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  1. 1. a smart boost for your network
  2. 2. From clever ideas to measurable results Be smart, get more
  3. 3. Get max from your assets •  Network optimisation •  Traffic shifting •  Spectrum refarming •  Network grid optimisation Be smart, get more Get max from your team •  Process (semi)automation
  4. 4. Challenge •  RAN is a living and very dynamic environment •  Defining optimal parameters requires complex computations Network Optimisation Solution •  Software solution efficiently supporting the process (repeatability and reproducibility) •  Algorithms at the cutting edge of computer sciences Benefits •  Better services using the same assets – higher QoE / QoS •  More traffic using the same assets – higher revenue
  5. 5. Spectrum Refarming & Traffic Shifting Challenge •  Exponential growth of PS traffic •  Differences in spectral efficiency of access technologies •  Management of multilayer networks Solution •  Shift of PS traffic to more efficient network layers •  Shift of spectral resources from 2G to 3G or 4G, keeping the QoS for CS Benefits •  Lower CAPEX (spectrum) •  Lower OPEX (deactivation of TRX)
  6. 6. Challenge •  Site maintenance costs is an important part of OPEX •  Network grids developed incrementally, so its structure could be suboptimal Network Grid Optimisation Solution •  Reshaping of the grid taking into account e.g.: •  maintenance costs, •  profitability, •  future network structure (5G) Benefits •  Lower OPEX
  7. 7. Problem •  SON solutions don’t meet expectations (scope, scale, complexity, results) •  A lot of daily activities is still based on tedious, time-consuming manual work Process (Semi)automation Solution •  Process optimisation based on Kaizen philosophy •  IT system efficiently supporting engineers in most frequent, complex or time-consuming tasks Benefits •  Higher efficiency of the engineering team – more closed tickets •  Process repeatability and reproducibility •  Fewer human (expensive) mistakes
  8. 8. From clever ideas to measurable results DATAX case studies
  9. 9. Lean Refarming with DATAX Goal: Refarming in one of European countries CASE STUDY #1 Challenge: 20% spectrum reduction Reconfiguration in the whole country done over one night 3 weeks in total from start to finish (including automated data collection) with 40h of manpower costs Consistent QoE despite 20% spectrum reduction
  10. 10. High Scale Computation with DATAX Goal: Optimisation of the 2G network in one of Asian cities CASE STUDY #2 Challenge: The city is one of the top 10 urban agglomerations in the world Reconfiguration in the whole region done over one night 2 weeks in total from start to finish Significant QoS improvement despite the narrow spectrum GSM900: 4 BCCH channels, TCH: 6 channels; GSM1800: 8 BCCH channels, 16 TCH channels)
  11. 11. Better QoE for LTE users with DATAX Goal: Improving QoE in LTE network deployed in a middle-sized European city CASE STUDY #3 Challenge: Better QoE without new resources Reconfiguration done over one night 1 week in total from start to finish (including automated data collection) with 8h of manpower costs Improved QoE (DCR reduction by 10%, Bad CQI reduction by 12%, DL Throughput improvement by 16%)
  12. 12. Troubleshooting with DATAX Goal: Improving efficiency of network optimisation and RAN troubleshooting process CASE STUDY #4 Challenge: System integration in multivendor and multi-technology environment System integration done in two weeks 50 users working with the system on the daily basis Achieving process efficiency goals defined by management. Same team, more tickets closed
  13. 13. From clever ideas to measurable results DATAX – who are we?
  14. 14. Practicioners WORKING WITH VENDORS AND OPERATORS, WE GATHERED A HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE. WE KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL PROBLEMS ARE. AREAS OF EXPERIENCE –  Algorithms and solutions for multi-RAT optimisation –  Radio network architecture, protocols and KPIs –  Link-level and system-level simulations including HetNets –  AS/NAS protocols analysis –  Traffic forecasting algorithms –  Customer experience management and KQIs –  SON
  15. 15. Researchers –  “Self-Organizing Networks” in The Telecommunications Handbook: Engineering Guidelines for Fixed, Mobile and Satellite System. –  “Energy efficiency optimizer for mobile networks” presented by DATAX during IEEE VTC2013-Spring 3rd International Workshop on Self-Organizing Networks (IWSON), 2 June 2013, Dresden. –  “Enhanced Communications in Emergencies by Creating and Exploiting Synergies in Composite Radio Systems” – PSC Europe Forum Conference 30 November & 1 December 2011, Warsaw. TO BE AT THE FOREFRONT OF INNOVATION, OUR TEAM MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN ACADEMIC RESEARCH ACTIVITIES. –  Combinatorial optimisation –  Machine learning –  3G/4G/5G –  MIMO techniques –  HetNets –  Interference Coordination –  Support and standardisation processes RESEARCH FIELDS PUBLICATIONS
  16. 16. R&D project participants WE PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS TO IMPROVE THINGS AROUND US. WE CONTRIBUTE BY OFFERING OUR PROVEN KNOW-HOW. GREENNETS ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Project coordinator: DATAX Power consumption and CO2 footprint reduction in mobile networks by advanced automated network management approaches (FP7 Research for SMEs) Partners: atesio, Benco, Fraunhofer HHI, University of Wroclaw, Technische Universität Braunschweig. HELP PUBLIC SAFETY Project coordinator: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Enhanced Communications in Emergencies by Creating and Exploiting Synergies in Composite Radio Systems (FP7 Security) Partners: Bapco, Cassidian, JRC European Commission, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.
  17. 17. Our Clients and sales offices worldwide
  18. 18. Network Configuration Management Network Troubleshooting Network Performance Management Network Optimisation & Spectrum Refarming TS DATAX portfolio DATAX easily integrates with OSSes (ZTE, HUAWEI, NOKIA, ERICSSON)
  19. 19. Contact us +48 (71) 788 58 51 GMT+1 For more visit: