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IT Resilience Technical


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Siauw Nam Khong's presentation during Moving Disaster Recovery to IT Resilience seminar on 31 January 2019

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IT Resilience Technical

  1. 1. IT Resilience Technical Siauw Nam Khong GM Business Development, DCB
  2. 2. Challenges in Implementing Disaster Recovery Plan –Too many moving parts and complexity –Lack of automation – reliance on manual execution –Driving without dials – no real time meters to monitor DR service –DR drills are expensive and impact production 2
  3. 3. What should I consider? 3 Costs Traditional DR Cloud-based DR Datacenter for Disaster Recovery (including facilities utility and electrical power source) Own manage Cloud Service Provider Stand-by Hardware System Own manage Cloud Service Provider Manpower – Network Operation Own manage Cloud Service Provider Manpower – System & IT Security Operation Own manage Cloud Service Provider Capacity expansion Own manage (procurement process + more hardware to manage) Easily provided through flexibility and agility of Cloud Expense 1.5 – 2X 1.2 – 1.5X
  4. 4. Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objective Definition 4
  5. 5. Datacomm Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery as a Service Flexible Services Offering to Meet your DR Plan Objectives 5 Ganti gambar
  6. 6. Multi-Cloud Replicate One-to-Many Right cloud for right workload Workload Mobility Burst — Scale Migrate — Failback Non-Disruptive Compliance reporting and reminders — Off-site clones for dev/test Orchestration & Automation Visibility Across All Sites – Compare Clouds – Proactive Management RTO in Minutes, RESTful API Continuous Data Replication Hypervisor — Near-sync Scale-out — No impact Continuous Data Protection Application Consistency Grouping Virtual Protection Group Multi-VM consistency — Multi-SLA Journal-Based Recovery Point-in-time recovery: Site, application, VM, file-level Long-Term Retention Multiple copies for compliance and recovery Local or Cloud — Portable Analytics & Control RPO in Seconds
  7. 7. VM VR A VR A Block-Level Replication BC/DR SiteProduction Site vCenter VM-Level Replication Simple deployment No downtime install in minutes No impact protection and testing Block-level, no snapshots, no agents Powerful and resilient Scale-out, compression, throttling Continuous Data Protection Checkpoints in seconds, recover any-to-any vCenter VR A VR A ZVM vDisk vDiskvDisk VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM ZVM
  8. 8. Enhanced Journal File-Level Recovery 30 day Journal 00:00 06:00 09:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 00:00 Rewind and recover from any point in time Sites Apps FilesVMs
  9. 9. Journal-Based Recovery • Simply rewind to any point in time • Protection against logical failures – Not just disasters • Recover from seconds ago – Not the last backup or snapshot • Application consistency – With write-order fidelity • Recover multi-VM apps consistently – Down to the second
  10. 10. Recovering Enterprise Applications Load Balancers Firewall Web Servers File Servers Index Servers Database Servers
  11. 11. Recovery Hypervisor Recovery Hypervisor Recovery Hypervisor RPO 00:15:00 RPO 01:00:00 RPO 04:00:00 RPO 08:00:00 RPO 12:00:00 RPO + 24:00:00 Replication Without Consistency Groups VM3 App2 VM4 App2 VM1 App2 VM2 App2 VM5 App VM1 App1 VM2 App1 VM3 App1 VM4 App1 VM5 App1 VM6 App1 VM7 App1 VM8 App1 VM10 App1 VM9 App1 VM12 App1 VM11 App1 VM1 App3 VM5 App3 VM3 App3 VM2 App3 VM4 App3 Broken Recovery = Not Scalable
  12. 12. VPG 1 RPO 4 secondsVM VM VM VM VM VPG 2 RPO 6 secondsVM VM VM VM VM VPG 3 RPO 9 secondsVM VM VM VM VM Production Site Consistent Protection and Recovery Virtual Protection Group • Simple, scalable protection • Write-order fidelity and consistency • Preconfigured with recovery settings • Supports vMotion, Storage vMotion, etc vDis k vDis k vDis k Enterprise Applications CRM, ERP, SQL, Oracle, SharePoint, Exchange VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM vDis k vDis k vDis k vDis k vDis k
  13. 13. Recovery Hypervisor Recovery Hypervisor Recovery Hypervisor RPO 00:00:04 RPO 00:00:06 RPO 00:00:08 RPO 00:00:10 RPO 00:00:12 RPO 00:00:14 Replication with Consistency Groups VM1 App1 VM2 App1 VM3 App1 VM4 App1 VM5 App1 VM6 App1 VM7 App1 VM8 App1 VM9 App1 VM10 App1 VM11 App1 VM12 App1 VM1 App3 VM3 App3 VM4 App3 VM5 App3 VM2 App3 VM1 App2 VM2 App2 VM3 App2 VM4 App2 VM5 App2 Consistent Recovery = Scalable
  14. 14. BC/DR Site vCente r ZVM VM VR A VM VM VM VR A VM VM Long-Term Retention Production Site vCente r VM ZVM VR A VM VM VM VR A VM VM VM-Level Replicatio n Offsite Backup VPG backup 3rd Copy from replica data Daily or weekly schedule BC/DR site failure protection Always recover Restore to anything ZVM Disk, SMB Share, Deduplication Device DCB BaaS No backup window Backup to offsite repository Any site or public cloud Extend Journal protection Long-term data retention Keep forever S3
  15. 15. Simplicity Through Automation – 3-Click Recovery Process Click Failover1 Select Apps2 Verify Start Failover3
  16. 16. Recover Individual Files and Folders in Minutes Restore Request • Select VM • Select point in time • Journal data mounted • No agent or impact Select Files and Folders • File server data • Application files • SQL databases • Exchange databases Restore Anywhere • Browser download • Mount network share • Data restored from seconds before
  17. 17. One-to-Many Rapid Recovery and Testing Protected Site VM VM VM VM VM VM • Protect to DR site • Local and multi-cloud testing • Test on isolated servers, identical to production • Faster development • Higher quality QA • Faster time to market! VPG 3 VPG 4 VPG 7VPG 6VPG 5 VPG 1 VPG 2 Cloud
  18. 18. One User Experience Across Clouds
  19. 19. Visibility Across Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud – Analytics, Reporting, Monitoring • Multi-site, multi-cloud • View protection across all clouds • End-to-end security • SaaS driven platform • No VPN — No ZVM access
  20. 20. Resilience Management with Zerto Analytics • Empower intelligence-led transformation • Real-time and historical analytics and reporting • View protection and consumption data across multi-site, multi-cloud environments • Aggregated and consolidated information from multiple ZVMs
  21. 21. Testing Recovery and Reporting – Regulatory Compliance • GDPR • PCI • ISO • SOX • HIPAA • SEC
  22. 22. General Data Protection Regulation – (GDPR) Prove recovery Protect against personal data breaches Visibility and control over geo locations
  23. 23. Best Protection on Earth. Built for the Enterprise. Simple. Really Simple.
  24. 24. Zerto IT Resilience Platform Non-Disruptive Testing with Compliance Reporting and Reminders RTO = Minutes Prove Compliance Journal-Based Recovery Rewind and Recover to the Second RPO = Seconds Application Consistency Groupings Block-Level Replication Infrastructure Agnostic Private, Hosted, Hybrid, Public and Multi-Cloud Enterprise-Class, Software-Defined Workload Mobility Hypervisor-Based Continuous Data Protection Migrations, Recovery, and Long-Term Retention Remote Analytics and Reporting IT Resilience Platform