7 Employee Background Check Practices that Reduce Risks for Small Business Owners!


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Small business employee background checks are new to listen but now they are becoming an essential ingredient of a hiring process for the small business owners.

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7 Employee Background Check Practices that Reduce Risks for Small Business Owners!

  1. 1. 7 Employee Background Check Practices that Reduce Risks for Small Business Owners!Managing a small business really is a growing process. You try certain things, youchange things, you follow other companies, and you create new ways. But there aresome basic management rules that really have a matter of importance.Employees have long been known as the asset of an organization, whether small orlarge. An employee holds the reputation of a business, if you hired a criminal,fraudster or thieve; your company will be facing the most adverse effects leading to the companyfall of business. Because reputation is the only thing which people say, “Once gone,then it will never come back”.As we have seen in past decades, employee background checks were only beenpracticed in larger companies, organizations and corporations. They screenapplicants/employees from tip to toe before welcoming them to the prestigiouspremises.But today small businesses are also adopting employee background checks as their usinessesprimary and most essential method to determine, assess and mitigate theiremployment risks. Small business owners have now understood that hiring the rightemployee for the job is the only way to get compliant to all the rules and regulations.They understand that employee background checks will give them a favor in a longrun.Employee background checks is a long been proven practice as it enables andemployer to get the valuable insight into person’s character. Many small business
  2. 2. owners feeling pressed for time will hire a new employee based on a gut feeling, ratherthan performing a proper employee background check, only to found out later that theemployee wasn’t what they were expecting.Small business employee background checks not only help in avoiding the headache offiring the employee and hire another but also it diminishes the chances of workplaceviolence, misdemeanor, theft and other atrocities which can harm or credibility,consumer rating, and overall value.7 Practices for Small Business Employee Background Check – A Must to Perform! 1. Employment history check: It includes reference checks as well and previous employment reputations check. It determines the overall performance of an employee at his/her previous job. 2. Criminal background check: It checks the person’s criminal past, offense, sexual harassment count, or any other felony. Usually investigated via police departments and through criminal records and databases. 3. Credit history check: It is wise to credit check and reject a job applicant with poor credit rating. Some studies mention that it determines the honesty of an employee. 4. Public records check /Court record check: These checks helps in finding the litigations and charges, if an employee possess them according to laws. 5. Reference check: Two types of references are usually checked, one is personal and second are employment related. Both are necessary to judge character, reliability and loyalty respectively. 6. Education check: It determines the qualification of an employee and also determines the authentication of his credentials. 7. And driving license /records check: Driving license are usually checked on those position where an employee have to drive in company vehicles, and it’s very helpful in delineating those drivers whose license have been revoked due to different problems.Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Business Management ThoughtLeader Working with Dataflow Group, the worlds leading primary source verificationcompany headquartered in Singapore. His current research is about Small BusinessEmployee Background Checks and how it’s helping small business owners to avoidproblem employees.