Background investigation – role of free online public records search


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There is a darn need that we can identify all those culprits & misdemeanors who are creating a mess around us. And we can do it by using free online public records search tools. When you are using public records search tool, you are on the whole checking out for backgrounds of any person you are interested in. More often than not, investigation alone cannot complete your background check without delving into public record search.

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Background investigation – role of free online public records search

  1. 1. Background Investigation – Role of Free Online Public Records Search!As 21st century has brought wonders to the life in-terms of technology boom inall parts of the globe, it also brings the war of crime, terror and economic halt.When the world has seen the worst time of instability and the proposition tosurvive is very scarce. The major issues that we need to deal with are safety,security, peace, prosperity, employment, business growth, health and mostimportantly the terrorism.Those people who are causing such harm to our society are living among us butwe cannot be able to pin point them as we don’t follow the resources we havebut we really are able to nab them out from their hideouts. And the only way Isee is the way of knowing each and every thing about the person around you;either he/she is your employee, a baby sitter or even a tenant. It’s the matter ofour life, it’s the matter of our security and it’s the matter of our successfulcareer/business.Online free public records search is playing an important role in identifyingsuch criminals, burglars, thieves, forgers, terrorists, sex offenders etc. At first Iwant to let you know about what really are these public records and howdifferent types of public records search can be helpful in identifying a person’sbackground.The first step toward success in finding information about people begins withunderstanding what constitutes public record, public information and privateinformation.
  2. 2. Generally, personal or confidential information is private. A persons SocialSecurity number, date of birth, and medical, financial or insurance informationis private. Likewise, confidential company information, such as unpatentedformulas, designs or processes, or undisclosed business practices, is private.But researchers should know that private information sometimes becomespublic. This means that you might be able to find it out legally and ethically.Public Records Include:Public records are government records. Generally, real estate records, courtrecords, including bankruptcies, liens and judgments, professional licenses,intellectual property filings and business records, employment records, criminalrecords, education records, are all examples of public records.How to Find Any Public Record, Conduct background checks on aperson/employee and locate a criminal by Instant Online Public Records Search!If it were the past, whether it is to locate someone or doing a backgroundcheck, one has to hire the services of a professional investigator which can becostly!The idea of checking public records sometimes sounds daunting to people whoarent in the legal world. But in actual, checking public records can be a snap ifyou know how and where to look for them. It is as easy as turning on acomputer, but requires you to get a little creative when hunting downinformation.
  3. 3. Searching for public records can differ depending on what state and city youreside in. Mostly government public records are devised oncountry/state/county basis.Pre employment background checks Via Public Records Search:Pre employment background checks common these days, a study revealed thatalmost 90% employers are now conducting background checks for employment,which includes education checks, past employment checks, criminal recordscheck etc. Public records search is making that process easier, how ? Have alook below. Identity Verification: Address and identity checks can be done using public records by just entering the candidates name in the search box. It will let you know about the current and past addresses and social security number. Past Employment records check: Character and employment references check, can be done by the mentioned names and the identities through their email addresses, postal addresses and their work addresses. Credit histories can be searched through criminal database sear ch as if the prospective employee has any credit lien records then there is a sure chance that it will pop up at the public records search. Criminal history records; reports can be search through government databases which contains court records, civil litigation records and these records are also available on state/county wise basis. Education verification is possible by confirming their degrees through diploma mill directories and institution searches.
  4. 4. Company / Business Records Search:As employers are peeking on their employees by their background checkradars, the employee also have a right to investigate about the company’sprofile before starting their career. For company names, search assumed names (fictitious business names or DBAs) as well as corporate names. Also try searching partial names. This approach will help you find as many relevant filings as possible. Company’s reputation, find assets, identify ownership, affiliations or relationships, discover activity in a certain field or geographic region, determine consumer reaction to products or services, uncover evidence of legal problems, or conduct research on just about anything that pertains to doing business. Business fraud records can also be searched.Criminal Records and Sex Offender Public Records Search:It is important to check your criminal public records free online. Why? Eventhough you may know that you have never been convicted of a crime, a policedepartment may have made a clerical error and entered you into a database asa criminal.Everyone should be aware of their own public records to ensure that theinformation contained in them reflects the truth. Up until recently it was verydifficult for someone to obtain their criminal records, and if they were able toobtain them, there would almost always be a fee involved. All this has changedin the last few years as the government becomes more comfortable withallowing access to public information over the internet. Now you can check yourcriminal public records free online .
  5. 5. A comprehensive Nationwide Criminal Record Database Search will include both a multi-state sex offender registry search and the department of Human Services Exclusions List. County Criminal Record Searches should be added based on residence history to locate other types of criminal records. While Nationwide Criminal Record Searches offer a broad view of criminal records across the nation and often store 500 million plus archi ved criminal records, The information is gathered from those counties which are accessible digitally, plus several state repositories, department of corrections records, government agencies and other public record sources.Recommended Conclusion: 1. You should check your public records at least once per year to make sure that all of the information it contains is accurate. 2. Public records searches are extremely helpful in vetting your potential employees. 3. Sometimes even minor offenses, such as speeding tickets are noted in criminal records, so its important to keep in mind that appearing in the public records does not guarantee that someone is a criminal. But you can correct the discrepancies to prevent yourself from a loss. 4. You must check with Governments Official Search engine that can provide you with large databases of information. This can open huge portals to the United States government, state governments, and local governments public records.