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HP Service Automation Visualizer software
 Data sheet

Integrate data center automation for a                          ...
Intuitive dependency maps
HP Service Automation Visualizer shows which applications are hosted on
which servers and how th...
HP Service Automation Visualizer capabilities

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HP Service Automation Visualizer software Data sheet


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HP Service Automation Visualizer software Data sheet

  1. 1. HP Service Automation Visualizer software Data sheet Integrate data center automation for a To achieve greater visibility, efficiency and control over IT environments, many IT teams have turned to application complete, interactive map of your IT discovery and mapping tools to set a framework, but most IT organizations ask, “How can we drive and environment, including servers, software, automate change?” network devices and storage infrastructure. Working with other HP Data Center Automation Center software, HP Service Automation Visualizer software leverages an inside-out approach to application The need for automated change baselining by mapping dependencies across your server, Today’s IT organizations face a myriad of challenges, network and storage infrastructure and by eliminating the including a growing complexity of applications, rapid inherent latency in siloed views. By providing a visual and constant change, and a lack of service context, environment for automating change and compliance while they align with the needs of the business. Changes management across your data center, HP Service in IT can result from reactive responses to problems, Automation Visualizer, combined with other HP Data externally imposed requirements such as regulatory Center Automation Center software, can simplify the compliance, or business or service improvement implementation of globally accepted best practices, such initiatives. Due to the inherent problems of siloed as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). management, IT teams are often unaware of all of the infrastructure components in their environments. In HP Service Automation Visualizer brings together your addition, change processes are usually manual and infrastructure elements in an easy-to-understand, holistic contribute to service disruptions. The overall effect of map for improved compliance auditing, complex a proposed infrastructure change is often unknown, application troubleshooting and change automation. and manual discovery or baselining is expensive and impractical.
  2. 2. Intuitive dependency maps HP Service Automation Visualizer shows which applications are hosted on which servers and how these servers connect to network and storage devices. Networks Servers Storage Data center Get seamless integration with data Improve troubleshooting for faster center automation time to repair When you need to repair your server hardware or When an IT service stalls or fails, one of the first network devices or you want to move a virtual machine, troubleshooting actions is to bring together server, you often need to take these devices offline. It is difficult network and application teams to discuss what went to accurately and quickly identify which applications are wrong. Each team typically shares its view of the affected when you remove a server or network device. infrastructure. This model does not present one, up-to- With the intuitive dependency maps created by HP date view of all of the areas so that the various teams Service Automation Visualizer, you can quickly see work from a single view. HP Service Automation which applications are hosted on servers and how these Visualizer provides an up-to-date view of your IT servers connect to network devices. This information is environment across applications, physical and virtual easily refreshed for application or virtualization-specific servers and network devices and shows contextually change automation. launched automation tasks and scripts. You can compare maps on demand or at scheduled intervals Automate compliance management to identify changes. This capability, combined with To maintain compliance with regulatory standards, you easily accessible server and network change history need to track which servers, network and storage devices logs, can significantly improve your troubleshooting are used by key applications in order to meet audit and reduce time to repair. requirements. While many organizations understand the components that shape their applications, they fail Key features and benefits to understand which servers and network devices the • Eliminate manual data collection: Automate the application uses. Without this information, IT adminis- baselining and capturing of on-demand, transient trators cannot know which devices to track or set policies information for servers, applications, networks and for, or how an application is configured. HP Service storage infrastructure and their dependency information. Automation Visualizer automatically maps an appli- • Automate change, configuration and compliance cation to its underlying servers, network devices and management: Get on-demand and scheduled storage infrastructure. You can refresh this view to identification of servers, networks and storage capture changes, determine whether the application infrastructures, supporting key applications. is properly configured, and see the servers, network • Improve productivity and achieve faster time-to-repair: devices and storage infrastructure that the application Identify misconfigurations and perform change relies upon. With this visibility, you can track and report automation to perform root-cause remediation across on compliance requirements. your physical and virtual infrastructure. 2
  3. 3. HP Service Automation Visualizer capabilities Feature Description Automated application baselining Quickly map relationships and dependencies for your entire application environment, including network devices, and dependency mapping servers, storage and business applications. See running processes, interconnectivity, open files and relationships between hosts and virtual servers on demand or at designated intervals. Scalable, in-depth views across Intelligently filter and group information to allow in-depth views of a particular area of the data center and your IT environment applications. Multiple views, including network, server, storage and application virtualization views, address the needs of different IT groups. Active change and configuration Make changes directly from the HP Service Automation Visualizer interface. Get seamless integration with HP management Service Automation software, HP Network Automation software and HP Storage Automation software. Have automated environment-state views, integrated with a change activity history with visual highlights of changes. Virtualization director Get comprehensive virtual lifecycle management across physical and virtual environments. Create and manage virtual machines (VMware or Solaris), track physical and virtual server relationships, and discover and view relationship dependencies. Visual snapshot comparison Easily identify what has changed over time and compare snapshots to identify changes. Snapshots are available on demand or at scheduled intervals. Comprehensive application Meet policy-based, software, server and network compliance. Conduct comprehensive out-of-the-box compliance compliance audits. Rich, extensible library of application Get a rich library of application signatures, including critical applications such as Oracle®, BEA WebLogic, signatures, compliance and Apache and Microsoft® SQL Server. Color code application components for quick identification. Easily extend security policies the application signature library to accommodate custom applications. 3
  4. 4. A complete solution HP Services Comprehensive training HP provides a comprehensive curriculum of HP Software Get the most from your software investment HP provides high-quality software services that address all aspects of and IT Service Management courses. These offerings your software application lifecycle needs. With HP, you have access to provide the training you need to realize the full potential standards-based, modular, multi-platform software coupled with global of your HP solutions, increase your network optimization services and support. The wide range of HP service offerings—from online self-solve support to proactive mission-critical services—enables and responsiveness, and achieve better return on your you to choose the services that best match your business needs. IT investments. For an overview of HP software services, visit With more than 30 years experience meeting complex education challenges worldwide, HP knows training. To access technical interactive support, visit Software Support Online at This experience, coupled with unique insights into HP Software products, positions HP to deliver the optimum To learn more about HP Software Customer Connection, a one-stop information and learning portal for software products and services, training experience. For more information about these visit and other educational courses, visit The smartest way to invest in IT HP Financial Services provides innovative financing and financial asset management programs to help you cost-effectively acquire, manage and ultimately retire your HP solutions. For more information on these services, contact your HP sales representative or visit Contact information To find an HP Software sales office or reseller near you, visit © Copyright 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. Oracle is a registered U.S. trademark of Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, California. Microsoft is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. To learn more, visit 4AA1-6895ENW, January 2008