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Data Visualization Kick Off #1 - Nov 3 2020 - Data for Good Saskatchewan


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Our first data visualization kick-off for Data for Good in Saskatchewan.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Data Visualization Kick Off #1 - Nov 3 2020 - Data for Good Saskatchewan

  1. 1. #dataforgood for good data
  2. 2. #dataforgood
  3. 3. #dataforgood Democratize Data Enable Community Based Organizations in Saskatchewan Data Leadership & Training Strategic Priorities
  4. 4. #dataforgood What is a Visualization Challenge? - Take a dataset and visualize it, tell a story - Show off your data skills, build a portfolio
  5. 5. #dataforgood What Makes a Good Visualization 1. Simple 2. Tells a Story 3. Visually Appealing
  6. 6. #dataforgood Example Source: Tableau Public Author: Nir Smilga
  7. 7. #dataforgood Example Source: Tableau Public Author: Steven Shoemaker
  8. 8. #dataforgood Rules - You will be able to pick any dataset you want (see below list of example sources) - You are allowed to use any other additional datasets you choose to include (not necessary though) - You are allowed to use any BI or visualization tool - Your submission will be a single page in PDF format - You can work individually or as part of a team
  9. 9. #dataforgood Logistics - Send an email to to enter the contest - In your email, explain if you will be working solo, or want to be placed on a team - If you would like to be placed on a team, please explain your skills and skill level so we can match you appropriately. - Email your PDF file by midnight January 19th, 2021 to be judged. - If your visual has been selected as one of the top entries, you will have the opportunity to present at the January 2021 Data For Good Meetup on January 26, 2021.
  10. 10. #dataforgood Scoring Criteria - Understandability - Tells a story - Visual Appeal *Bonus points if the insights can be gained locally (Regina or Saskatchewan) from the visual.
  11. 11. #dataforgood Dataset Resources - - - Google Cloud Sources - - Azure public datasets -
  12. 12. #dataforgood Visualization Examples - - p/DataStoriesGallery - anguage=en_US
  13. 13. #dataforgood Other Information - We will be posting the top entries on our Instagram page to show off the amazing work by our community
  14. 14. #dataforgood
  15. 15. #dataforgood Questions?