IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks


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IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks

  1. 1. Supporting the high-availability, high-performance and security requirements of today’s data centers IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks What’s driving this demand? First, IT organizations are finding that they must increase data center capacity and functionality. In addition, many IT organizations are under pressure to control costs while continuing to grow. Other important objectives include improving resiliency and security and enabling continuous technology change. In this environment, the importance and intricacies of data center net- works often may be taken for granted. In reality, proper consideration and planning for data center networks are Requiring a high-availability, high- critical success factors for current Highlights performance, security-rich data center and future data centers. As comput- The data center has come a long way ers and new technologies are added  Provides a data center network in the past 50 years. What was once to data centers — from mainframes to design directly linked to busi- home to a room-size mainframe with x86 servers as well as virtualization, ness requirements a single large footprint has evolved to storage area networks and accelera- a mix of dense, fast, clustered, power- tion appliances — they cause myriad  Simplifies project coordination hungry servers and storage devices changes with implications for the data and helps accelerate implemen- that strain to support today’s demand center network. tation schedules for high availability, performance,  Assists in mitigating risks security, resiliency, scalability and associated with complex net- manageability. work upgrades
  2. 2. Because most data center upgrades In a typical data center, the many • Configuration, implementation, net- are focused on server and storage tech- changes incrementally introduced to work cabling and system testing of nologies, your IT staff may have limited support new types of devices and tech- server-to-network connectivity, rout- knowledge and skills to assess the data nologies have required the introduction ers, switches, acceleration devices center networking needs in relation to of many network switches and complex and high-availability Internet the overall data center requirements. connectivity. Over time, changes such Protocol (IP) server connections For example: as these, which are often applied ad • Project management. hoc, can contribute to bottlenecks and • In server and storage consolidations, complicate data center manageability. Design and implementation services that the focus may be strictly on servers support business initiatives and storage with the placement and IBM Network Integration Services for IBM Network Integration Services for sizing of networking switches and the data center networks can help mitigate data center networks provides proven networking implications of virtual- problems and improve manageability by architecture, design, integration and ization and application acceleration revisiting, refreshing and making improve- deployment services for organizations receiving little or no emphasis. ments to the overall data center network like yours that require flexible, robust • In data center consolidations, the design. These services support high avail- and resilient data center networks. IBM view may be that wide area network ability, high performance, security and can help your organization improve its (WAN) connections are of primary other requirements in today’s data center. data center networking infrastructure concern and there may be less focus IBM can help you architect, design, inte- with end-to-end capabilities, including: on the networking infrastructure in grate and deploy a standards-based data the data center. center networking infrastructure for data • Increased availability, performance, center upgrades, moves, builds and con- security, resiliency, scalability and Narrow views such as these can be lim- solidations by providing: manageability iting because they do not consider the • A data center network design networking infrastructure in the data • Architecture and design or valida- directly linked to business require- center as a key element in meeting tion of an existing design ments and implementation services the high-availability, high-performance • Integration with IBM eServer™ or other • Mitigation of risks associated with and security requirements of today’s data center servers, storage systems complex networking upgrades data centers. and existing network infrastructure • Simplified project coordination • Ordering support, procurement and and accelerated implementation site preparation schedules
  3. 3. • Single-point-of-contact account- to your company by supporting more Why IBM? ability for a project’s successful rapid implementation of initiatives for IBM has highly skilled professionals completion which the data center network is a criti- engaged in the full lifecycle of network • Greater freedom to focus internal cal success factor. And it can help you architecture, design, integration and resources on critical operational quickly realize the business benefits that deployment, and it maintains technol- concerns come from making improvements to your ogy relationships with major providers of • Enhanced IT skills for in-house staff. data center and data center network. networking equipment. With more than 7,000 skilled networking services profes- Simplifying projects and enabling faster Helping to mitigate the risks of sionals, IBM can provide service and implementation complex upgrades support in 170 countries. Our practitioners use a combination A major data center upgrade often of methodologies, tools, processes requires the development of a new archi- In addition, IBM uses a global deliv- and training to support your network- tecture and design for the data center ery methodology for networking that ing needs. The network methodology network or the validation of an existing supports its lifecycle focus. IBM’s employed by IBM has been successfully design. What’s more, it may require new real-world experience and success used and refined in hundreds of client network equipment and cabling that can are reflected in a practical approach to engagements over the past ten years. be customized, configured and installed proposals and plans. With IBM Network In addition, IBM serves clients across at your existing or new data center. This Integration Services for data center net- geographies and in virtually every type of project carries the risk of an works, you can establish a data center industry by providing highly trained and aggressive schedule that can overex- network designed to deliver the high experienced solution specialists who tend your in-house IT staff. levels of service demanded in today’s can expertly manage even the most business environment. complex implementations. IBM has the breadth of technology as well as the resources and expertise to deliver For more information IBM has developed a common and a comprehensive solution, increasing the To learn more about IBM Network repeatable project management likelihood that your company’s data center Integration Services for data center net- approach that streamlines data center networking project is completed on time works, contact your IBM representative network processes and reduces the and within budget. IBM helps enable your or visit: time and resources needed to deploy in-house staff to focus on the company’s a networking solution. This proven core IT activities. approach can potentially provide an accelerated return on investment (ROI)
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