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Revolutionizing ERP with in-Memory Computing using secure and Local SAP on Cloud


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Sutedjo Tjahjadi's presentation
Seminar Revolutionizing ERP with in-memory computing using secure and local SAP on Cloud

Published in: Technology
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Revolutionizing ERP with in-Memory Computing using secure and Local SAP on Cloud

  1. 1. Revolutionizing ERP with In- Memory Computing Using Secure and Local SAP on Cloud Sutedjo Tjahjadi Managing Director, Datacomm Cloud Business Feb, 28th 2019 1
  2. 2. Company Overview Datacomm Cloud Business 22 ABOUT PT. Datacomm Diangraha business division focusing on Cloud opportunity in Indonesia. Our philosophy are Enterprise, Secure and Local. PRODUCTS Sentriciti – Security as a Service (SecaaS) Cloudciti – Cloud Services (XaaS) Datacomm Datacenter Federation Datacomm Azure Stack WHY US? We are backed up by +28 years experiences and +500 people. We have strong financial commitment, invested in it owns local Data Center. We also certified by international standard: ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000.
  3. 3. Company Overview 3 Datacomm Cloud Business
  4. 4. Service Quality Standard International Facility Certification 4 Infrastructure on cloud o Compute: Virtual machines, Web sites & mobile services o Data services: Storage, SQL databases o Network services: Virtual private networks, load balancer Local Support and Data center location 24x7 Help Desk Support Center 24x7 Network Support Center 24x7 Security Desk Support Center Rated 3 Constructed Facilities by TIA-942 CERTIFIED DCOS Maturity 4 by TIA-942 CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED ISO 27001:2013 CERTIFIED ISO 20000:2011 CERTIFIED PCI-DSS CERTIFIED
  5. 5. Driver to Move to Cloud Cost & Financial Benefit Agility Reliability Scalability 5
  6. 6. Availability Serving Customers Around the Clock Worldwide 6 Datacenter Disaster Recovery Connectivity Redundancy
  7. 7. Security Earning and Maintaining TRUST from Customers 7 DDoS Protection Services Monitoring Service Pentest
  8. 8. Performance Capacity to handle customers request with auto scale 8 The concept of scalability is desirable in technology as well as business settings. The base concept is consistent – the ability for a business or technology to accept increased volume without impacting the contribution margin Source : Scale up Scale out node node node node Distributed Database
  9. 9. Operation Room Real Time Business Information 9