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Dashlane Engineering Meeting Extract


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This is an extract of the first Engineering Meeting at Dashlane organized by Frederic Rivain, VP Engineering. As a support to the blog post related to On-Boarding on Dashlane blog.

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Dashlane Engineering Meeting Extract

  1. 1. Dashlane Engineering Meeting Nov. 2015 1
  2. 2. Welcome!  About once a month, with the full team.  Usual Agenda:  General status  Team news  Business and Engineering Activity  Miscellaneous 2 Monthly Engineering Meetings
  3. 3. On-Boarding Interviews  I would like to meet with everybody. 30 min one-on-one.  If I missed you, talk to me after the meeting  This is a first introduction. We will also have other opportunities for individual discussions (on top of team gatherings): lunches…  Come and talk to me whenever needed. Even when busy, I will always make room for you. Also you have my email, phone number, hipchat, skype…carrier pigeon… 3
  4. 4. My Role  Basically a sports coach:  Coaching and training:  make you individually, and us collectively better  Help you become champions in your field  Tactics  Coordination 4
  5. 5. Vision 1. Produce value for our customers and for our company 2. Learn and Improve together 3. Have fun!  …this will mean Change. 5
  6. 6. Getting Better  We are ambitious as a company. We want to move fast, scale, as we offer the best product and expand our reach.  Change is about getting better.  Sometimes scary. So we need to manage it together.  Agile is also about Change. 6
  7. 7. Ambitions  Tend towards the Giants : Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Amazon, Github, Google, Apple, Netflix, Linkedin…  Innovation, state-of-the-art  Be proud and promote our engineering, internally and externally  4 key concepts: Agile & Lean Data-driven DevOpsCode as Craft 7
  8. 8. Management Management & Leadership Change Management Problem Management Team Life Dev Events Engineering blog Play at work Continuous learning Communication Hiring Project Methodology Agile Kanban Product Ownership KPI & Metrics Lean Scrum Collaboratio n Tools XP Quality Unit-Testing / TDD Automated Functional Testing Code Quality Metrics Load-testing Performance testing Browser compatibility No Bugs Development Process Functional specifications Technical conception Code versioning & Merging Coding Guidelines Pair Programming Developer Documentation Code as Craft Code Review Continuous integration Industrialization Automation Software factory Feedback loops Continuous deployment Instrumentation frameworkA/B testing Release Management Platform Features UX design Responsive design Mobile SEO Analytics KPI BI Operations DevOps Hosting Centralized operations Zero Downtime Monitoring On- Call Logging Backup & Recovery Configuration Management Example of things we should tackle (not exhaustive…) Security Secure Code Penetration Testing Security Policies Compliance Audit 8
  9. 9. Roadmap(s)  One Roadmap that includes both:  Product & Business projects  Engineering projects  We will take time for both, even if sometimes it will not be easy.  We need also to clarify our Company Portfolio Management.  Coming next:  Clarify the roadmap / portfolio process  Build a high-level Dashlane Roadmap view  Build our Engineering Strategy. 9
  10. 10. Culture  We will define together our Team Culture, an extension to Dashlane Culture and Values  What do we stand for as a team? What is our goal? 10 CultureValues Actions “Culture is the stuff people do without noticing it.” Henrik Kniberg (Agile Guru) “Culture is the manifestation of the shared values of the organization as represented by the actions of its members.” Kevin Goldsmith (Spotify)
  11. 11. Continuous Learning  Developing a Culture of Learning  The pace of change in our market and on the web in general forces companies to adapt fast. To be adaptive as an organization, that organization must intentionally engage in Continuous Learning.  When you learn as a team, you become more adaptable and achieve much better results, especially when the pace of change is fast. Teams that learn quickly are more adaptive than teams that don't. Adaptive teams are teams that can get better results, by rapid response to change. 11
  12. 12. Last but not least  2 personal rules…I hope you share them 1. Spirit  Enthusiastic  Open-minded  Collaborative  Communicative 2. Meetings  Be on time!  Focus: no phones no computers (except if required) 12
  13. 13. …  To be continued… 13
  14. 14. Questions 14
  15. 15. We’re changing the world… one password at a time Dashlane wants to make identity and payment simple and secure everywhere! 15 Want to be a part of life in the Dashlane? Visit for all the info! Dashlane is a premier, award-winning password manager and digital wallet, intrinsically designed to make identity and payments simple and secure on every website and every device. We’re a rapidly growing, tech startup using the world’s best security and privacy architecture to simplify the lives of more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide. Since our first product launch in 2013, our brilliant team of engineers and developers tirelessly work on new coding challenges, build code using the latest up-to-date frameworks for native development across desktop and mobile, use cutting-edge web service architecture, and are at the forefront of building applications that help millions of people every day! So far, all of our hard work has been paying off! Dashlane was recently recognized by Google as one of the “Best of 2015” apps! Google also recognized our Android password manager as an Editors’ Choice winner on the Google Play Store, and selected Dashlane to demo its adoption of Android M fingerprint technology at Google I/O!
  16. 16. We work with the latest technology! See our code in action! Check out some of our projects on Github! In addition, each member of the Dashlane team can take some time to share his insights in Tech Conferences and become a thought leader in the tech community. 16 Alexis Fogel @ Droid Con Emmanuel Schalit @ The Dublin Web Summit Emmanuel Schalit @ Le Wagon Desktop Mobile Web App/Server Security Dashlane is dedicated to building high-quality user experiences on Mobile, Desktop, and on the web using the latest up-to-date technologies and languages.
  17. 17. Ready to join #LifeInTheDashlane? We’re filling our ranks from top to bottom with some of the smartest and friendliest developers and engineers in the industry! Come join us! Visit to learn more about joining the Dashlane team! 17 Also visit us here: