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Simplify Operation With HPE Hybrid Cloud


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Melvina's presentation at Seamless VMWare Operational Across Hybrid Cloud Seminar

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Simplify Operation With HPE Hybrid Cloud

  1. 1. Simplify Operation With HPE Hybrid Cloud Melvina Yosephine Sales Specialist – Hybrid IT
  2. 2. We live in a world where everything computes Technology will be embedded everywhere Everyone and everything will be connected – and learning Everything will be understood
  3. 3. Hybrid infrastructure is the new reality 3 Dedicated IT Private Cloud Public Cloud Build Consume
  4. 4. 4 A New Compute Experience A better way to deliver business results A better way to protect your business and data A better way to consume and pay only for what you use Agility Security Economic control Powered by the world’s most secure industry standard servers1
  5. 5. 5 Virtualization remains a dominant means to maximize efficiency and agility in a Hybrid IT environment Cost savings, increased server utilization, and business agility are major drivers of virtualization 26% of workloads were virtualized in 2016 with enterprises open to virtualizing 80+% of their workloads1 Server virtualization was the #1 data center infrastructure project planned for 20172 41% of new server shipments will be virtualized in 2020 up from 33% in 20153 Enterprises report savings of almost 20% from virtualizing their servers1
  6. 6. HPE DL380 The Most Trusted Compute Platform
  7. 7. Flexible Design − Optimized performance for highly parallel workloads – Image Processing, App dev/test, cloud computing Industry-leading Performance − Up to 27x faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations1 − Up to 20x reduction in database recovery time preserving maximum system uptime2 Agile, Secure Infrastructure − Reducing risk of cyber or physical attacks with asset and data protection − Up to 58% more storage capacity making it ideal for Big Data Bulk storage, Email analytics and NoSQL databases3 Standardize on the industry’s most trusted compute platform. The industry-leading server for multi-workload compute
  8. 8. 8 − Greater NVMe Capacity All NVMe drive options allowing up to 20 PCIe SSDs (128 TB Max. Capacity) direct connect drives per system − More LFF Capacity - New modular LFF chassis supporting up to 19 LFF and 2 SFF drives − Enhanced SSD Support - New M.2 back plane option supporting up to 30 SATA SSD drives in 2U − Greater I/O with 8 PCIe 3.0 slots and expanded GPU support − Improved Speed with up to 2 Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, up to 28 Cores and enhanced GPU support − Faster Memory with (24) HPE Smart Memory DDR4 2666MHz; (3.0TB max) − Dynamically Tune Server performance using with Intelligent System Tuning (IST) − Improve Performance with next Generation of HPE Dynamic Smart Array − Enhanced Security with HPE Secure Encryption, TPM option, Digitally Signed Firmware, tamper proof secure pre-boot environment with SecureStart, Hardware Root of trust, HTTPS boot, and Intrusion detection − Advanced System Management with HPE iLO 5 − Persistent Memory with up to (12) HPE 16GB NVDIMMs supporting up to 192GB per system − Boot Options supporting UEFI and legacy boot modes Flexible Design Industry-leading Performance Agile, Secure Infrastructure Single solution to deploy in multiple environments
  9. 9. HPE Superdome Flex
  10. 10. 10 HPE Superdome Flex – Key value propositions Scale and Speed: ‒ Unparalleled scale 4-32 sockets, 768GB-48TB+ memory ‒ Highly expandable for growth; ultra-fast fabric Mission Critical: ‒ Proven high-end Unix Superdome RAS system availability ‒ Mission critical expertise with HPE Pointnext services Economic Value: ‒ Unique modular 4-socket building block for a great value 4s entry point ‒ Open management and hard partitioning for hybrid IT consumption Designed with Memory-Driven Computing principles
  11. 11. High Performance Computing HPE Apollo 2000
  12. 12. Delivers twice the density of traditional rack mount systems and firmware-level server security with a flexible scale-out architecture for your Enterprise and HPC workloads Data Center Optimization − Save space and operations cost − Comprehensive manageability Comprehensive Server Security − Silicon Root of Trust − FIPS1-142 with CNSA2 − Secure Recovery − Firmware Runtime Validation Flexible Scale-out Architecture − Mix and Match servers − Storage and I/O flexibility
  13. 13. 13 #1 provider of Top500 energy efficient supercomputers1 New HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10, the world’s most secure industry standard server5 for HPC #1 HPE has the most systems in the Top500, with 143 systems in the Top500 List, or 28.6% 2 #1 HPE is the global HPC market leader with 35.9 percent market share3 #1 HPE announced world’s first Memory-Driven Computing architecture: Major milestone for The Machine project #1 #1 New HPE SGI 8600, delivers industry’s fastest parallel processing performance6
  14. 14. Investment protection for your data center 14 From the proven leader 1st highly optimized solution for Client Virtualization #1 Blade for Enterprise Data Centers Leading platform on Top 500 list for HPC 1st Mission Critical Converged Infrastructure HPE sole “leader” in Private Cloud #1 Blades market share and revenue 4+ million Blades shipped #1 SMB blade, Optimized for the “undatacenter” #1 Server virtualization
  15. 15. THANK YOU Melvina Yosephine Sales Specialist – Hybrid IT 0815-1303-8526