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Yarra Sharing #MapJam 2014


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The Yarra Sharing ‪#‎MapJam‬ was held at The Reading Room, Fitzroy Town Hall, Tuesday 21 October 2014.

Thanks to event partners Shareable, the City of Yarra, WeShare by Infoxchange and Livewell Yarra. Most of all thanks to everyone who came to map their hearts out!

The map can be found here:

Email me for more info:

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Yarra Sharing #MapJam 2014

  1. 1. Darren Sharp, Editor Australia @dasharp Yarra Sharing #MapJam Tuesday 21stOctober 2014 Fitzroy Town Hall
  2. 2. Welcome! •Sharing Cities Network 2nd Annual Global #MapJam •Hashtags #mapjam#changefest •MapJams are taking place in 50 cities around the world!
  3. 3. Welcome! •Grab a name tag •Please add your details to the sign-in sheet •Food, drinks and wifiis available
  4. 4. Event Partners
  5. 5. Introductions Karen Cameron Environmental Programs
  6. 6. Introductions Emma Fawcett Community Engagement
  7. 7. Introductions Rob Salter Project Leader
  8. 8. Sharing Cities Network •A grassroots network for sharing innovatorsto discover together how to create as many sharing cities around the world as fast as possible.
  9. 9. Sharing Cities Resolution
  10. 10. Sharing City Seoul •A new city-funded project bringing the sharing economy closer to all citizens; •Expanding sharing infrastructure; •Promoting existing sharing enterprises; •Incubating sharing economy startups; •Utilising idle public resources; •Providing more access to data and digital works.
  11. 11. Ice breaker Everyone share your name, affiliation, and your favourite thing to share.
  12. 12. Yarra Sharing #MapJam •Mapping makescommunity assets more visible; •Creates a foundation for further community development; •Higher awareness of shared assets can lead to more collaborations between sharing projects and new project ideas to fill in the gaps; •The map show who’s available to organise, what resources can be connected and make us better sharing advocates
  13. 13. The Map Umap–Open Street Map
  14. 14. City of Yarra
  15. 15. Yarra Sharing #MapJam 2014 •Finance-credit unions, community banks, microfinance and local investment,socially responsible investing firms, community currencies •Production-community gardens, coworking spaces, urban farms, hacker spaces, maker labs, art collectives, fab labs, computer kitchens, repair cafes, energy co-ops, producer co-ops, •Land/housing-public parks, open space, community centres, housing co- ops, community land trusts, intentional communities, cohousing developments •Services-public libraries, carsharing pods, bikesharing stations,worker co- ops, neighbourhood houses, community or co-operative healthcare, childcare collectives, preschool co-ops, timebanks, education co-ops, community owned media •Distribution-food co-ops, farmer's markets, op shops/second-hand stores, tool, toy and seed libraries, barter markets, free stores, free boxes and food pantries
  16. 16. Yarra Sharing #MapJam 2014 Ideas to get us started… •Carsharing pods (Flexicar, GoGet, GreenShareCar, CarNextDoor); •Lending libraries (book, toy, tool and seed); •Coworking spaces, MakerLabs, Men’s Sheds; •Community Gardens, Farmers Markets, Food co-ops, Local Harvest, Food Swaps; •Neighbourhood Houses, Community Centres •Streetbank, Sustainability St,
  17. 17. Yarra Sharing #MapJam 2014 Form small groups between 4-6 people… •Brainstorm •Use post it notes •Butcher’s paper •Paper maps •Then transfer to digital map (max 4 computers), include street address and URL •Grab a drink, some food and have fun!!!
  18. 18. Darren Sharp, Editor @dasharp Shareable Australia