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Developing for the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge with Rohan Kumar



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It seems as if there are multiple stories daily about the various ways AI is impacting organizations and people across the world. Whether it’s intelligent applications making data-driven recommendations to customers, or machine learning being used to detect potential health risks- it’s hard to be surprised these days. Cloud computing has been a fundamental force driving our ability to use data science and machine learning to solve for scenarios that were once believed only to be achievable in science fiction. But, what about scenarios in remote places with little to no connectivity and with devices that have limited processing power? What if we could infuse this intelligence not only into applications in the cloud, but also onto the devices themselves right where the action is? This talk introduces the concept of how the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge maintained as one computing fabric can extend the reach of AI.

Developing for the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge with Rohan Kumar

  1. 1. Betterproducts Deeperrelationships Moreefficientops Moreeffectiveemployees Product telemetry Operational data Employee input Customer signal
  2. 2. 400% Increase in fan profiles 30% Increase in digital revenue
  3. 3. Intelligent Cloud Intelligent Edge
  4. 4. 68 50 GB per day 200 TB per game 1 PB per day 1.5 GB per day 150 GB per day 5 TB per day By 2025 80 billion connected devices
  5. 5. AI Azure DatabricksSpark on SQL Server 2019 Azure Machine Learning
  6. 6. Connected vehicles Smart Irrigation Predictive maintenance
  7. 7. Daniel Jeavons
  8. 8. Our Opportunity