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Ecocluster business idea


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Ecocluster business idea

  1. 1. Ecological clusterThe presentation of the Ecocluster project
  2. 2. «Ecocluster» is a voluntary association of various companies specializing on making, processing andrealization of organic products and eco-services for Russian and international markets.• The main goal of all participants of «Ecocluster» association is to make, deliver and sell organicproducts and eco-services with guaranteed and protected quality in Russian and international markets. Thepoint is to influence formation of the civilized market of organic products and at the same time to introducemodern eco-standard.• One of major principles of «Ecocluster» association is to achieve a balance of interests of all projectparticipants: manufactures, processers, suppliers, sellers and consumers.• The mission of «Ecocluster» association is to propagate in Russia the idea that people should bemore conscious towards wholesome, organic products and should treat the environment with care and regard.• We work with love and discipline of excellence, we believe in power of nature and this main lifephilosophy of «Ecocluster» association.• Our business strategy is to follow the philosophy and principles of «Ecocluster» association; to satisfyrequirements of both consumers of organic products and project partners; to apply ecological innovations atthe highest level; to guarantee safety of all produced organic products and eco-services.
  3. 3. «Ecocluster» voluntary association was created on June 5th, 2011 at the initiative of eco-farmer AlexanderKonovalov. Russian and foreign manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, consumers of organic products and eco-service companies, that render eco-services, have entered «Ecocluster» association. On the basis of his ownfamily eco-farm, situated near Moscow, Alexander has developed and successfully evaluated his innovativeand integrated business idea within two years. He proved in practice that ecological agricultural industry in Russia is increasingly in demand today. Such business works effectively, producing a profit and constantly increasing number of clients that use organic products and eco-services. Eco-farm «Konovalovo»
  4. 4. Becoming the founder of a new international «Ecocluster» project, Alexander as skilled businessman wants to share his successful experience and unique knowledge with all partners of association. He is sure that only in the frame of such conglomerate all important factors will work in full force and effect, giving benefits for both consumers of organic products and members of a project. In his opinion everybody will be in the money from such unique association in Russia:• Manufacturers will increase and will expand an outlet areas of organic products not only in Russia butalso abroad;• Sellers will expand assortment and will increase sales volumes;• Customers will receive, directly from the producer, certified organic product with high protected quality,moreover cheaper than in retail chain.
  5. 5. • The main point of a business idea is topromote «Ecocluster» in the Internet, towork in close rapport with manufacturers oforganic products, to develop eco-store chainin the Internet. On the whole, the idea is tomake eco-brand that you can trust and thatguarantee ecological safety. Organic productswill soon become fashionable for millions ofconsumers, this products will have credibilityand will be associated exclusively witha health way of living. And all this can becometrue thanks to the protected quality.
  6. 6. • Clients will be able to buy organic products in the Internet shop, where a bright catalogue with all the products, including exclusive ones, will be presented. Those who will come on a portal will definitely pay attention to the belonging of manufacturers to a recognized «Ecocluster» brand. People will be able to meet the reccomendations of professionals in eco- market shpere, to see certificates of ecological safety and eco-mark. • Many adherents of so-called «green fashion» can buy in this Internet shop not only ecologically clean food and eco-services, but also many other things: eco-household goods, eco-furniture, eco-clothes, eco-instruments, eco-personal hygiene means, eco-cosmetics, eco-utensils, gift certificates, eco-products forchildren and even eco-products for domestic animals, madeof organic materials, using modern technologies.• Manufacturers of organic products will have an opportunityto offer for sale in the catalogue one’s own products, uponauthorization of «Ecocluster», in case if they have paidan entrance fee and have paid over a certain commissionfrom each sold unit of eco-product. The client will be ableto chose and buy products in one place, with obligatorydelivery of an order at home. «Ecocluster» will becomean additional and powerful channel of sales for hundredsof manufacturers and will give them an opportunity topromote their organic products through social networkingwebsites such as «Vkontakte», «Facebook» and «Twitter».
  7. 7. • is not only an active trading site, but also a unique social portal for direct interactionof all participants of the project. Each registered user will have personal page where he or she can makeorders, communicate at forum, meet other people, express one’s own opinion, share an experience in ablog, place curriculum vitae, job vacancies, personal photograph or video information. For project partnersdistance teaching is provided. The statistical information about organic products market and about individualopportunities of all partners of association is also presented on a site. In addition, participants of a project will be able to read current daily news. Moreover, the users themselves will create web content.
  8. 8. • In order to make an objective appraisal of a quality of organic products of all participants of a project, anonline system of appraisement and making ratings of manufacturers by consumers is provided. All the productsshown in a catalogue will be accompanied with maximum photo and video information about the fabricator,the history and characteristics of a product itself. The products will also pass strict control of «Ecocluster»recommendation system, will have all necessary certificates that compliant with accepted standards and willbe marked by a special «Ecocluster» logo with protective hologram and individual number. Later, using thisnumbers all the history of organic products and eco-services will be controlled. Different contests will be heldamong clients with great presents and live transmission on Internet channelEcoTV. Based on the results of consumers rating in different nominations everyyear the best project partner will be awarded with a rank of «Eco- triumphatorof the year» and will get a valuable present.• The Data about all manufacturers partners will be in the general register,and this information will be accessible to each consumer and participantof the project. Actual project doesn’t have warehouses, administration, andlogistics. Manufacturers and sellers themselves control such things as storageand delivery. Only checked, authoritative and objective information aboutorganic products and eco-services will be posted on a website.
  9. 9. • Thanks to a well-formed business strategy in the «Ecocluster» project will cooperate a great number ofparticipants of the project and clients by passing information from one person to another. To our opinion, suchorganization is the most effective way of constructing a client base. Therefore, those active users of a site, whowill draw in new buyers, will get money reward and special gifts. Information about such enthusiasts will bepublished in site ratings.• With every partner of a project a mutually profitable agreement will be completed, based on one of the followingvariants of cooperation: 1) the supplier and the seller of natural production with the «Ecocluster» recommendation;2) the supplier and the seller of a certificated organic productswith an «Ecocluster» logo; 3) the franchise - the right for a complex use of a trade mark «Ecocluster» and our technologies with mutual privileges.
  10. 10. Each partner of the «Ecocluster» project perfectly understands that the most important thing is to provide people benefit and to keep up their health. Thanks to such socially orientated strategy, business ideas and principles, that I’ve worked out, were successfully used in our family business and allowed our farm «Konovalovo» to become a starting point for a large international «Ecocluster» project. I’ve always wished that in this new international project were presented not only the best organic products with guaranteed quality, but also true stories with photos and video materials about how all products were made, with what love and care. I include into the project, which my partners and I were creating about a year, all my business experience and part of my soul and I’m very glad to see what good results we’ve achieved.Join our project and you will help many people to understand that only internal harmony can help to reach externalharmony, including all ensuing consequences: health, youth and happiness. Those who will understand a simple thing«ecology is me» will win. I am very happy to work in «Ecocluster» project, having a possibility to use organic products!I’m proud of brining people benefits and pleasure. Of course my family and I use only products of «Ecocluster». Day byday we share our lives with them and know for sure that we can trust our eco-products!Best regards, Alexander Konovalov – the founder of the project.