  customer  life  stage  2.  Value  by  Channels   Addi.onal:    Business  Processes   –  ROI  (Margin)  v.s.  cost  per   –  Top-­‐  down  buy-­‐in   channel   –  Stakeholder  Management   –  Online  v.s.  Offline   –  Decision  –making  process   –  Time-­‐lag  impact  
  14. 14. A  real  world  example  -­‐  Aussie   •  A  home  is  the  most   expensive  thing  you’ll   ever  buy   •  The  2nd?  Your  mortgage!   •  The  ul.mate  high   considera.on  purchase  
  15. 15. Last  click  shouldn’t  win   Introducer   Influencer   Influencer   Closer  LAST  CLICK   0%   0%   0%   100%   “Last  Click”  model  is  fundamentally  flawed  in  a  high  considera.on  purchase  -­‐   Each  channel  cannot  be  isolated  and  measured  separately.      
  16. 16. Start  with  even  a)ribu.on   Introducer   Influencer   Influencer   Closer  EVEN   25%   25%   25%   25%  
  17. 17. Then  get  really  smart    Get a macro view of exactly what each of your channels is doing for you at eachstage of the funnel and what its ROI is
  18. 18. So  what?   Customise  your  messaging  to  the  Plan  your  media  spend  be)er  and   posi.on  it  occupies  it  plays  within  the   make  it  more  without   sales  funnel  to  make  it  more  relevant   increasing  your  budgets   and   A  real  focus  on   channel  a)ribu.on   allows  you  to   Take  your  CPAs  down  to  a  more   Shut  down  the   granular  level  and  finally  look  at   conversa.ons  with  data!   channel  based  ROI     Maybe  even  keep  Finance  happy!