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Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Services


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Presentation for Enterprise File Share from Datacomm Cloud Business

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Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Services

  1. 1. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Introduction Datacomm Cloud Business Oct 2017 1
  2. 2. Agenda 2 1) Digital Workspace definition 2) Challenges of Digital Workspace 3) Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Overview 4) How Cloudciti Enterprise File Share helps 5) Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Key Features 6) Use Case 7) Features comparison with others 8) Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Packaging
  3. 3. Digital Workspace 3 Definition “..The digital workspace is a new concept that enables tech-savvy employees to access the systems and tools they need from any device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—regardless of location..” Source:
  4. 4. Digital Workspace 4 Challenges Productivity Gap Limited access to fragmented data silos Disjointed Teams Tools and documents system vary between teams and companies Limited Integrations Interoperability Challenges Security & Compliance Porous Security; regulatory overhead
  5. 5. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Overview 5 • Cloudciti Enterprise File Share (CEFS) is content collaboration platform that enables enterprise users to perform file sharing securely with everyone else using any devices and anywhere. • The files is stored locally on Datacenter of Datacomm in Indonesia with 99,9% of SLA. • Enables modern user productivity and collaboration scenarios for the creation of a digital workspace
  6. 6. Digital Workspace Enablement 6 How Cloudciti Enterprise File Share enable Digital Workspace Increase Workforce Productivity Secure mobile productivity – online and offline Collaborate Across Boundaries Simple Collaboration inside and outside your organization Flexible Integrations Leverage your existing on-prem and cloud investments Protect Your Data Control and Audit access and sharing without user backlash
  7. 7. Digital Workspace Enablement 7 Increase Workforce Productivity • Manage and sync content across devices • Secure mobile productivity --online and offline Create content outline Build full presentation Make final touches and present
  8. 8. Digital Workspace Enablement 8 Collaborate Across Boundaries • Share and collaborate your corporate data among people within or outside your organization securely • Request file from other people within or outside your organization securely • Leverage your email account to send large file attachments • Receive notification each read/write activities
  9. 9. Digital Workspace Enablement 9 Flexible Integration • Integrated with your existing Active Directory for Single Sign-On • Support an ecosystem of third-party API integrations
  10. 10. Digital Workspace Enablement 10 Protect Your Data • Encrypted data at Transmit and at the rest • Remote wipe the data from desktop or mobile device • Audit and report data access and sharing • Two Factor Authentication
  11. 11. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Benefit & Key Features
  12. 12. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Key Features - Increase Workforce Productivity 12 File Sync Mobile Apps Mobile Editing Mobile Offline access
  13. 13. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Key Features - Collaborate Across Boundaries 13 File Version Control File Check-In/Check-Out File Request Unlimited Client Users Microsoft Outlook Plugin Secure Large File Transfer
  14. 14. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Key Features - Flexible Integrations 14 ShareFile API Integration Active Directory Integration
  15. 15. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Key Features - Protect Your Data 15 Encrypted File Storage Remote Wipe for Mobile Two Factor Authentication
  16. 16. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Comparison With other solutions
  17. 17. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Points of Differentiation 17 Security & Compliance File Size Storage Location • Encryption at rest or in transfer • Remote wiping • Customized passwords and multi-factor authentication • File self-destruct • 10 GB File Size • Datacenter placed in Indonesia • Account activity tracking and reporting • Granular Permissions • Comply with PP 82 No 2012 • ISO 27001 • 100 GB File Size
  18. 18. Features Comparison Others Services 18 Features CEFS Owncloud Dropbox Business Box Business GDrive Secure Large File Transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Encrypted File Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes File Sync Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes File Version Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes File Check-In/Check-Out Yes - Yes Yes Yes Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes - Request File Yes - Yes Yes Yes Mobile Editing Yes - Yes Yes - Mobile Offline access Yes - - Yes Yes Microsoft Outlook Plugin Yes - Yes Yes Yes Remote Wipe for Mobile Yes - - Yes Yes Active Directory Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Two Factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes - Unlimited Client Users Yes Yes - - Yes
  19. 19. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Use Cases
  20. 20. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Use Case - Accountant 20 • Quickly exchange QuickBooks files, monthly statements, tax returns and more in a professional client portal. • Use the Request Lists feature to securely share, exchange and even track the status of your PBC (Provided by Client) lists during audits. • Print PDF files directly into CEFS Folders — stay organized and save time in one easy step. Sync the files across devices securely.
  21. 21. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Use Case - Insurance 21 • Send out policies, audits, certificates of insurance, brochures and endorsements with just a click securely. • Exchange files easily. See exactly when files are downloaded. Share entire folders for easy file exchange with clients and vendors. What if you could securely send files from your email and know exactly who opens those files and when?
  22. 22. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Use Case - Healthcare 22 • Securely share medical imaging studies like X-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans, across organizations and systems. • Quickly upload a study from a CD, Hard Drive, or PACS, view it online, and share it with the click of a button. • Keep protected health information (PHI) safe with bank-level encryption 24/7. • Share medical images and other files internally with the teams, reviewing physicians and others outside the healthcare organization securely. • Create multiple cases, upload medical images and other files, and control access with advanced permissions.
  23. 23. Cloudciti Enterprise File Share Packaging 23 CEFS Standard • All Key Features • 5 Employee Accounts • Storage: 50 GB Storage • Max File Size: 10 GB per file CEFS Enterprise • All Key Features • 100 Employee Accounts • Storage: 1 TB Storage • Max File Size: 100 GB per file
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