WRONGFUL DEATH BY MEDICAL ERRORS: Prevention is Better than Cure


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Ninety-Eight Thousand (98,000) people die every year from preventable medical errors according to the American Medical Association. This is a shocking fact that the medical errors are the third leading cause of death in United States of America behind heart disease and cancer. Twice as many people die of medical malpractice errors as die in auto accidents each year.

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WRONGFUL DEATH BY MEDICAL ERRORS: Prevention is Better than Cure

  1. 1. WRONGFUL DEATH BY MEDICAL ERRORS Prevention is Better than CureAs aggressively provoking title suggests, the consequences of wrongful death due tomedical error or medical malpractice will be looked at from a considerably differentangle as compared to the other contributions on this topic lying on the world wild web.Ninety-Eight Thousand (98,000) people die every year from preventable medical errorsaccording to the American Medical Association. This is a shocking fact that the medicalerrors are the third leading cause of death in United States of America behind heartdisease and cancer. Twice as many people die of medical malpractice errors as die inauto accidents each year.Each time we go to a doctor or a medical practitioner in a hospital, we more or lessexpect to receive reasonable care. At the very least, we think that our health careproviders will offer us with care that wont harm us. But the brutal fact is that,sometimes medical professionals make very serious mistakes that do cause a fatal andwrongful death to a human life.Many of us has already heard the horror stories of medical practice like people gettingdangerous infections in hospitals, losing the wrong limb in surgery, wrongful anesthesiaand many more. But when medical malpractice results in death, it is considered a"wrongful death" in the legal field.Wrongful death due to medical malpractice or medical error is a wide topic. There arepeople who think that this happens only to those who are going through surgeries orserious medical procedures. Sadly, wrongful deaths occur due to medical errors ofdifferent assortment. These deaths happen in hospitals during surgeries or even inminor injuries that are treated in the emergency room. Blunder in the pharmacy canresult in a patient taking medications they have an allergy to, or are deadly incombination with another medicine. Carelessness in nursing homes is on the rise andcan result in the wrongful death of a patient.After an extensive insight about the topic, I would like to share some of the proven tipswhich can help anyone in the whole world to prevent themselves from the wrongfuldeath by medical errors. This can help in minimizing the distress of losing loved onesand years of pain and suffering will be experienced by families.
  2. 2. 8 Things to Prevent from a Wrongful Death Due To Medical ErrorThese steps are briefly elaborated to make you avoid medical errors, in general. So whatyou can do:1. Be involved during your health care treatment; always take part in makingdecisions that affect your health and safety. A patient based research shows that thosewho are being active in health care treatments leads to the better results.2. Inform your doctor about your medications; it is extremely important for apatient to ensure that the doctor knows about all medications you are taking, includingherbal medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter drugs.3. Check yourself out for allergies or adverse reactions you have had tocertain medications; Make sure your doctor knows about it. This will be helpful inevade prescription errors and wrong medication.4. Read your prescription in front of your doctor; you must ensure that you readthe prescription given to you and that you understand it. Think about it: if you cant readyour doctors handwriting, there is a good chance, your pharmacist may not be able toread it either.6. Ask your doctor or pharmacist, how to take your medication; Read carefullyfrom the label on your medication before you leave your doctors office or the pharmacyand ask them if you don’t understand to take the medication.7. Primary source verification and medical license verification of a doctor isimportant; to know the fact that your doctor is genuine and licensed to treat yourillness measures. You can use different online portals to search for this information.8. Prefer to go in Joint commission international accredited hospitals;because this organization has the best quality, standardization and accreditation policiesregarding healthcare and safety, ensuring the patients safety from medical malpracticeand wrongful death.Conclusion2 Point Agenda to Implement 1. First, we need to focus on not only lowering health care costs but improving health care delivery, reducing medical error and reducing the number of innocent victims of severe injury and wrongful death from medical malpractice and medical error.
  3. 3. 2. Secondly, we need to keep records of such wrongful deaths caused by the medical negligence and errors by getting copies of the decedents medical records and the autopsy report, if there is one. We then consult with our attorney- physician and with other medical specialists to determine whether the death was caused by medical negligence. This may help in determining more insight information and will be fruitful in delineating the prospective medical errors.We know that we cannot replace the loss felt by the family of one who has died due tonegligent medical care. But we can, however, answer their questions and guide themthrough the process which can save thousands of lives suffering from wrongful deatheach year across the globe.