Serving management scenario v1


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Serving management scenario v1

  1. 1. FPC Serving Management Process Scenario: A church member is interested in volunteering for a Serving Opportunity such as Usher, Welcome Host, Greeter, etc. He/she is could already be participating in one type of Serving Opportunity and wants to participate in another one. This shows how that member connects with the FPC Opportunity Coordinator. Steps performed by Opportunity Coordinator includes: Step 1 – Use Serving Management module to Accept church member in to a “resource pool”. Step 2 – Use Groups module to manage Sunday Volunteer roster. Step 3 – Use VolunteerSpot to facilitate volunteer assignment 1
  2. 2. FPC Serving Management Process FPC church member selects Available Serving Opportunities Step 12
  3. 3. FPC Serving Management Process FPC church member reviews Serving Opportunities and clicks on Interested button FPC church member receives confirmation Step 13
  4. 4. FPC Serving Management ProcessScenario continues: The Opportunity Manager receives an emailindicating a member is interested in volunteering and follows up. Opportunity Coordinator selects Manage Volunteers Opportunity Coordinator selects appropriate Serving Opportunity Step 14
  5. 5. FPC Serving Management Process Opportunity Coordinator reviews Interested Volunteer and clicks on Accept button Step 15
  6. 6. FPC Serving Management ProcessVolunteer is now added to a “resource pool” maintained within the ServingManagement module. The key benefit of Serving Management is to allowFPC church member to get connected with the Opportunity Coordinator.NOTE: This is a list of potential volunteers. FPC uses “Groups”module to manage and track volunteers. All changes (add/delete)need to be manually repeated in the Groups module. Step 1 6
  7. 7. FPC Serving Management ProcessScenario continues: The Opportunity Manager now needs to updateGroups module. Volunteer Coordinator selects Groups> Activities> Sunday Volunteer and then selects the appropriate Filter. In this example Communion Server will be used as the Filter. Step 27
  8. 8. FPC Serving Management Process Volunteer Coordinator selects Add to Roster button which then presents Lookup Individual screen Enter name and press Find button Confirm Effective Date and press Add button Step 28
  9. 9. FPC Serving Management ProcessScenario continues: Previous steps creates a Change Request that isapproved by FPC church staff. Opportunity Coordinator now updatesthe appropriate VolunteerSpot to allow church member to sign up forspecific assignments. Volunteer Coordinator selects appropriate VolunteerSpot Activity Step 39
  10. 10. FPC Serving Management Process Volunteer Coordinator invites church member for appropriate Activity. Step 3 10
  11. 11. FPC Serving Management Process Volunteer Coordinator inserts user-id and updates Message as needed. Step 3 11
  12. 12. FPC Serving Management ProcessScenario continues: Opportunity Coordinator performs ongoing VolunteerSpot tasks (see below). Refer to Help information at for more details.1. Ideally once a quarter the VolunteerSpot organizer creates new Activity Calendars with specific ToDo tasks.2. Organizer monitors sign-ups for vacancies ongoing. Two days prior to a volunteer’s assignment, VolunteerSpot sends PRIMARY organizer REMINDER email with status. If there are vacant spots, organizer sends out a REMINDER email to all volunteers asking them to sign up.3. Upon receiving the REMINDER email the volunteer goes to the volunteer opportunity using a) link provided in REMINDER email or b) previously saved shortcut -- OR – c) “Find My Sign- up Sheet” mechanism. At that point he/she signs up and then sends the organizer an email indicating his/her action. NOTE: It is not necessary (and is undesirable) to REPLY ALL to the REMINDER email.4. Ideally, organizer repeats step 2 (if necessary) until all spots are filled. As a last resort, the organizer can unilaterally assign a person to a specific spot at which point VolunteerSpot will send a notification email to the “recruited” volunteer. This is a last resort because it requires an extra step on the organizer’s part and there is no guarantee the “recruited” volunteer will receive the notification email. Also unilateral assignment is contrary to the new strategy where FPC members are empowered and more actively involved in the Serving Management Process. Step 3 12