Vote against-corruption


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My thoughts on the MLA election, and voting for the rights candidate.

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Vote against-corruption

  1. 1. Before vote After voteAct now, to prevent this !For the past few decades, at election time I have reluctantly gone out and voted forsomeone, anyone - there was no great difference between candidates, the choice wasbetween the devil and the deep blue sea. And look what I got ! The worst managed city,in the most corrupt state in the country.3 years ago I came to know Dr. Meenakshi Bharath when she spoke to a group of peoplein Sadashivanagar about waste segregation and recycling, prompting us to to start SadaZero waste segregation movement. I learnt that she was one of a small group of peoplewho had initiated the waste segregation movement in Bangalore. I also learnt about herwork in Malleswaram improving voter registration, providing free medicare, etc.I was thrilled to hear that Dr. Meenakshi was the Loksatta party candidate for the MLAelections, from the Malleswaram constituency. I now have a candidate that I actively wantas my MLA. So this is what I plan to do, and why.1. I am going to vote for Dr. Meenakshi.Why ? Because she is someone who will work for the joy of improving things, notsomeone who will work for the joy of improving their bank balance. She will not initiateuseless projects just to spend public money to skim off a percentage.2. I am going to campaign for her, personally.Why ? Because it is not enough if I just vote and sit back. If I want her to win, I must alsogo out and convince other people to vote for her. Her opponents are going to be busybuying votes with money. I hope to counter this in my own small way. Im going to godoor-to-door for an hour or two every day and talk to people about her, convince them tovote for her. Im going to do this in Sadashivanagar, Guttahalli, Vyalikaval, or wherever elseI can.3. I am not going to listen to cynics and pessimists. This is what I hear, and myreplies:Whats the use ? Things are not going to change, whatever you do.My reply: Things can change, will change, if enough of us take an active part in politics.By voting for, campaigning for, and supporting the right candidate with our time and
  2. 2. money. They will not change if we sit on our butts and complain.Oh, all these politicians are the same. They are all there for the money.My reply: Oh, really ? Is every one a thief or murderer ? Are you a thief or murderer ? Doyou do everything just for monetary gain ? Havent you done things in your life just for thejoy of giving, for improving things? Why do you believe that there are not others like youout there ? The fact is that our apathy in the past has resulted in the wrong people gettingelected.Loksatta is an unknown party, its MLAs will not have a voice in the assembly, and will notbe able to get money for their constituency. Might as well vote for a large party with clout.My reply: The Loksatta Party has a single MLA in the AP assembly, but he is THE mosteffective and active person in the house. While other parties can issue a whip to forcetheir members to vote in a certain way in the assembly, the Loksatta Party has a clearpolicy of not issuing a whips. This means any MLA of the Loksatta Party can voteaccording to his or her conscience or constituencys preference. Your constituency gets Rs.60 crore over 5 years for developmental works, irrespective of which party your MLA andcorporator belong to. Thats a lot of money, thats been misused in the past - look at allthe useless projects around you, that nobody asked for.Why waste my vote on someone who may not win ? I wouldrather vote for a big party that will definitely win.My reply: If you vote for an honest candidate, you improvesociety. If you vote for a corrupt person just because yousupport his party or belong to his religion or caste, youencourage the cancer of corruption that is killing this country.For candidates of traditional parties, politics is a business: “Iinvest X in the elections, and want returns of Y over the next 5years”. If enough of us vote for the honest candidate,optimistically this person wins. Pessimistically he/she loses by amargin that is small enough to scare the corrupt person whowon, so the person is less corrupt in future. Either way, youwin because your vote has changed things for the better.Your votecan4. In other words, I am going to be extremely selfish and go all out to support acandidate who is good for me.If you believe that what I am saying is right, be selfish and:1. Vote for Dr. Meenakshi Bharath2. Convince other people to vote for her, in the Malleshwaram consituency (whichincludes these areas: Malleshwaram, Sadashivanagar, Guttahalli, Vyalikaval,Mattikere, Subramanya Nagar, Kadu Malleswara and Gayathri Nagar)3. If you live in some other constituency, vote for the honest candidate there.Get in touch with me at to join my door-to-doorcrusade.Dasarathi GV (Das). Resident of Sadashivanagar.