Pre employment screening to overcome hiring horrors


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Pre employment screening and employment screening is the only way to stop information theft and save million dollar assets of the company.

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Pre employment screening to overcome hiring horrors

  1. 1. Pre Employment Screening to Overcome Hiring Horrors!The greatest asset of any organization is their employees but on the other side they are the greatestthreat as well. Why? Because a negligent hire cannot only harm workplace safety but he or she canactually become a threat when they leaks the confidential information to contesting competitorcompanies.Information security is the daunting hidden threat to larger organizations as well as for smallercompanies. Businesses and profits are built upon strategies and if the strategies are leaked, businessesfall, hiring managers gets termination and companies abandoned.Reading through CSO magazine, I found an excerpt which says, “We have all heard the statistics thatsomewhere around 50 percent of all information security incidents are caused by the insider threat.These aren’t all malicious in nature, of course, but a substantial number of them are. Number of casesmakes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, including;  The woman who thought she was going to be fired from her job at an architectural firm, so she deleted seven years’ worth of architectural blueprints and drawings estimated to be worth $2.5 million.  The former DuPont scientist who pled guilty to theft of trade secrets after discovering that the scientist was the second most active user of the company’s database. DuPont found that he had accessed thousands of documents with the internet of giving them to a competitor.  Two Collier County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office employees were charged with inappropriately accessing the office’s computer system to find out information that caused over $7.2 billion in losses for the bank”.Do Pre employment Screening Process Can Save Organizations from Information Theft Risk? YES!The money is not the original loss that companies have to bear, but the loss of valued information canactually risk the existence of a company, it risks the company’s reputation among competitors, its trustamong their consumers, customers and vendors. Every single person associated with the company getshurt when the above mentioned incidents appear.So the employer organizations must learn from those examples and go for safe hiring processes. Thelittle amount of money they try to save during a hiring process by not opting for a pre employmentscreening background check service can cost them billions and put them into a legal liability of negligenthiring lawsuit.So it’s pretty clear now that pre employment screening of every employee is very important these days,when crime especially information theft is creeping up in the society all around the globe. Preemployment screening process for hiring can give four basic benefits to an organization which sum up allthe other advantages of pre employment screening. 1. Better Candidates Lead to Better Employees
  2. 2. 2. Reduction in Non-violent Employee Misconduct 3. Reduction in Risk of Negligent Hiring Litigation 4. No Risk of Information TheftPre employment screening process is a true research task which needs lots of expertise and experiencein the employment screening and background checks. Human resource departments of companies arenot equipped with those multiple qualities. So it’s better to hire an independent pre employmentscreening company to get best results. Select a pre employment screening company by looking at theirassociation with NAPBS, note their existing clientele because it will mark their expertise and reputationin the market and check their method of screening, which must be primary source verification.Bio:Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Philanthropist.He has volunteered his life to write about different crimes in society and his recent researchexplains that pre employment screening is a necessity to control information theft byemployees.