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A New Master Plan for Drexel University


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The Design of a new Master Plan for a portion of Drexel University, as partial fulfillment of requirements in the degree program Bachelor of Architecture at Drexel University. Studio 5-2. Winter 2010. A collaborative effort directly with Steven Davis, Candis Judd, Jennifer Shin, Ryan Cole, Lauren Ashbahian, Kelly Duignan and Jennifer Shin. Co-collaboration with remaining students of different sections. Instructor Jon Coddington.

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A New Master Plan for Drexel University

  1. 1. Drexel is…Experiential LearningTechnologically Driven…in an Urban Environment? Transitional Research Sustainable in all aspects
  2. 2. Design Principles• Create a pedestrian campus that feels inhabited by streets• Unite the campus by planning centralized open spaces at its heart that accommodate multiple activities and uses• Design and program mixed functions to facilitate collaborative learning, living and play• Create Language of Compression & Expansion• Use buildings to define and plan open space
  3. 3. Design IntentCompression & ExpansionCreate “pinching” points along minor axis that “squeeze” views and space, then openthem to reveal larger quads and vistas. This is used as intermediate language betweencity density to the south and east and smaller scale residences to the north and west.BuildingsDesign and Orient buildings that are not simply objects in a landscape. These buildingsshould define and create open space.InteractionPush parking to the perimeter in order to allow for a campus atmosphere. This willrequire elevated pedestrian traffic across the campus, and force interaction with newspaces, buildings, vehicles and each other.StreetsPlan streets that create more of a “Main Street” feel. Utilizing alternate paving stylesand design strategies such as narrowing and planting in order to create a natural trafficcalming effect through heavy pedestrian zones.
  4. 4. Drexel University Master Plan Exploded Axonometric Views – by Section
  5. 5. Plan View 3D Overall View
  6. 6. North East View Looking Down JFK Street
  7. 7. North West View Looking Down 34th Street
  8. 8. South East ViewLooking Down Lancaster Street
  9. 9. South West View Looking Up Lancaster Street
  10. 10. Drexel University Master Plan Codding Section
  11. 11. Arch Street33rd Street
  12. 12. Buckley Common Night Concept @ the Armory