Dual Lens 720p HD DVR X6 I1000 F70 DVR Dash Cam User Manual


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Dual Lens 720p HD DVR X6 I1000 F70 DVR Dash Cam User Manual

  1. 1. X6 Instruction Manual Back viewLeft View Front ViewRight ViewBottom View01. on/off button 13.TF card slot02 .Reset Button 4.Remote control receiver
  2. 2. 03. AV OUT 15.Model /Menu04. Display 16.Photo / Playback Button05. Logo lens 17.G-Sensor Emergence locks Button06. Sensor Level to 18.CMOS sensors07.Power Light Switch (blue) 19.Nightlight /LED flash light08. Video /DOWN 20.SENSOR lens09. Mute /UP 21.Horn10. REC (blue) indicator 22.screw hole11. MIC (blue) indicator 23.Flatpaste pad/3M12. USB port 24. Back camera portInstall the DVR1. Put the TF card into the card slot2. Install the DVR on the car windscreen ordriving instrument platformby the Flat paste pad. And make sure that heDVR do not affect driving safe.3.Close engine, adjust the camera position, in
  3. 3. order to have the best shoot wide.4.Start the engine; check the machine isinstalled correctly. Join up the DVR and carcigarette lighter by Car chargerNotice:1. Please install the DVR on position havingthe sufficient light and driving safe.2. When the machine is installed correctly,the LED will be blue and the display screenwill show.3. Please try your best to plug in the carcharger after turn on the engine.4. Please do not install the DVR on theposition that lay the airbag or keep outdriving view or any position where affectingdriving safe.Features:1.In the video standby mode, slight clicktwice the Model/Menu Button, into video
  4. 4. duration setting list, then click REC/MICButton to select the setting you want to, atlast click Emergence lock Button to save yoursetting. Slight click third times the Model/Menu Button again to quit.2. In the video standby mode slight click oncethe Model/Menu Button, into Resolutionsetting function list, then click REC/MICButton to select the setting you want to, atlast click Emergence lock Button to save yoursetting. Slight click twice the Model /MenuButton again to quit.3.In the video standby mode slight click thirdtimes the Model/Menu button, into Menusetting function list, then click REC/MICButton to select the setting you want to, thenclick Emergence lock Button, clickREC/MIC Button again to locate Parameters,at last short click Emergence lock Button tosave your setting. Slight click twice the
  5. 5. Model /Menu Button again to quit.4. After 6 second when auto engine shutdown, the DVR will archive and will be off.Note: Sensor is/inverse switching methods:Long press MIC Button last 3 seconds, theDVR will run inverse video, Long pressVideo Button last 3 seconds, the DVR willrun positive video. And the DVR willautomatically keep the setting when it is off.Playback functionIn video or photo mode, long press Photo /Playback Button last 3 seconds to enter theplayback mode, click the REC/MIC to view,Slight short press Photo / Playback Button toplay or pause video files.Or click once the Model /Menu Button todelete the files twice click the Emergencelock Button to quit deleting files.Motion Detect Video mode:
  6. 6. Note: The VCR need joint up car charger orcharging treasure when running this mode.Turn on the DVR and press Emergence LockButton last 3 seconds to enter to MotionDetect Video mode. When select Motiondetect function, it will be recordingautomatically if there is an object movementand if there is no object movement, 5 minuteslater the video will be stop. Press VideoButton to quit Motion Detect Video modeNight view function:Turn on the VCR, The default function of thenight vision is automatic.When DVR is turn on, the Night Vision modewill be automatically turn on or off dependon the night vision sensor feel light degrees.Manual Night Vision mode:Turn on the VCR, slight short press ON/OFF
  7. 7. Button to enter to the Night Vision 3 modessetting. You can select the turn on or off theNight Vision mode, or select automatic NightVision mode.Flash function:When DVR is turn on, automatically enterthe Video mode, same time automaticallyenter the flashing light mode and flash onetime every second. Manual closeAutomatically Video mode, the Flashing lightmode will be close tooSensor or display is/inverse switchingfunctions:Long press MIC Button last 3 seconds, theDVR will run inverse video (or display),Long press Video Button last 3 seconds, theDVR will run positive video (or display).Note: the DVR will automatically keep the
  8. 8. setting when it shut down.Collision Induction Mode:Turn on the DVR, select the Video mode,when serious vehicle collision happened, theDVR will automatically enter CollisionInduction mode, automatically videotapingwhat happened and save the fliesautomatically. (The files will not be coveredor delete.)Emergency lock collision induction shortcutKey functions:Turn on the DVR, select the Video mode,When serious vehicle collision happened,slight short press the [Emergence lockButton], enter to G-Sensor Emergence lockmode, DVR automatically videotaping whathappened and Continue videotaping 3minutes after outage and save the fliesautomatically.(The files will not be covered
  9. 9. or delete.) Slight short press the [Emergencelock Button] again to quit.Update date and time function:Time Stamp: Before using the DVR you needto update date and time. In the video standbymode slight click third times the Model/Menubutton, into Menu setting function list, thenclick REC/MIC Button to select the timesetting menu, then click Emergence lockButton to get into setting display (the redword can be adjust), click REC/MIC Buttonagain to update time or date, then short pressModel/Menu Button to next setting, andrepeat setting as before, at last short clickEmergence lock Button to save your setting.Cycle-Recording and auto cover function:Time between cycle-recording andautomatically cover is 200ms-400ms.
  10. 10. External camera function:Directly plug the 3.5 mm camera cable intothe interface, the external camera functionwill be run When the External camerasconnected is right and the screen will showthe white camera sign.U Disk function:Shut down the DVR, Connect DVR withcomputer by USB cable.LCD will show threemodes (disk, camera or charging) for yourselecting. Click REC/MIC Button to SelectDisk mode and slight short press Emergencelock Button to confirm it, LCD will show Udisk icon.When the USB cable is drop out, the DVRwill automatically be shut down.(Note: it ismore easy to copy the files from TF card tocomputer by card reader).
  11. 11. Note:1. Please setting the video resolution to VGAbefore using the PC camera function,.2. The files is stored at TF card, when thefiles are read by computer, suggest copyingthe files from the TF card to the computer byCard Reader.3. Do not need to install PC CAM driversoftware when run this function.2.【Reset Button】Resetting function: When the DVR is notwork, press the RESET Button to power off,and then restart3.【Video /UP Button] 4 functions:① A key video switch function②Up function③Sensor positive switching functionA key video switch function:
  12. 12. When the VCR is turn on, enter the Videomode, and MIC indicators (blue) light areflashing when Video is run. Slight short press[Video /Down Button] videotaping will bepause, and REC indicator (blue) light will beoff, the files will be saved. Light short press[Video /Down Button] again, the videotapingis back on, the REC indicator (blue) light areflashing again.4. [Mute/Down Button] 4 functions①A key mute function②Down function③Sensor inverse switching functionSensor inverse switching function:When DVR is turn on, if the DVR runpositive. Long press MIC Button last 3seconds, DVR will switch to run inversevideo.