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Bangalore traffic - the sustainable transport solution

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  • thanks, I agree to an extent .
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  • I use the bus in Bangalore regularly. I found out about bus capacities by the simple method of counting the number of seats, and counting the number of people who can stand comfortably. Did this for the ordinary buses and the Vajras.
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  • I just found out about bus capacities from someone knowledgeable about bus design. You are right -- they are designed to carry a maximum of about 70-75 people.
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  • I have been in Bangalore all my life & I do not agree with the analysis at all. The pictures where you say some 75 vehicles (cars etc) will be reduced to 2 buses or so is a massive exaggeration. It will never happen. We have many buses & can have more too, agreed but will it give the benefit that you say it will. How will you convince people to take buses, where is the space for the buses to park. Buses to literally run over you in bus stops (actually road stops).

    While I say all the above, I do not know what the solution is :-( Work from home for a very negligible few, allowing industries to come up in places around bangalore & improving the connectivity to these cities etc, factories also building residential complexes near where they come up could help tackle these to some extent, but will it entirely solve it, probably not.
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  • To reduce traffic and commute time you could find a job closer to where you live.
    Find a job closer to your needs here :
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Bangalore traffic - Solution

  1. 1. Bangalores traffic mess The solution
  2. 2. A dreamA Green Bangalore, with clean air, peaceful roads
  3. 3. The current nightmareTerrible pollution, road accidents, loss of trees,loss of homes and businesses to road widening
  4. 4. Can we forget the nightmare and achieve the dream ?
  5. 5. The current strategy Widen roads to keep pace with trafficTraffic is doubling every 5 years. Road space can neverIllogically, we are trying to double keep pace with vehicleRoad space every 5 years. population.
  6. 6. Dog chasing its tail strategy has failed all over the world 20-lane road in USA. Congestion remains, despite endless road widening.
  7. 7. So whats the solution ?
  8. 8. Move to sustainable transportIncrease public transport, reduce private vehicles. Public transport = mass transport + taxis + autos+Increase Non-motorized Transport (NMT) Cycling and WalkingThis is the only solution that will work in the long term.
  9. 9. Sustainable transport could lead to this Reduce No. of vehicles by 75 % Commute time by 50 % Pollution by 80 % Spending on roads by 90 %Increase spending onWater, Health care, Education, Electric power
  10. 10. Which mass transport ?
  11. 11. Metro ?Like London, Paris and New York, Bangalore needs400 km. of Metro tracks.The other cities took 150 years to build 400 km. of Metro.Bangalore has taken 5 years to build 4 km.42 km. in phase 1 is going to cost Rs. 12,000 Cr.1. Bangalore Metro will take 100 years, cost Rs. 1 Lakh Crore.2. We will not be alive to see its benefits. MG Road, before Metro MG Road, after Metro
  12. 12. Bus ? 150 people in cars 150 people in 2 buses and 2-wheelersRoad space used by a person in a bus is 3 % compared to aa car, 5 % compared to a 2-wheeler
  13. 13. The bus already works, beautifully BMTC has 6000 buses, 0.5 % of the total vehicle population of 36,00000 (36 lakhs). It carries half the citys population. Proportionately One half of Bangalore occupies this much road space in 36 Lakh private vehicles. The other half of Bangalore occupies this much road space in 6000 buses.
  14. 14. Commuter rail ?Will run on existing rail tracks, 405 km. distance.Connects all suburbs.Starts with 15 minute frequency, increases to 5-10 minutes in 7 years.Can start in 1 year, Rs. 8000 Crore total cost.
  15. 15. Its decision making time
  16. 16. Option 1Keep widening roads and destroying Bangalore+Wait for Metro for 100 years, cost Rs. 1 lakh Cr.2005 2010 2015 2020 ?
  17. 17. ResultAir pollution, road accidents, loss of trees, loss of homesand businesses to road widening
  18. 18. Option 2For long commutes – public transportCommuter railBusTaxisAutosFor short commutes - Non-motorized transportCyclingWalking
  19. 19. ResultA green Bangalore, with clean air, improved mobility,more money spent on healthcare, water, power,education
  20. 20. Does it really need great intelligence todecide which option is better ?
  21. 21. But you think it is Utopian ?Sustainable transport is too long term, OK for developedcountries like Holland but not practical in a developingcountry ?SeeHow sustainable transport can be implemented in Bangalore.
  22. 22. What you can do1. Start practising sustainable transport – take publictransport, cycle or walk whenever possible. Can you start bynot driving to that neighbourhood shop thats half a km.away ?2. Reduce your addiction to your private vehicle, in stages.3. Convince friends that sustainable transport is the onlyway to go – personally, through social media, etc.4. Participate in campaigns pushing for sustainabletransport – email, petitions, public meetings, demonstrations– in whatever way you can.
  23. 23. “A Developed country is not a place where the Poor have cars, its where the Rich use Public Transport”- Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogota, Columbia, and sustainable transport guru
  24. 24. Further readingSome of the articles are a couple of years old. The data may be slightly old, butthe essence of the arguments does not change.Why the Metro is not a solutionWhy road widening is stupidEnrique Penalosa - Brief biographyInterview with Enrique PenalosaBangalore commuter railGroups working for sustainable transportWant to join and work in a group working for sustainable transport in Bangalore?You can contribute your time, skills and money.Join