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Making your blog!


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Learn how to set up a blog on

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Making your blog!

  1. 1. Making your Blog!
  2. 2. Click here
  3. 3. Choose your username, write your email, choose a password
  4. 4. IMPORTANT• If you don’t have email, see Teacher Daryl.• Write your username, password in your notebook!!!
  5. 5. Notebook!
  6. 6. Write your blog domain in your notebook, too – Choose STUDENT (blog type)
  7. 7. Click here and then here
  8. 8. Write all the information in your notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 9. Click here
  10. 10. Watch the video again• Start at 5 minutes• You can change the LOOK of your blog!