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Human Trafficking – Greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threat to Human Race


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Abolitionists are fighting human trafficking and Modern day slavery on the front lines. And I knew I had to do something about the greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threat to Human Race. Joining FreedomNow – Community built knowledge base to counter human trafficking is the first step.

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Human Trafficking – Greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threat to Human Race

  1. 1. Human Trafficking – Greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threat to Human RaceReading through a book named as Human Trafficking by Courtney Farrell regardingHuman Trafficking in relation to Modern Slavery, I was shocked by listening to a storyin the beginning of the book which tells about a nine year old girl Williathe Narcisse,who was a slave in Haiti before she arrived in the southern United states to work forher new owners there. In United States, she cleaned house for her mistress, worked inher master’s business and was abused sexually by their adult son. If she daredcomplained her treatment, she was whipped until she bled.The most shocking part which I conceived is the United States of America made slaveryillegal in 1865, but the above mentioned brutal incident happened in 1996.This is not it, this was a short glimpse or only a one story from an archive which struckmy nerves, there are some very teasing human trafficking statistics that will rattleanyone’s mind with pain and I really want to share it with my audience as people mustknow that human trafficking is the Greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threatto Human Race!Bleeding Human trafficking aka Modern Slavery Statistics you should Read toknow the proximity of the Problem: • 27 million people are surviving in human trafficking slavery worldwide which tells us that there are more slaves around the globe than from the African history of about 300 years back when Trans-Atlantic slave trade has happened. • According to some United Nations Organization report, human trafficking slavery will beat drug trafficking in the race of most organized crime around the world by the end of this year. • There will be more people trafficked each year and the number rises up to hundreds of thousands, leaping up to most slaves alive in the human history. • According to Dept. of State – United States, approximately 800,000 to 900,000 people trafficked across international borders worldwide annually.These are few numbers and I don’t really have the courage to write more of them asthe list is infinite in number. Every gender alive on earth is going through suchbrutality, whether they are male, female or children. Labor trafficking, womentrafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking are some terms that hits your heart. This allhappening for the money people are running after. This is lust of getting richer by thesake of humanity by people who are known as human traffickers. The word humantraffickers is not right for them, I feel that they must be called as HumanityTraffickers.
  2. 2. What We Can Do To STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING and to End Human TraffickingStories Around the World:Solution: 1. Learn about human trafficking and anti human trafficking programs and Educate Others. Follow United Nations Organization programs to fight human trafficking. 2. Look for the Signs and indicate trafficking in persons to the people. 3. Start a Revolution to End this Social Crime once and forever, because drop by drop an ocean forms and by the power of ocean, you can bring a tsunami of change and an eventual end to human trafficking.Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of the day. Together with Globalallies and friends, we can strengthen the efforts to bring this cruel practice to an end.Start a new abolitionist movement and let people know around you that there is asolution. Together we can make a difference, and together we can build a safer, freer,and more prosperous world for all.