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David Sanz Trabajo Final: Irlanda y Londres


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Esta presentación está en inglés, y va destinada a alumnos que estudien este idioma, que no conozcan mucho de Irlanda y el Reino Unido, y que a través de fotos, comentarios, enlaces con la red y vídeos, tengan un primer contacto visual y auditivo con el entorno inglés e irlandés.

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David Sanz Trabajo Final: Irlanda y Londres

  1. 1. LONDON AND IRELAND: TWO ICONS OF THE ENGLISH WORLD An exploration through their culture, society, nature, history and tourism
  2. 2. London: its symbols The Big Ben, the red phone box and the red double-decker bus
  3. 3. The Big Ben: a famous “bell” The name of Big Ben is given to the bell of the clock
  4. 4. The Big Ben as part of the Houses of Parliament The river Thames is a symbol of London, with the English Parliament on its east bank
  5. 5. The red is the colour of London and its typical symbols: the phone box, the double-decker bus and the “tube” You will take pictures, take a ride and buy souvenirs !!!
  6. 6. The London Eye: the symbol of the new millenium You will have a wonderful view of London from the top of the wheel… Take a ride!!
  7. 7. Camden Market: an icon of the open-air London markets You will buy a lot of souvenirs and clothes for a reasonable price… You can’t miss it!!
  8. 8. One of the arches of the entrance in China Town Soho is the Chinese district where you will realise the variety of peoples in London!!
  9. 9. In a Londoner pub, you will have a cold beer… Enjoy the happy hour !! Pubs in London Turism in London
  10. 10. Enjoy this video recording about London!!! London live
  11. 11. Ireland: a green land below a blue sky The Irish symbol: the shamrock
  12. 12. A green impressive setting of nature: Discover the wonder of The Cliffs of Moher
  13. 13. A green beautiful landscape: The Wicklow Mountains
  14. 14. Authentic Irish tradition: An Irish village
  15. 15. Irish history: The Irish castles
  16. 16. Genuine Irish tradition: The Irish pubs
  17. 17. A genuine Irish landmark: The Guinness beer See more about Guinness!!
  18. 18. A sign of the Irish culture: The folk Irish music
  19. 19. Dublin: a capital with history Trinity College, river Leffey and Molly Malone statue
  20. 20. Enjoy this video recording about Ireland!! Discover Ireland