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Datacomm - How to Bring the Cloud to Datacenter


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Frannata Suryanto's Presentation material for seminar " Unlocking Hybrid Cloud Potential "
Tuesday, August 29th, 2017
Grha Datacomm Jakarta

Published in: Technology
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Datacomm - How to Bring the Cloud to Datacenter

  1. 1. How to bring the cloud to datacenter Frannata Suryanto Country Manager - Hybrid IT Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  2. 2. How to bring the cloud to datacenter By: Frannata Suryanto Country Manager - Hybrid IT Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  3. 3. 3 • The information contained in this presentation is proprietary to Hewlett Packard enterprise and is offered in confidence, subject to the terms and conditions of a binding Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) • HPE requires customers and partners to have signed a CDA in order to view this training • The information contained in this training is HPE confidential • This presentation is NOT to be used as a ‘leave behind’ for customers and information may only be shared verbally with HPE external customers under NDA • This presentation may be shared with Partners under NDA in hard-copy or electronic format for internal training purposes only • Do not remove any classification labels, warnings or disclaimers on any slide or modify this presentation to change the classification level. • Do not remove this slide from the presentation • HPE does not warrant or represent that it will introduce any product to which the information relates • The information contained herein is subject to change without notice • HPE makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of this information • The only warranties for HPE products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services • Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty • HPE shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein • Strict adherence to the HPE Standards of Business Conduct regarding this classification level is critical. Confidential Disclosure Agreement Confidential
  4. 4. Hybrid cloud transformation Enterprises and Organizations are Seeking and Adopting Hybrid Cloud Solutions 4 Technology adoption over next 2 years1 Hybrid cloud transformation 9.2 8.2 7.5 6.7 6.3 5.9 5.8 5.2 2.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Inhibitors for public cloud usage3 state an integrated hybrid cloud management solution is needed1,2 94% Non-cloud126% Private cloud: on-premises and hosted147% Hybrid19% Public cloud119% 1Statistics provided by 451 Research. 2 "IT is Flying Blind in Hybrid Clouds." Dimensional Research, April 2016. 3451 Research, Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Computing, Q3 2015.
  5. 5. Transform to hybrid IT: HPE Right Mix Open, multi-cloud strategy Define your Right Mix Expertise to help you identify your right mix of traditional IT, private and public cloud to fuel the unique apps and services needs of your enterprise Power your Right Mix Evolve your IT infrastructure to a flexible, cost-optimized, hybrid environment that powers your current and future IT services Optimize your Right Mix Simplify your IT operations with automation and orchestration for management, security and continuous delivery across your hybrid environment 5
  6. 6. Optimize your right mix: place your workloads where they fit best ! Public Cloud Traditional IT Private or managed Cloud On-premises Build / Consume Off-premises Consume Hybrid IT management layer Lines of Business Developers IT Teams
  7. 7. ConsumeTraditional IT Private or managed Cloud Legacy Compute Storage Networking Converged & Hyper-Converged System Composable Infrastructure / HPE Synergy HPE OneView VSphere Helion Openstack Emerging Platforms Azure Stack Lines of Business Developers IT teams Operations Orchestration Aerospace PropelBanking Cloud Service Automation Automated Service Catalog Application Development & Operation Development Environments Public Cloud Cloud 28+ Cloud Service Providers Hybrid IT Management Tools Cloud Optimizer IT Business Analytics IT Operation Management Backup Monitoring CMDBCodar
  8. 8. HPE multi-cloud strategy Manage an open, mixed cloud environment 8 Managed by HPE or Your Enterprise IT private cloud public cloud platforms HPE Hybrid Management & Orchestration Technologies and Processes OpenStack private cloud Microsoft Azure public cloud HPE Integration and Professional Services VMware private cloud Service Providers HPE Partners Private Cloud Platforms Microsoft Azure private cloud Preferred Cloud Partnership
  9. 9. Landscape for the Hybrid IT Transformation scope Defining your right mix Core Composable Private cloudPublic cloud Rightmixcloud Experience acceleration 9
  10. 10. How does your applications take advantage of cloud? Cloud-Deployed, Cloud-Aware and Cloud Native 10 Core ComposableCore Hybridcloud Using cloud VM provisioning platform Cloud deployed Can take advantage of cloud functions Cloud aware Developed & deployed in a PAAS environment Cloud native
  11. 11. Traditional Application Evolution Born in the core – migrating to cloud 11 Core Composable 3-tier deployed on physical or virtual Traditional Cloud deployed Cloud aware Cloud native
  12. 12. Next generation Applications Born cloud native 12 Core Composable Leverages “infrastructure as code” Next-gen Cloud deployed Cloud aware Cloud native
  13. 13. + Major Industries are focusing on a mix of Private & Public Cloud Industry verticals show a consistently strong private cloud mix Source: 451 Research survey from 1,155 enterprise respondents, 08/2015 13 Private Cloud 77% Public Cloud 23% Manufacturing Private Cloud 67% Public Cloud 33% Telecom Private Cloud 73% Public Cloud 27% Retail Private Cloud 81% Public Cloud 19% Insurance Private Cloud 72% Public Cloud 28% Healthcare Private Cloud 78% Public Cloud 22% Government Private Cloud 71% Public Cloud 29% Finance/Banking Private Cloud 77% Public Cloud 23% Education
  14. 14. 46% Harnessing the Cloud to Fuel Traditional Apps 57% of enterprise workloads expected to be in private or hybrid cloud in next two years1 1 451 Research, Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Computing, Q1 2016 2 451 Research, Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Workloads and Key Projects, 2016 Of enterprises use cloud for a broad set of workloads2 Benefits of moving apps to cloud 54% Of enterprises use cloud for a specific subset of workloads2 78% 62% 30% 8X 78% expect to increase ability to respond to business needs2 62% expect to increase company revenue2 Up to a 30% reduction in overall costs As much as 8X increased performance
  15. 15. Comparing two scenarios 250:1 Virtual machines per engineer 30% Utilization Hourly cost per virtual machine 500:1 Virtual machines per engineer 50% Utilization Low optimization makes private cloud more expensive Increased efficiency lowers private cloud cost + SOURCE: 451 RESEARCH PRIVATE CLOUD PRICE INDEX TBI, 2015 Public cloud $0.17 Private cloud $0.35 Managed private cloud $0.27 Public cloud $0.17 Private cloud $0.14 Managed private cloud $0.27
  16. 16. Common use cases for hybrid cloud 16 Modern app development Deploy apps to private or public cloud Edge and disconnected applications Provide connectivity for disconnected apps Performance Support high performance analytics, large data and low latency apps Data sovereignty, security and compliance Protect your data and IP, meet compliance needs
  17. 17. Edge processing and analytics Cloud application model on-premises Same application deployed to any location Use cases
  18. 18. Roadmap  Azure Hybrid Cloud Services Innovative services powered by HPE help simplify hybrid cloud implementations 18 Comprehensive service offerings augment and accelerate time to value TotalValue IaaS + Azure + Back-up Archiving + Disaster Recovery + App Migration Optimization + Mobile Access + PaaS for Cloud Apps Mobile, IoT, Analytics + Web Apps + Hybrid Apps + SaaS Apps Hybrid Management Services Traditional App Services Cloud App Services Including Azure Marketplace Including Azure Marketplace
  19. 19. Expertise to help you with your hybrid cloud 19 Develop an Azure hybrid cloud strategy Build an Azure hybrid cloud Migrate workloads to Azure hybrid cloud Implement integrated Azure hybrid cloud solutions Secure an Azure hybrid cloud Backup and disaster recovery for Azure hybrid cloud Single Sign-On for Azure hybrid cloud Network design for Azure hybrid cloud
  20. 20. Support for your Azure hybrid cloud Basic support for Azure • Foundation Care - Standard remediation support for Azure services • Included with subscription with HPE as CSP • Proactive Care support for Proliant for Azure Stack Datacenter Care with Azure • Advanced personalized support for IT environments • End-to-end support for Azure public and private clouds • 24x7 enhanced call handing support, assigned account team, tailored to your needs Datacenter Care Specialist Advice for Azure • Personalized guidance from Azure specialist to help avoid problems, manage change, minimize cost 20
  21. 21. • Full racks of Azure Stack infrastructure • Azure Stack subject Matter Experts from Microsoft and HPE • Engagement offerings specifically tuned to your Azure Stack Use Cases • Customers immersed in Azure Stack technology & leave 100% committed with comprehensive programs from envisioning, business planning, architecture design, hands-on labs to proof of concepts. • Access to deep subject matter expertise and the ultimate Microsoft & HPE experience • Access to full scale Azure Stack hardware assets HPE-MS Azure Stack Innovation CenterExperience: State of the art technical engagement facility Access: HPE Converged System 380 for Microsoft Azure Stack HPE – Microsoft Azure Stack Innovation Center Locations: In-person and remote In-Person • Microsoft Technology Center Bellevue, WA USA • HPE Customer Center Geneva, Switzerland Remote Resources available globally Contact Us:
  22. 22. Why choose HPE to be your Azure hybrid cloud partner? 22 30year partnership with Microsoft, including joint R&D, sales and marketing Offers multiple purchasing models including leasing, pay as you go and capital purchase Deep expertise on Azure and hybrid cloud technologies 4000Technical experts 50% more computing capacity1 than competing systems More configurable than competing systems Notes 1) Based on HPE analysis of usable Standard D1 VMs on HPE and Dell systems Faster problem resolution with HPE OneView
  23. 23. Azure Stack Early Access Resources
  24. 24. HPE Azure Resources 24 HPE’s - Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud homepage: New from HPE: • for-microsoft-azure-stack/ • Also new from MSFT: • • hybrid-cloud-environments-now-available-for-order/ HPE WW Azure Stack Early Adopter Team WW CTO: Kevin Perkins WW Product Manager: Aaron Spurlock WW Portfolio Director: David Phillips WW Engineering R&D Lead: Karl Foose WW Channel Lead: Diana Stach PointNext Portfolio Leads: Donald Livengood & Aric Bernard AMS Azure BDM: Mark Mortimore WW Hybrid Cloud Azure Architects: Maruthi Tumuluri, Patrick Lownds, Andrew McGregor Azure Stack Innovation Center: Mark Evans, Vivek Kulkarnei, Jeff Krenek
  25. 25. Thank You 25 +62-815-1909-4776