Data Collection Process Varies By Use Of Information


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Data Collection Process Varies By Use Of Information

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  2. 2. Data Collection Process Varies By Use Of Informa There are many businesses and private individuals collecting information on a daily basis that it would be difficult to find someone not collecting data. Yes, even private individuals often collect data, such as price comparison, but the in each instance the data collection instruments used will be different.
  3. 3. Simplistic Approach For example, the data collection process for a driver seeking the lowest price on gasoline will probably involve simply looking at the price sign while passing a station. For a homeowner looking for the best price on gas or heating oil, the data collection process may mean calling the distributors and asking for the current rate. This is a simplistic approach to the process of data collection, but equally as important as any other data collection for any other reason.
  4. 4. Large Commercial Projects For large commercial projects, the data collection process will also include the type of data needed as well as when the information will be needed. This is essential if there are several different types of data being gathered by different groups. A timeline is usually established according to the type of data needed, to by the end of the data collection process all needed information is available and meshed together to produce the desired, final analysis.
  5. 5. Simple Look At Data Collection Process To put this approach into perspective, think about a family vacation with different members of the family responsible for certain aspects. While the bottom line price may be important, their goal is to obtain the best deal and best value for their money to provide the best possible vacation they can afford. For the sake of demonstration the destination is not important to see the data collection process in action.
  6. 6. Need Data On First they determine they need data on flights, rental cars, motel stays, food and entertainment. If there are four members in the family, they can each take one of the aspects and start the data collection process. Perhaps dad will check on the cost of airfare to find the best flight to their destination.
  7. 7. Price Can Afford Based on price, departure and return times and whether it is a non-stop flight. Meanwhile, mom will be checking lodging availability to find a place big enough for them all to be comfortable at a price they can afford.
  8. 8. Unanimous Conclusion Sister and brother will look into car rental rates for once they reach their vacation spot as well as the best restaurant things to do while they are there. Once they have all completed their data collection process the can meet at the kitchen table and divulge the options and then reach a unanimous conclusion.
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