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CouchDB Day NYC 2017: Using Geospatial Data in Cloudant & CouchDB


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Since GeoJSON is a standard for storing geographic data in JSON format, it is a best practice to adhere to this format when storing geo-coordinates in Cloudant and CouchDB.

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CouchDB Day NYC 2017: Using Geospatial Data in Cloudant & CouchDB

  1. 1. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Using Geospatial Data in Cloudant & CouchDB February, 2017
  2. 2. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Why Geospatial? • Humans are wired by evolution to think spatially • Location tells you a lot about your data • Design with Nature (1969) pioneered the concept of ecological planning. Ian McHarg sets forth the basic concepts that were to develop later into geographic information systems. Courtesy Wikipedia
  3. 3. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Faking Geo with CouchDB • Secondary index on X and Y • Mango query X and Y • Pull data to the client, then… • Use PouchDB + for bounding box queries or • for more complete geospatial analysis
  4. 4. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Components of a great mobile mapping app © Copyright IBM Corporation 2015 Basemap tiles: Mapbox API Query: all restaurants X meters from Y that serve Z Web client: MapboxGL Custom data: restaurants
  5. 5. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Going Beyond the Bounding Box
  6. 6. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Multipoint Polygons
  7. 7. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform GeoJSON Data Format – geometry property • required: type property with a value such as Point, LineString or Polygon • required: coordinates property – properties property • all the other data • optional in Cloudant/CouchDB – type property set to Feature –
  8. 8. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Geo Queries – base URL /<db>/_design/<ddocname>/_geo/<geoindexname>? – bounding box bbox=minlon,minlat,maxlon,maxlat – radius lat=39.96&lon=-75.15&radius=300&relation=contains polygon relation=overlaps &g=POLYGON ((-71.0537124 42.3681995,-71.054399 42.3675178,- 71.0522962 42.3667409,-71.051631 42.3659324,-71.051631 42.3621431,-71.0502148 42.3618577,-71.0505152 42.3660275,- 71.0511589 42.3670263,-71.0537124 42.3681995))
  9. 9. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Spatial Relationship Types BBox Contains Crosses Disjoint Equals Intersects Overlaps Touches Within
  10. 10. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Crime Stats
  11. 11. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Field Work
  12. 12. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Safety Pulse
  13. 13. @rajrsingh Watson Data Platform Resources • Location Tracker tutorials • • Cloudant Geo • Marketing overview apps/ • Technical docs • Me • Twitter @rajrsingh • Email