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Apparel and Graphic Designer and experience in Apparel Tech Sheet Design.

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Urban Purple

  1. 1. Company profile:Urban Purple is an internationally operating fashion design studio and ApparelManufacturing unit based in Bangalore India. As a Design Studio and ApparelManufacturing Unit Urban Purple is Operating as Design and Manufacturing Partner forMore than Forty Apparel Brand across the Globe.Services:We work for fashion brands, fashion retailers and manufacturers, both in Europe andUSA , Canada . We are capable to develop collections from the initial concept through tothe Technical Designing for production sample. We are able to design completecoordinated clothing collections (knits, true knits and woven fabrics) including thefashion graphics, patterns, trims and branding. As well we develop tailor made seasonalthemes and we give trend and forecasting presentations.Some of our clients and collaborations include:Brands: K-Swiss apparel Europe, O’Neill Europe, Rag wear, Robe di Kappa, Wranglerjeans Europe, Maverick jeans Europe, Van Gils.Retail companies: Xtep China, WE International, C&A Europe, Deichmann, Scapino,Athleticum.
  2. 2. A. Seasonal Market SurveyB. Forecasting as per the season 1. Color Trends for the season 2. Silhouette Trends for the Season 3. Fabric Trends for the season 4. Embroidery Trend for the season 5. Print Trend for the season
  3. 3. The inspirational line is presented after the careful market survey , trend of thecompetitors ,color trend , Silhouette trends and other governing factors which is a majorpart of the brand sales. This is done with careful considerations with all the abovefactors , with discussion with a lot of industry experts , trend and Forecast analysts. Thescope of this is to find out and reach to a point where we know what is the line toproceed for. Urban Purple works on the above process with lot of care and considers a lot ofground work before coming to a conclusion and provide the inspirational line to the endretail customers. This is done through a lot of co-ordination with the industry expertswho are local to the place where the brand has to be lunched or operate.For Every customer Urban Purple tries to give the best possible uniqueness keeping inmind the above factors and also the brand identity. Below are some of the concept &inspirational boards which can be referred as the starting point of building a design line. The base of the brand can be recognized by the inspirational board.
  4. 4. Once the Concept and Trends are finalized we first provide an Over all styles fordesign collection Line Sheet presentation. The Line Sheet Presentation is used as one of thetools which the buyer or brand uses for both assessment of the collection and alsomarketing of the collection with the wholesalers and retail outlets and that would give thebuyer an idea about the production requirement and also the projection for the up comingcollection. Seeing this the buyer and retailer has an idea about how the collection wouldtake a shape and based on this the retailers make their sales projection. During this timethe buyer decides the order quantity.The Line Sheet Presentation gives the client an idea of how the business takes shape in thenext 6 – 12 months and what is the gap and how they should go ahead to fill the gap. Alsogives the picture of costing which is very important to raise the funds for the business.
  5. 5.  Brand development: In addition to designing and forecasting activities, we also restructure brand identities, build-up new product lines and we develop new fashion brands right from the start. Segments and demographics: We design for men, women, guys and girls - and we are able to work in different styles and for different segments such as: casual wear, life-style sportswear, active sportswear and downtown fashion. Product development: We are specialists in creating spot-on technical sheets. In these technical packs we include: technical drawings, artworks, size specifications and detail drawings.
  6. 6. Apparel Tech Pack Design is the most important part of designing process whichis taken forward after the concept and base designs are done. This shows how thedesign should be executed and how the design gives an out put as a final garmentproduct . The process of giving a design to a shape of final garment is technicaldesigning and it must go through the following process so as to remove a lots ofdifficulty of making the garment and so as to save time money and effort.Urban Purple follows the process of making the tech pack as below..1. Complete Rendered Illustration, Flat Sketch.2. Color Combo Details with rendered Illustration and Panton Color mentioned3. Construction details with Zoomed Illustrated details of important areas of the garment.4. Graphic details with color combos.5. Graphic Placement Details6. Measurement Spec Sheet with size detail (Included measurement of all sizes)7. Trim details (Labels, Tags, and Accessories etc)8. Measurement Spec Sheet.
  7. 7. http://www.paromitadas.com ( Website ) http://www.urbanpurple.in ( Company Website )http://urbanpurpleinc.wordpress.com ( Urban Purple Blog )http://clothingtechpack.blogspot.com ( Tech Packs Design ) http://www.coroflot.com/urbanpurple ( Portfolio ) http://www.facebook.com/urbanpurple ( Facebook ) http://www.twitter.com/paramitadas http://www.twitter.com/urbanpurple
  8. 8. ADDRESS :CORPORATE OFFICE : Urban Purple2nd Floor , Kapilan Orchid , # 25 , 7th Main , 80 Feet Road , Subannapalya ExtnBangalore – 560043, Tel : +91 80 41126730 , Mobile : +91 9035001810REGD OFFICE : Urban Purple# 33 , 2nd A Cross , Vijaya Bank Colony Extn, Horamavu , Bangalore – 560043 ( INDIA )Tel : + 91 80 41261764 ,Mobile : 9480449614 info@urbanpurple.in / info@paromitadas.com / urbanpurple@gmail.com www.paromitadas.com / http://www.urbanpurple.in