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QTP10 _ 9.5 _


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QTP10 _ 9.5 _

  1. 1. It is really the million dollar question that how to justify your experience in automation testing through QTP in interviews and in real work environment where you have to prove your experience in terms of knowing QTP functionalities, scripting, shortcuts, different type of frameworks and Automation of different Microsoft's products (excel, word, notepad, database etc.) <br />Guidance Under Working Professionals  Our faculty is working with top MNCs in QTP, They will share real time problems faced by them on live application And How to resolve them by QTP’s way and VBScrpting approach and what are the benefits of scripting and qtp’s way over each other, and when what we should opt in different scenarios. <br />With our best approach to interpret , where all the qtp’s functionalities will be correlated with Human mind so that you would never forget the concept of functionalies.<br />Frameworks:  To justify your experience in QTP you should have knowledge of different type of Automation Frameworks Action Based Hybrid Framework( DataDriven +Keyword + Modular),  Function Based Hybrid Framework (DataDriven+Keyword+Modular) And Pure KewordDriven Framework from How to start, develop and deploy Automation Framework on Live application.<br />We will give you chance to develop these framework on live application so that you will have expertise on Automation Framework that is the backbone of qtp. <br />VBScript Basics to Advanced usage:- Good knowledge of VBScript can only help  to stand you automation’s field, so that we will train you in vbscript from initial level to expert level without thinking about any time constraint because when you will know the practical usage of VBScript then Framework creation will become too easy for you in proper guidance. <br />Required betterment Initiatives in Automation :-After joining in any company in qtp to justify your experience you have to take some initiatives regarding application’s  automation betterment and automation process betterment with documentation (Test Automation Plan, Test Automation Design and Automation Framework User Help). We will provide all these real time documents and real time faced cases of automation.    <br />Special Tips for Interviews:-  We will give you special tips during class on when and which type of approach we should discuss in interviews regarding each qtp’s functionalities with real scenarios faced by working professional..<br />Unmatched Questionnaire:-  We have an Unmatched Questionnaire on interview in QTP created by gathering of inputs of training students which is being updating regularly(These are not theoretical questions picked from websites, these are the questions provided by trainees after facing real time interview questions and experience)<br /> <br />                      New Batch is started from this Weekend (Saturday & Sunday), 4th & 5th Dec .  <br />                      2 Classes are completely free, so feel free to come and feel the excellence, No registration or other formalities.<br />Seats are Limited (Max 8 in a batch)<br /> call us to confirm your seat for Workshop: 7838087088 ( Rahul )<br />New topics has been added<br />Use of macro in Testing is also revealed with Making of Test Utilities using Macro Programming<br />16 Planned Weekend Classes (each 3 Hours) (can be extended because we believe in solid base and complete coverage)<br />  Our Detailed Syllabus is attached with this mail in PDF and Word Format<br />