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Sustainable transport-das


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Presentation used at the sustainable transport talk on 26-Jan-2013 at Jaaga.

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Sustainable transport-das

  1. 1. Sustainable transport My story
  2. 2. Who I amMechanical Engineer.Founder-Director of a firm that makes productsfor the manufacturing industry.52 years old.Owner of THE sexiest pair of legs in mygym, one of the sexiest pair of legs intown – because of cycling.
  3. 3. Me, B.S.(Before Sustainable-transport, or in the Bull-shit era)Q: What do you want for your children ?My bullshit answer : Healthy childhood, niceenvironment, lots of space to play in, blah, blah.The fact: My vehicle polluting mydaughters air, destroying her trees,occupying her parks and footpaths –destroying her childhood.I decided : “Enough bullshit,Let me walk the talk”.
  4. 4. Sustainable transport saga 2000 2011As I grew professionally and made more money, my brainstarted getting smaller, my vehicle started getting bigger.Brain suddenly grew in 2000, and I started seeing sense,started using a bicycle and public transport.
  5. 5. Sustainable transport sagaIn the corporate world, your and your companyseconomic health are judged by the size of your car.In 2011 I decided that I would confuse people, no longerallow them to play the judging game. Sold the FordFusion, bought a 20 year old, 3rd hand Gypsy jeep for Rs.1.5 Lakhs. Got it repainted lemon yellow.She has a name – Nimboo.Now its “Hes one of those jeep nuts“.
  6. 6. My modes of transportCycle. Everywhere, including commuting toOffice. Office commute is 26 km. The bike IS myVehicle, to go anywhere at all.+Bus+Auto+Car – occasionally, typically with the family,on weekends, very rarely alone.Cycling 80 %, bus/auto 20 % of the time.
  7. 7. Log kya kahenge ?Thumbs up from automobile drivers at traffic signals.No idea what it means. They think Im having fun ? Imdoing something good ?Children waving fom school buses.Everyone in my industry knows I cycle, go by bus -from newspaper articles, TV. Gained respect, notridicule.
  8. 8. Cycling ? Unsafe?Have travelled 60,000 km. (equivalent to 1.5 timesaround Earth) just commuting to work over past 13 years.Still alive and kicking.Zero accidents, not even a scratch.
  9. 9. What cycling has done for meHot legsAthletic heart – heart rate 60 instead of 72.Impoved lung capacity – better than most people.High physical stamina.No Monday morning blues.
  10. 10. Whos responsible for this? Who da culprit ? I da culprit ! Who can fix it ? I can fix it !
  11. 11. What each of us can doCycle or walk to neighbourhood shops.Whenever possible, take a bus or auto insteadof your personal vehicle.Start with 10 % of travel using sustainable transport,90 % in personal automobile.Gradually increase. Aim for 90 % in sustainable transport,10 % in personal automobile.
  12. 12. Do whatever little you can ,towards sustainable transport.Dont do nothing justbecause you cannot doeverything.