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  • The running dream presentation

    1. 1. The Running Dream By: Wendelin Van Draanen Realistic FictionPowerPoint by: Dasia Toone
    2. 2. Jessica Jessica is a junior at Liberty High and sheis an enthusiastic runner. She has a really greatpassion for running, after all her whole life revolvesaround running. On her way home from a trackmeet where she beat her own personal besttime, a vehicle runs into her bus. Jessica has to behospitalized. She has to adapt to a prostaticwalking leg. She struggles with depression andwonders if anyone would ever like her. With thehelp of family and friends she gets over not havinga leg and gets determination. She is devoted andambitious to run again.
    3. 3. Fiona Fiona is Jessica’s bestfriend. Fiona goes to Libertyhigh too. She is also on the trackteam and has a passion forrunning. She and Jessica hasbeen friend for a long time.When Jessica is in this accidentFiona feel its her job, as a friendto build her up
    4. 4. Liberty High Track Team The Liberty High track isJessica and Fiona’s team. Jessicahas many friends there includingher coach, Kyro. Liberty Highwas headed back from a trackmeet where they dominated asusual. The bus was in anaccident and everyone escapedexcept Jessica and Lucy. LibertyHigh has an outstanding recordand is a great team. Mostimportantly they give Jessicamore drive and determination totry to help Jessica run again.
    5. 5. Rosa Rosa is a student in Jessica’smath class. They never really notice eachother in class until Jessica came back toschool from her incident and was seatedright next to Rosa. Rosa has cerebral palsywhich causes her to be in a specialwheelchair. People generalize that otherpeople diagnosed with CP can’t doanything but Rosa is really smart andtutors Jessica in math. Rosa helps hercatch up with her missing work. Since shehas CP she is a little hard to understand.Rosa gives Jessica lots of hope. Rosa saysshe would like for people to see who she isinside and not her condition.
    6. 6. What I think… I think the book, The Running Dream, is a veryintriguing and inspirational book. My eyes were glued frombeginning to end. It taught and enforced two lessons. Onewas that life throws out many hurdles, but you have to jumpover them or find a way around them, as Jessicademonstrated. Also it taught me that I should be reallythankful for what I have and to count my blessings. I liked the authors style of writing with shortchapters and it was right to the point. I like how WendelinVan Draanen captured the aspect of running. She describedJessicas passion for running using descriptive and dramaticwords. Each character had an important role in her life. Ididn’t like that she included too much content on Jessicasrelationship with Gavin and Rosa, and the main focus oftenwasn’t on her recovery and running. Overall I thought that it was a great book. I wouldrate it 5 out of 5. I think it’s a great book for people to readespecially an athlete because you can make a goodconnection with Jessica.
    7. 7. “The Running Dream” book review This book is about a girl named Jessica Carlisle who is atrack star in her high school. After setting a league record at a trackmeet she was in a tragic bus accident. Jessica was left with her legin critical condition. It was so bad that she had to be hospitalized.The doctor tells her she is making great progress but day after dayshe feels worse and worse. She feels as if she will never hopeagain, that she will never run again. Jessica learns whats important in life and as shefaces the pain from losing her leg and depression, her best friendFiona helps her to cope with it. She meets Rosa, who’s in awheelchair because of cerebral palsy. Even though they’re in thesame math class, Jessica hardly even noticed Rosa before. Rosahelps Jessica with math and soon they become good friends. Rosagives her hope despite of her own condition. Jessica’s trackteam, family and friends help her through with this experience.So, will Jessica ever run again?