Data Collection Techniques Serve Many Purposes


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Data Collection Techniques Serve Many Purposes

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  2. 2. Data Collection Techniques Serve Many Purp The collection of data can be done for many different reasons. Scientific researchers employ techniques for data collection to use in the research studies that they design. This research could be in many different subject areas, and it could serve many different purposes.
  3. 3. Researchers These researchers might be looking for the reasons for childhood obesity or the best methods for teaching calculus to college students. Medical researchers use data collection techniques to find information on the reasons for cancer or the incidents of postpartum depression in new mothers.
  4. 4. Leadership Styles Business researchers use data collection techniques to find out about leadership styles and the effects of increased salary on worker morale. The business leaders believe that data collection is important to improve their bottom line or their profits. Data collection techniques are important in business because the profits are important.
  5. 5. Led To Improvement For Many Companies Data collection has led to improvement for many companies so those in charge of businesses will probably continue to collect data for many years to come. The data collection techniques vary for businesses. These leaders might use surveys or interviews by researchers to collect the data that provides them important information about their organizations.
  6. 6. Data Collection Is Important to Those in charg Every ten years, officials in charge of the United States census begin one of the biggest programs of data collection in the world. The census provides information about the population of the country, and this information provides insight into some of the strengths and weaknesses of the country.
  7. 7. Accurate Account Of The Number Of People Living The information collected gives an accurate account of the number of people living in the country. This also gives information on the ages of these people and the makeup of their family units. This data also provides information on the income of the population and the ethnic makeup of this population.
  8. 8. Good Portion Of The Information A good portion of the information collected for the national census is collected by workers who go door to door, a tool commonly used for data collection. These workers are hired especially for this massive project. Some of the data is collected through surveys that are mailed to all of the households in the country.
  9. 9. Matter Of The Public Record After the data is collected, the information is compiled into a report, and this information is a matter of the public record. This information is used by the government to apportion the seats in the Congress of the United States. Every ten years, some states gain and some states lose representatives in the Congress based on the information gathered in the census.
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