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2013 DataCite Summer Meeting - California Digital Library (Joan Starr - California Digital Library)

  1. A quick glimpse of EZID clients Joan Starr DataCite Summer Meeting 2013
  2. Variety, but mostly academic
  3. # Identifiers by Type/Mo/Yr
  4. Why they chose EZID The Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTERnet)
  5. Our clients have clients…
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Editor's Notes

  1. Low cost—every client I was able to reach noted that keeping our costs down has a direct impact on them. Not having to pay a per-DOI fee is a big plus.Ease of use—it’s easy to say that clients like something that’s easy to use. If you don’t use an interface very often, that’s especially important. If the interface is automated, you want flexiblity.Flexibility—a flexible, understandable API is key along with a User Interface for which, in NCAR’s words “has proven very useful to meet tight deadlines”Growing community of users—LTERNet joined EZID in part because so many of their members are already EZID clients. As DataCite grows, we become a stronger magnet. UCSB says “EZID was the obvious choice for an ID creator on our campus because it is such a straightforward and easy tool, supported by what we've found to be an exceptionally responsive community of users for all of our technical questions.”  DOI is standard for citation, and DataCite is the standard for data DOIs.
  2. Each one of these clients is, in turn, enabling amazing work on their own. The Libraries and Information Centers turn around and do outreach on their campuses and research partners, and EZID provides outreach materials to support them. Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data & Information Service (ACADIS)An urgent request came in to the ACADIS team from an investigator, who was looking for citation references for 11 of his datasets that were deposited in ACADIS. In response to this request, we set up a new username for the ACADIS project in EZID, assigned the DOIs via the EZID GUI, and provided the DOIs + data citations back to the investigator. We were able to complete these steps in less than 2 days, meeting the investigator's publication deadline. The ACADIS project is now using the EZID API to create DOIs for data set citations as needed.