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  1. 1. MANAGED SERVICES Maximizing the benefits of local presence and global strength
  2. 2. Why do operators outsource? Operators are being forced to rely on developing and Today most operators delivering new value added accept that quality services to help them differentiate of service can be enhanced and maintain revenue growth.” 2) by network outsourcing.” 1) Lower, more predictable costs and higher levels of support and availability.” 3) 1) Idate Consulting & Research, “Network Outsorcing – Strategies and Outlook”. 2007 2) Informa telecoms & media, “Managed Services: The business case for outsourcing network operations and serivices hosting”. 2007 3) Ovum, “Managed Services – Service providers need to get on the same page as enterprises.” 2007 © Ericsson AB 2009 2 (13) Managed Services
  3. 3. Reasons for outsourcing decisions Cost savings Focus on core Access new competencies Service flexibility and revenue expansion Speed/time to market Simplify complexity – technology, business Network performance and quality improvements Operators reviewing their business models and focus © Ericsson AB 2009 3 (13) Managed Services
  4. 4. Operator challenges in sharing Sharing of network elements and operations are driven by operator’s long term strategy and short term decision criteria Operator’s Alternative Network Wanted Position Time Sharing Models Aggregator Complexity Site/Tx Sharing & Shared Operations Strategic 5% <savings< 20% Operator’s implications Innovator Today RAN/UTRAN Structural Sharing & implications Shared Operations Network OPEX avoidance 25% <savings< 35% Provider & savings CAPEX avoidance Ericsson supports these models through it’s Managed Services offering © Ericsson AB 2009 4 (13) Managed Services
  5. 5. This is Ericsson Managed Services Ericsson is establishing, operating The partnership Ericsson and and maintaining networks, on operator is defined through a long-term contracts with operators Service Level Agreement (SLA), and enterprises and measured by Key Performance Ericsson is hosting service Indicators (KPI’s) under a managed applications, content and services agreement enablers for operators Ericsson’s managed services are Ericsson is providing network multi-vendor, multi-technology, coverage and capacity when and multi-country and multi-operator where needed for operators Ericsson is sometimes transferring staff from an operator to Ericsson as a part of a managed services contract There is an operator benefit to outsource “non-core tasks” © Ericsson AB 2009 5 (13) Managed Services
  6. 6. From Pioneering to Industrialization Ericsson started operation Ericsson’s operation center in for Mexico’s government 1907 Reading, UK, 2008 Build, Operate and Transfer Build, Operate and Maintain Project mode Day to day activity One-to-One One-to-Many © Ericsson AB 2009 6 (13) Managed Services
  7. 7. Managed services growth areas Enterprise and Media and Government Internet Mobile and Fixed Operators Elisa Acea TV Broadcaster TDC Endesa Endemol Deutsche Telekom New Zealand Police Netia © Ericsson AB 2009 7 (13) Managed Services
  8. 8. Our Managed Services Capabilities Design, plan, and build Operate, maintain and host Develop and integrate Service Business Network Layer Support Systems Leveraging Global Services scale and skill © Ericsson AB 2009 8 (13) Managed Services
  9. 9. Scope of Service (detailed) Managed Services Operate Design & Build Field Plan operations Network operation Service Functions Operations Management Planning / Optimi- Applications Technology Deployme Field Service & 2nd Level 1st Level Customer Help Desk Engineer- zation Development Integration nt Services Resource Operations Operations Problem ing & 3rd Level Fulfilment Manage- Domains Support ment Network • Customer Premises Eqmt. • Outside Plant • Access (mobile & fixed) • Transmission • Circuit & Packet Core Services • Value Added Services • Service Delivery Platform • Content Services BSS & OSS • Business Support Services • Enterprise Services • Service & Network Mgmt © Ericsson AB 2009 9 (13) Managed Services
  10. 10. Defining scope of partnership Operating cost & Reward risk reductions Asset optimization and supply chain management End-to-end KPIs Site- and transmission cost management End-to-end KPIs Full technical operation Opex End-to-end KPIs Out-tasking Network OPEX Network CAPEX + HC OPEX HC OPEX and HC OPEX OPEX and HC OPEX Contracted scope Managed Services - optimizing both OPEX and CAPEX © Ericsson AB 2009 10 (13) Managed Services
  11. 11. More than 300 contracts Examples of official MS contracts since 2002: North America & Canada Europe, Middle East & Africa Hosting: Hosting: AT&T O2 (UK) Telecom Italia (Italy) Operation: Vodafone (UK) Asia Pacific Dobson Cingular 3 Scandinavia (Sweden & Denmark) MBNL (UK) Hosting: Elisa (Finland) KAEC (Saudi Arabia) BSNL (India, 2) Rogers (Canada) Mobily (Saudi Arabia) Cosmote (Greece) Spice (India) Centennial Wireless TDC (Denmark) O2 (Ireland) Maxis (India) SunCom Wireless(3) Mobistar (Belgium) TMN (Portugal, 2) Cincinatti Bell T-Mobile (UK) Maxis (Malaysia, 2) DNA (Finland) Western Wireless (2) Deutsche Telekom (Germany) Sun Cellular (Phillipines, 2) Vodafone (Spain) ALLTEL Telefónica Deutschland (Germany) GrameenPhone (Bangladesh) PTC (Poland) Rural Cellular Corp. (3) KPN (Netherlands) M1 (Singapore) Vodafone (Portugal) Midwest Wireless Mobistar (Belgium) Vodacom (South Africa) Operation: Carolina West Wireless Orange (Netherlands) Telfort (Holland) Yoigo, (Spain) Centennial Wireless Bangla Trac (Bangladesh) Bite (Lithuania ) Golden State Cellular WestLink Latin America Polkomtel SA (Poland) Polkomtel (Poland) BT-InfoNet (Netherlands) Hanoi Telecom (Vietnam) Warid Telecom (Bangladesh) ONE (Austria) Tele2 Croatia Capacity: Hosting: Absolute Music (Sweden) Telkomsel (Indonesia) MTN (South Africa) Entel (Chile) MiTV (Malaysia) SeaMobile 3 (Italy, 2) Netia (Poland) ALLTEL Telemig (Brasil) MobileCom (Jordan) Vodafone (Fiji) Vodafone (Netherlands) Telefónica Móviles Argentina Indigo Wireless EMT (Estonia, 2) 3 UK (UK) Warid Telecom (Pakistan) Telefónica Móviles México Nawras (Oman) Chariton Valley Wireless Serv. 3 (Scandinavia, 3) Hutchison (Australia) Telemar/Oi (Brasil) BASE (Belgium) TeliaSonera (Sweden) Telecom (New Zealand) Telefónica Móvil (Chile) TeliaSonera (several countries) ONI (Portugal) Unwired (Australia) Operation: Tele2 (Sweden) H3G (Italy) Maxis (Malaysia) Invitel (Hungary) Auna (Spain) Telcel, Mexico, GSM & TDMA Telfort (NL) NTS (Indonesia) HungaroTel (Hungary) Vivo, Brazil, CDMA & TDMA BT-InfoNet (Netherlands) Hutchison (Hong Kong) PanTel (Hungary) ICE, Costa Rica, GSM/GPRS Zeus Telecom (Netherlands) Emitel (Hungary) Brasil Telecom, fixed Monortel (Hungary) TeliaSonera Int. Carrier Capacity: Brasil Telecom, GSM casaNet (NL) BT (UK) Bharti (India) Diveo Colombia Amena (Spain) sunrise (Switzerland, 2) Swisscom (Switzerland) Managing Networks with over 275 Million Subscribers © Ericsson AB 2009 11 (13) Managed Services
  12. 12. Proven industry leadership in Managed Services Experience from >300 Managed Services contracts Delivering Managed Services to customers in >100 countries Managing networks that together serve >275 msubs 14.3 BSEK sales 2008 - YoY growth 17% Managing multi-vendor, multi-technology networks – 50% of equipment non-Ericsson >15 years experience in Managed Services © Ericsson AB 2009 12 (13) Managed Services
  13. 13. © Ericsson AB 2009 13 (13) Managed Services